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  1. This is the first I’ve heard anyone talk about Invul being nerfed. To be honest I’d be far more worried about Bio getting adjusted before they ever looked at Invul. Bio can do some pretty amazing things with all its nifty tricks, while Invul just survives.
  2. So this where the entire population of Gen X has been hiding. its not so much as get off my lawn, but instead gimme back my teased hair and flannel.
  3. You can always rerun the entire story arc from Ouroboros.
  4. Does this mean they should add a “It’s not you, it’s me” decline option for random team invites?
  5. Naga body types, specifically the Talons of Vengeance girls. Heck they could draw inspiration from Champions and have certain costume/body types have powers attached to them. Second, cleaner looking dragon wings. The current wings have these weird spots on the membranes and a rough sand paper texture on the bones that match absolutely no other costume pieces I’ve been able to find.
  6. So I’m just going to say that I’m extremely happy to have the HomeComing servers to play around on and it takes however long it takes for us to get new content. Thank you.
  7. The changes are so good that there really isn’t a need to play brutes anymore. Tankers get higher health, better defenses and now can hit more targets than brutes with their AoEs. Sure Brutes can do a little more damage single target wise, but honestly, this game is all about the AoEs. Time to watch the Brutes become the redheaded stepchildren the Tankers used to be!
  8. And this why I consider this unnecessary change a nerf. Simply put it is not needed. Aside from this new Proc Monster build that came out have we gotten reports of SS setting records on the pylon test before? No, no we haven’t. So then clearly it’s not Fury that is causing such insane damage, it is the synergy with the procs. Tell me, do we have test results trying this Proc Monster build on a TW/Bio scrapper? I would be interested to see if that build also saw a significant damage increase.
  9. I am very aware. Thank you for proving my point about not needing to adding -res. Defense is far easier to add to a build to compensate for the crash, res not so much. Maybe your question should be directed at the Devs? They are the ones making unnecessary changes after all.
  10. Oh and we can't have the Willpower or Regen Tanks and Brutes getting away without some sort of penalty. So obviously they need to add significant -regen during the crash too. Its only fair...
  11. So what you are saying is that since half of all the tanks and brutes have been hampered by a bad design choice, we should go ahead and make it a clean 100%? Sorry, but I disagree with these changes.
  12. Bingo. Plus now we have to more closely monitor when rage is going to expire so as avoid losing damage potential but we can’t let it automatically stack otherwise we get hit with the -res. Its not a world ending catastrophe by any means, but it is one more issue to have to deal with now that was never a problem before. If they really need to mess with it, just boost rage so the damage buff is at 1.5 and turn it into a toggle. It’ll give the non min-max’ers a nice little buff and stop the extreme hard core players from double or triple stacking it.
  13. Why are they bothering to mess with SS and rage at all when Titan Weapons clearly outclasses every melee damage set out there? This doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Spend some time adjusting Titan Weapons and then we'll talk about SS.
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