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  1. Defender. I was new to the game and was just impressed by the graphics and gameplay but it was soooo slow to level when soloing missions. I hadn't yet realized I needed to be on more teams and there was also the Smoke Grenade bug that made any extra defense useless, such as my Bubble Defender. I still rarely play Defenders and with Incarnates, they fall back into the hardly needed category for me.
  2. Haven't read this before because I'm usually playing and having fun. For me personally I'm awestruck that professionals would donate their time to keep this running. It's not like sure, I'll put in a weekend(for free) to help out. This is ongoing for months and as a player something I hope runs for years. That is a LOT to give when you already have a full-time job, not getting paid and that is time you could have otherwise charged someone else. All I have to offer is a small thank you and donation when I make the window. City of Heroes is back in rotation of my game-playing and that is absolutely wonderful!
  3. I would love to join in on this if it is still ongoing. I've got a 50 Beam/Dev blaster with Alpha slot unlocked. I don't get to play him enough in teams.
  4. The 64bit version has been very good for me. I can't think of one crash since I started using it. I was hesitant for quite a while since CoH was not originally built for the 64bit era but I use that version exclusively now. I also sometimes run two instances and again, no crashes. Thank you, devs!!! Windows 10 64bit build 1903 AMD R5 1600 RX 470 4Gb 16GB DDR4 3000
  5. New powersets with all-new animations, no recycling from other powersets. New animations for travel powers. I like the temp disc flying power but it would be nice to make that my permanent and enhanceable Fly. More alternate animations for more powersets.(Think Flares where it has two different animations but so many other powers do not have this option) If possible, more ways to spruce up old zones, giving reasons for people to visit them more often. Maybe some random ambushes to your 50 as he travels through Steel Canyon as an option. Maybe more vehicles or NPCs flying through the air in each zone? If that is too much, please continue to add different looks to the windows in each zone. Create some new enhancement sets that better match powers. One example comes to mind are Endurance Modification sets that mostly use Acc yet many of those are wasted on powers like the Self Endurance power from Ninjitsu. It doesn't need Acc. New missions with different interiors at all levels!!! I know not popular but I don't mind a subscription or microtransactions to support the game. I know development is not cheap and especially not free. If we get some truly big changes, I would expect to pay for them like any other game.
  6. Made it again this month. 😁 My nephew managed to catch the window this time. Thanks again, Homecoming team, for all your hard work and volunteering your time and expertise.
  7. Woohoo!!! I made it this time. Thank you, Homecoming team, for all your hard work. It is appreciated everyday I get home and am able to play CoH.
  8. Same here. My nephew who is much younger and played more modern games than me still loves this game. He's always creating new characters. I still get excited throwing a fireball, using wormhole or energy transfer, doing an assassin strike, just about any alpha blast, etc. I haven't made a new Earth controller yet, levelled up my nephews and asked him to show me Earthquake he had just gotten. Not fighting enemies but just to show me the animation. We both oohed and aahed while watching it. I don't know what it is about CoH, but the combination of particle effects, animations and sounds really hits me in the visceral feelz more than any other MMO. For instance, I loved ESO's atmosphere, story, voice acting, quests...just a beautiful game but damn the combat felt lacking in any type of oomph besides a spell here or there.
  9. For me it's animation times when playing in big groups so not a fan of Kinetic Melee(this set is the worst offender imo) or Spines or Arrows. As I'm winding up the fire blaster, dual blades, savage melee, street justice, etc has already destroyed the mobs.
  10. Ditto. I was just thinking about this a couple nights ago while going through Peregrine Island. I'm really looking forward to the Halloween event again.
  11. I was doing something else then looked over at the game, saw the announcement and thought I would make it this time. What was that like 3 minutes? Missed it again. ☚ī¸ Well, thank you everyone that donated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual, the CoH community rocks! 👍
  12. Wind Control confirmed. goes to one knee and does a fist pump "YESSS"
  13. I created the Taunt IO from the Annoyance set(level 20) and tried placing it in Against All Odds. The power remains greyed out when clicking and dragging. Curious, I decided to make a regular Taunt IO(level 25) and the power will allow that one.
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