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Separate Power FX slider, Minimal sound FX options for powers


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Ine a different thread @Riverdusk had suggested the possibility of adding a Minimal SoundFX option to powersets just as we have a Minimal FX option for some of the more egregious visual sets. Personally, I play with the sound off, but if this would certainly make me at least consider playing with sound on.


For it to be a viable option though, I think it would need to be an option in the menus, not specific power sets (although that might be cool for people who have like 1 power in their set they cant stand). Being able to have a separate power FX sound slider apart from normal sound FX would be great.

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Could be very usefull fore some boring powers, like repel.

Started a synapse tf, repel on, it take only 05 min for teammates to "complain" about it. Then I find myself "stucked" listening to it at each pack. Finallye respeced to remove the power, who was part of the concept off my toon. :classic_wacko:


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