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  1. Agent V Update - Weekend Update After taking a break Friday, I continued on my quest. I traveled to Striga Isle and took on the first two story arcs there. After completing quite a few defeat-all missions from Stephanie Peebles, I was able to retrieve her ring from Hercules, the Warrior boss that stole it from her and returned it to her. She allowed me to keep it for now, giving me a nice temp power. After helping her out, I went to help out her friend Long Jack who wanted to get revenge on the Council for what they did to him several decades ago. After defeating the doctor that ex
  2. Agent V Update - 6/10/21 After taking a break from playing yesterday, I logged in and began to buy some much needed IOs for V. I was able to get both the Performance Shifter End Mod & the proc after some converter roulette. I was also able to get a few PVP IOs after buying a few of the Gladiator's Strike IOs and converting them. After selling a few IOs that I converted for extra cash, I resumed my missions by completing the last mission in the Tsoo Shenanigans story arc. I completed Graham Easton's arc and continued both the The Vahzilok Plague and The Mind of a King story arc
  3. Agent V Update - 6/8/21 I finished up the The Vahzilok Pollutant Plot & The Clockwork Captive story arcs and leveled to Level 15. After completing both arcs, I traveled to Faultline, where I started up the first Faultline story arc. After a close call with Kurse (he kept targeting me instead of Arbiter Sands), I was able to complete the rest of the arc with little issue, gaining a level in the process. I then went ahead and completed Penelope Yin's story arc and got access to Mr. Yin's shop, where I was able to finally buy some accuracy and damage SOs for a few powers that I wa
  4. Update Log 1 (6/6/21): I ran Eagle Eye's story arc (The Lords of Death) and almost died in the second mission due to not focusing on the Capo Muscle that was guarding the councilwoman. I was so used to sprinting past the guards in the corridor leading to the room where she was, but inadvertently lured three minions with me to the room. After dispatching them, I tried to take out the Capo Muscle while talking with the councilwoman, not realizing that the CM wasn't defeated. He nearly killed me off while the Capo Gunner and the minion gunner both shot at me. After popping a couple of respites, I
  5. Cloud of Ice: So cold... so... cold... Homeless Citizen: First my friends are taken over by aliens, now robots..? Am I crazy?
  6. I created my character today. Introducing Agent V, a Beam Rifle/Devices Blaster. This is the first time that I used either powerset, so it should be interesting. After completing the Galaxy City tutorial (for character storyline reasons), I finished the Matthew Habashy arc chain, which leveled me up to level six. After doing a few radio missions and getting the Jet Pack from protecting Atlas Park (as well as get a Rock from a weapons deal), I completed Shauna Stockwell's arc and leveled up to level nine.
  7. Here are my three rolls: 1) Fiery Melee/Ice Armor Scrapper 2) Mind Control/Fiery Assault Dominator 3) Energy Melee/Willpower Stalker My first roll resulted in Chillber (Chill +(em)ber), the unknown child of two royal members from rival kingdoms who grew up in an orphanage in Switzerland following her parents' untimely deaths. She learned her abilities from her brother, who found her after several years of looking all over Europe for her. So far she has been fun to play, although dealing with Hellion and Skull bosses was a bit rough due to not getting Glacial A
  8. While flying through First Ward: [NPC] Resistance Fighter: Aw, this ain't good. He done got baconized! [NPC] Resistance Fighter: You're about to get it all polar bear-style without the syrup, know what I'm sayin'? [NPC] Oppressor: When this is over... [NPC] Oppressor: I'm going to find you and make you do the most unspeakable things to yourself and your little friends... [NPC] D.U.S.T. Leader: I can't wait.
  9. After taking a break, I decided to create a new character for the challenge. Meet Shadow Bomb, a Dark Miasma/Energy Blast Defender. I recently managed to get her to level 22 (and Stamina finally!!) and so far have had a mostly smooth ride. I somehow missed out on a couple of arcs, one of which was due to a bugged out contact, but other than that, I have managed to do the other story arcs leading into the 20-24 arcs.
  10. I created a character for the challenge as well, a DM/SR magic scrapper called The Shadow Crusher on Everlasting. So far, I have gotten her to level 10, with little issues, although I had a really close call with a +1 Hellion boss that nearly killed me (that Resurgence from the tutorial saved me from an embarrassing defeat), as well as the kill CoT mission in Perez Park (taking on a group of Hordeling Lashers and Life Mages without knockback protection was not a good idea). I did notice, at least from going the magic route that the Hellion leader that I faced in one of Azuria's mis
  11. Yes, the Tier 9 is a ranged AOE attack, similar to Geyser, Blizzard, Thunderous Blast, etc. I should have made it a bit more clearer. As for the suggestion, that would be a better idea and it would give it an unique ability that would make it stand out from other sets. I also like this suggestion as well. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Kinetic Blast - Kinetic Blast grants you control over the power of the kinetic energy around you. This can allow you to weaken and take down enemies using the power of kinetic energy. When hit with a kinetic power, an enemy's attack power is reduced. Some powers allow the user to build up Kinetic Charge, while others consume Kinetic Charge. You can have up to 3 stacks of Kinetic Charge on yourself at a time. Your Kinetic Charge can be released to strengthen your Kinetic Drain, Focused Burst, and Kinetic Overload powers. These powers will consume all of your Kinetic Charge. 1. Kine
  13. From a Council radio mission: NPC] Archon Belaggi: ...and he says 'Aren't you a little old to be believing in leprechauns?' Then I threw him out the window! Hah! I love that one.
  14. While doing a Hero's Hero arc from Maria Jenkins, I came across these two quotes: Elite Resistance Fighter: Hey! Finders keepers, scamper! Now you're getting two pounds of slambang for sneakin'! Elite Resistance Fighter: That's right. TWO pounds. Went from zero to - boooom! - TWO! Elite Resistance Fighter: My heebie-jeebies have totally hit eleven... Why are we here again, slammer? Elite Resistance Fighter: Don't be a squeakbeast, chomper! Remember... Be the lion, not the squeakbeast! Elite Resistance Fighter: Will ya lookit that! We got scamper sightin' at double-o
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