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Powerset suggestion: Gravitic Armor


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So after some pondering and some great feedback here, I present to you my concept for 'Gravitic Armor'.  This armor set makes use of an effect called "event horizon";  Certain powers will inflict this effect, while others make use of it in different ways.


1.  Hyperdensity: Auto, grants minor resistance to all damage types except psionic, as well as some protection against slows.


2. Point of no return: Toggle, minor negative energy damage, minor taunt effect, and applies "event horizon" to nearby enemies.


3. Graviton barrier:  Toggle, grants a base moderate damage resist buff vs smashing & lethal + a small bonus amount for every enemy within 10' or so, who is affected by "event horizon". 


4. Point singularity: Toggle, grants protection to Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Immobilize, Repel, Knockback, Teleport, as well as a minor HoT for every enemy within 10' affected by "event horizon".


5. Gravitic lensing:  Auto, grants minor defense to all, (except psionic), and an extra amount of DEF for every enemy within 10' affected by "event horizon".


6. Gravitic collapse: Click power, provides a minor heal, amount of endurance, and a temporary defense buff, for every enemy within 10' affected by "event horizon".  Consumes "event horizon" from all such targets.


7. Gravitic distortion: (This one may be tricky) Ally-targeted click power, applies a stealth effect to an ally and wipes them of threat.


8. Einstein–Rosen bridge: Click power, you perform a short range teleport, causing heavy negative energy damage and stunning enemies in an AoE around where you appear.  Consumes "event horizon" for added damage.


9. Big crunch: (Another tricky one to pull off) - Summons a micro-wormhole behind all nearby enemies that are affected by "event horizon", which rapidly collapse, knocking them inward toward you.  Deals high negative energy damage and consumes event horizon.


Thoughts?  Feedback?  Thanks!

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"Event Horizon" will be stacking? 
The longer "Point of No Return" affects enemies it builds more stacks.
And having more stacks of it when activating certain powers will create stronger effects; more damage, stronger self buffs, etc...




With Gravitic Collapse's knock toward effect in Gravitic Melee it might make Big Crunch redundant in this powerset, as an alternate how about Big Crunch forms a huge Vortex over the enemies and they are knocked up into the vortex remaining stuck there, arms & legs flailing. (Knockup, Damage plus DoT)


With more stacks of Event Horizon, Big Crunch's mid-air immobilize becomes a hold.


Enemies that are defeated can have a special defeated animation while this power is in effect, their bodies implode & are sucked into the vortex. (The body vanishes.)

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I would love a PBAoE Toggle called Gravitic Pull(or something like that) that emanates on the ground around you like a black hole that keeps slowing pulling everything into the center. It should be strong enough that even Warwolves can't run away. 😜

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