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  1. there is no way to solo the SBB... you'd have to have 4 people to play the roles...
  2. oooo... okay, follow up question... Is it still "soloing" if I triple box? I did this with the Dr.Q TF... took +22hrs! 'course there was about 8 hrs of sleep in there as well as a few hrs of eating and other breaks... but it was VERY do-able... just time consuming. Why? Well I felt better dragging 2 support characters along for the ride to do it ONCE instead of running it three separate times... and the payoff for all three turned out to be very profitable!! Thoughts?
  3. Why does he have to throw his pistols flipping over his head BEFORE he shoots..? doesn't make sense to me....
  4. Has everyone tried this? I've been working on it since HC started and allows it to be. My main toon to do this with is my Fire/Fire Tank... for obvious reasons. There's no time limits being set here, though I have Hess down to 26 min or so. But I've also solo'd on my blaster and sentinel. Hey I'm taking EVERY advantage here I can... Shivans, PPD, Warwolves, even the expensive signatures... and then I'm running them at -1 and 1... hey, I DID say EVERY advantage!! So far Posi 1, Synapse, Hess, Moonfire, Citadel, Yin. Those that I haven't cracked yet are Posi2 (dam vomit!) and Numina (Just
  5. Okay... haven't seen it yet. Quarantined
  6. but... there's no reason?... just "because"?
  7. Okay I posted this somewhere else maybe it should've been here?... Why are the jetpacks "greyed out" in BB ?? can someone explain the reasoning behind this???
  8. It's a temp power that ANYone can get why was it "banned"? AAARRRGGGHHH!!!😠
  9. Okay... before starting a TF the challenge menu offers the time challenges... Is there any reason for doing this if not just for "bragging" rights? Someone said there's badges... I have yet to find one if there is... can someone fill in the blanks for me?
  10. lol.... prolly all one man SGs...
  11. Hmm... sure you're not talking about the Beta Thing??
  12. caltrops I believe are unresistable...
  13. write that number down! it will never be recalled after that!
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