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Gravity Hold/Immob Knockback Protection issue

GM Miss

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So while all the other mass immobilizes got KB protection - Gravity was missed. But I think I found the issue. Below is an image of Stone/Plant/Grav immob/Hold side by side. Instead of giving the KB Res to Gravs Immob, its mass hold got it instead - while none of the other controller holds have that.



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7 hours ago, CR Miss said:


Homecoming changed all sets - they just mixed these up.

Gravity Control was actually not part of that change; it's Immobilizes have never caused -KB/KU. That was an intentional design choice by the original devs since so much of Gravity relies on knock* effects compared to other sets and the AoE Immobs are so spammable. Similarly, Elec Control's AoE Immob also never caused -KB/KU either, to prevent it from messing up Jolting Chain and the Gremlins.


That change here on Homecoming to Immobs was just to give the other sets that have a Knock* soft controls (Bonfire, Ice Slick, Earthquake, Carrion Creepers) the same benefit Gravity and Elec already had.


As far as the Gravity Hold causing -KB, honestly I would say that could change, only because if you're distorting gravity around someone to make them float, they should honestly be MORE susceptible to knockback. 😁

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