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  1. Problem is if you take all of bio and most of rad, you can not fit in much else. In my (just level 30) build i wanted to have tough/weave and haste and a travel power. I didn't want to skip any bio power, so what i ended up doing is skipping quite a lot of rad powers. I didn't take the t2, t3 and t6 powers. I will still have enough single target powers for an attack chain (since i have the fast recharging box attack as well). Proton sweep is not much of an AE and pretty slow so it went out. With the 2 toggles (contamination and irradiated ground) i already have decent AE options, even before getting atom smasher. And since i have tough/weave my SL-resists are almost capped in combat since i also slotted evolving armor for resists. I don't have any special IOs yet. Still, i can run solo missions with +1/+8 already, build feels pretty tanky.
  2. Ninja/Thermal MM. Should really cover a lot. Ninja pets can be slotted with all kinds of enhancements and with thermal you get places to put heals and resists. Defense can be slotted in a lot of pool powers, so not an issue. Edit: Kheldians might be great as well. They are jacks of all trades, should find a spot for practically everything.
  3. Just started a dark/nature troller and it looks pretty nice. Fearsome stare + spore cloud means -30% to hit AoE, and that is BEFORE slotting anything. There is a lot more of course and this could also be accomplished with /dark or /rad, but for me /nature has more interesting options.
  4. Both are only accurate most of the time. Quite often you get debuffed and depending on you having debuff resistance, extra numbers can be very critical. For example my fortunata has pretty nice defenses, but no debuff resistance... So even when she is softcapped, if she gets a quicksand under her feet (big defense debuff), she suddenly is pretty squishy again.
  5. If any player wants to play their toon in a less than optimal way, for RP reasons or just for giggles, that's obviously fine. Some of those guys make up for it by being funny in chat or they really want to prove their ideas. I like it. But sometimes suboptimal behaviour is not due to these reasons. Sometimes it's just a noob who doesnt know anything. Why should i take that status protection toggle on my tanker? So, when i see things like that, i offer advice. What's wrong with that?
  6. my elec/elec tank drains quite well. And opposite to the other recommendations, she can actually stand inside mobs all the time without getting slaughtered to actually drain end to rock bottom.
  7. Simply use a Sentinel. That's your blaster with shields. Of course sentinels won't blast as well, but that's to be expected.
  8. So... instead of playing CoH and having fun leveling you restrict yourself to beginner powers for hours and hours? I understand doing DfB or farming until you are like level 20 or so, not a big deal and pretty fast. Then you already have decent powers and can do all the fun mission arcs. I guess for you the fun only starts at level 50? For me it's the journey. Grinding AE farms all the way to 50 is so mindnumbingly boring... i am playing a game here, i am not at work!
  9. That is very situational and dependend on your build, obviously. Especially survival potential is very much a function of play style. It's true that tanks have the best survival potential, but a controller who just confuses every spawn wont make much xp, but will be totally safe. A similar thing goes on for damage. While blasters generally do great damage, they also die very easy. So this really only applies to good teams, since a dead blaster wont do any damage. And while corruptors (for example) have a lot less raw damage, they do have access to resistance debuffs which will increase not only their own damage but the whole team damage. Inside of ATs there are huge differences as well. While an earth controller does have great control, he/she wont do much damage. A fire, illusion or even plant controller can be a top tier damage dealer on the other hand. I guess you can make a general ranking for tendencies for each archetype, but that won't help you much because it would be too simplistic. Where would you sort stalkers for example? Their single target damage is (situationaly) out of this world, still, they are one of the least played ATs.
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