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So...  I'm trying to create a character inspired by Magneto, but I'm a bit torn by the choice of powers.

He needs to have Force Fields, this is one of the staples of Magneto in the comics.  However, it's his offensive set that's giving me fits.


Originally, I made him a Gravity Controller, but Magneto doesn't usually just grab people in magnetic energy, he manipulates the target's surroundings.  More, some of Gravity's more effective powers involve teleporting things around, which isn't how Magneto's powers work either.


So, I created him as an Stone Blast Corruptor... but I'm not sure about this one either, as he seems to conjure big stones from nowhere (rather than having them come up out of the ground, or some such).  I thought about making him an Earth Controller, but I'm finding the same kind of dissatisfaction with it.


So, here I am again, seeking suggestions from the gallery.  What do you guys think?  What power set (and AT) best suits Magneto?

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I made one. Did grab/ff. Hovering with the bubble going and throwing a forklift at some one is about as close as you’ll likely ever get. Having PFF and hover to just float around and be invincible is pretty fitting too. 

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