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Scrappers and defense sets


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I don't know. I like +recharge just so I can arrest mobs faster. Even with just Build Up (or a similar power) having it up more often is useful for taking out mobs more quickly. I just hit level 40 with my Kat/WP and I too Hasten at 38 (now with 3 slots) and it sure makes fights go alot faster and managing Divine Avalanche stacks is a bit easier. Please note that I have no rech in my attacks yet.


The fact is a mob that is down can't hurt you and that's the best defense of all.


Please note that we always need to balance offense and defense on scrappers because we can rarely get either of them strong enough to negate the other. After all we're not blasters. :)


The OP meant recharge in individual defense toggles.  So, 15% enhanced recharge rate on an IO slotted into a Defense power that is toggled on.  When it is toggled off, it recharges faster and can be toggled on again.  When you are slotting normal IO's or SO's, you would never slot recharge into a toggle because toggles are always on.  However, IO sets force you to slot recharge rate into your toggles due to the multiple enhancing nature of IO set pieces (Red Fortune: Defense/Recharge or Red Fortune: Defense/Endurance/Recharge).


As to the OP question, if it is a toggle and you are looking for slot efficiency, you would slot the highest defensive values first.  So three slots (Def/End > Def/Rech > Def ) and four slots (Def/End > Def/Rech > Def > Def/End/Rech).  The three slot method gets you a strong defense amount with the minimum number of slots, while the four slot method maximizes your defense before enhancement div kicks in hard.  Usually, with incarnates and IO sets, four slots is overkill, but you need to work out what numbers you want to see in your build to know for sure which to go with.


Basically ignore the +rech and focus on the +def aspect unless you are using a clicky defense power that actually uses recharge (there are a few out there and it does matter).

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