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Couldn't find a thread already up, so I thought I'd make one for people who used to play or RP on Union EU, participate in its official forums or host content on the union.virtueverse subdomain of the virtueverse wiki.


Hey. I was @Doctor_Bolt. I played such characters as Iron Alligator, Boneblade, Unconquered Son and a few other losers. How's everyone been?

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I was (obviously) atomitor,icetion, fiery deviless, tamcron,daltron and far too many more to remember.


Pretty sure I teamed with mamma crow on more than one occasion.


Any of the old super union sg around?

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Indomitable server

Atomitor, Tarquin, Atomito, Daltron, Fusebox and more tbc

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Oh i definitely remember @Coin and @Damz


I also remember this pair.  And the Badge channels... Can't remember what they were called though.




You mean Sal's Badgehunters? Thing i loved most about Union was how "small" channels quickly became the official channels of the servers and 99% of the time were always kept friendly and relaxed :)

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