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On 10/1/2019 at 6:04 AM, RudeBooty said:

I'm @Shulk and I have a 50 Beam blaster. I'd love to get in on this sillyness. 



Hope this saturday works for most people, 1pm PST ill look for everyone and start making LFG calls to fill in the rest, which can take some time and sorting to make sure we have beam rifle toons only.


Id really like to go with lvl 50 content this time around, since we have done exemplar stuff the prior runs, and by now most people should have reached lvl 50 if they invested any time into the characters. I personally have both a beam/dev blaster, and  a beam/bio sentinel at 50+3, so am happy to run whichever the team might find more useful depending on our makeup.


An Apex weekly TF run would be a really fun test, since its got favorable ranged power mechanics on the final fight and is short and fun. But id also be down for a all beam team ToT extravaganza if we have alot of lower lvl characters who want to join in, we could do doors and monster runs and even split up and do a few HoH event 4 man teams if people want- with the halloween festivities it just gives us a ton more options on content to do.


See you then Beamers, prepare to dust some mobs and see those spread notifications flying all over the screen!

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