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  1. I have a dark/psi that works very well, but there isn't really any inherent synergy I would say. It's just a fun pair that is pretty survivable. Dark is probably (to me) the best set to make survivable with IOs. Love dark!
  2. So far, not having any luck. Fighting with Lutris installation. Working on it every so often though!
  3. Going to give it a shot! If it works it'll be running at low settings for sure, but I'll let you know how it goes. Should be a fun (frustrating) adventure. Edit: My current linux laptop running CoH only has an i5 8265u and it runs well at 1080p with pretty knocked down settings, so hopefully it'll at least be a passable 30FPS, maybe with a serious resolution drop.
  4. Any idea if this method will work for chromebooks running the Linux(Beta)?
  5. I can't provide a real answer, just speculation. Since the power seems to spawn a pet that does damage, it is unlikely to do a great job taunting for you. But that's a guess based on power behavior.
  6. This was great, everything worked and it launched. However, now that I have closed it, how do I get it back?
  7. I've taken both to 50 in HC, and I have to say the PB was way easier and by the time I got to 50 I had perma light form/the dull pain power, and had even built with IOs to have pretty solid psionic resists as well. The PB could handle any and all content without a concern, and kicked out AoE damage like crazy. That being said, the WS was more fun, as I played pretty much dual form, human/dwarf. It was a ride, but pretty survivable and definitely brought some fun tools to the party. I would recommend WS for more interesting play, while my PB was tougher and probably 'easier' to build. Spent millions of inf though!
  8. You're also only 4 levels from your end recovery power! That'll make a huge difference.
  9. While I don't have a build handy - I do have this combination at 44 at the moment. It is a drag. Either I built it wrong, or it just isn't any fun. I find the mercs squishy even with the heals and shields. If I weren't so invested in the theme, I would give it up I think. I wouldn't follow my build anyway, since it is built for theme. I just wanted to provide a heads up that I have found the character to be a chore to deal with.
  10. Glad to help! Update in the words for Posi 2 and early Synapse!
  11. ice/nature is certainly not the ideal choice, but I love all things ice across all sets that have ice options (must be the animations/effects). But! So far so good 🙂
  12. After weeks of unnecessary planning, power changes, and being unable to schedule good times to play. The TF Duo team began. Humble beginnings to be sure, with only 250 to 300 million influence in the bank, and a dream. Duo the TFs, all of them. A controller and a brute - taking on all comers. The brute, a sturdy fire/electric. The controller, ice/nature. Starting with a few DFB runs (2) to get to about level 12 before starting Posi 1. Positron Part 1: +0 x4 Time to completion: 63 minutes Deaths: 0 With apprehension, the pair dove in to the sewers, knowing that many enemies would be Vahzilok, electric armor's natural enemy. With a quick shot of Wild Growth, the brute was protected by, count it, 11% resistance to toxic damage. The outlook was bleak. But, behold! Arctic Air, with the confuse portion and the massive slows meant that as long as the alpha attacks could be handled, the rest would be a breeze. No significant challenge to be had here indeed. Next up. Clockwork? Please. Other than reduced damage output from our intrepid controller, the energy damage wielding machines seldom dented the stalwart brute. Much carnage commenced. The call came in, it was time to bring the pain to Oranbega. The pain was surely brought. The mystics and monsters of the Circle of Thorns were scarcely a match for the combined efforts of massive fire damage and the forces of the wintry north. Hordelings and Mages crumbled beneath the onslaught. Only the accuracy altering attacks of the spectral daemons could slow down the heroic pair. The mystics fell, and the book was recovered and returned. More Vahz on the plate, and an elite boss no less. Concerns once again mounted, and the outlook was bleak. Not only is toxic damage around, but the consistent damage over time applied by one Dr. Buzzsaw is a real pain. Stories of heroes falling victim to ambushes, overrun by reanimated corpses. Surely our team would crumble, surely this would break them. Through strategic application of Spore Clouds, creative angles, and some serious burning sensations, the zombies and their masters proved manageable. The time came to face down the big boss. Though the spores and the wild growth helped, the hits came hard and fast. Nearly knocking the brute of his feet. He persisted. The controller, already sucking wind from overexertion, regrew the strength of the brute. It was close, and it came down to one final blow, but the big boss went down, and no defeats of the team were suffered. Finally, it was time to save Atlas Park, not just from the Circle of Thorns, but from dark copies of ourselves. The rescues of the fallen brethren were quick, with not a challenge to be found. The rush at the door of city hall? Mystics fell as they opened the doors. The atrium? A breeze. Then, 2 copies of the brute, and 2 of the controller. Matched move for move, debuff for debuff. This would surely be the end. The brute charged in, drawing the attention of these dark pretenders. Suffering through the spore clouds, the brute swung wildly, missing more than hitting. But the controller was spared, and chipped away at his dark dopplegangers. Once defeated, the brute's dark reflections were no match for the full power of the pair. After this victory, the remaining cleanup was swift. Atlas park was saved. Next up: Positron Part 2. Overall. The team is a blast. Ice/nature, the pairing that no one suggested on my thread but I got super interested in trying has turned out to be a super fun, super endurance heavy mess that can slow things to a crawl while providing meaningful debuffs and buffs. I'm looking forward to the team moving on to the next challenge, and facing down Dr. Vahzilok!
  13. Mind/Storm - chaotic and fun Illusion/traps - I have soloed monsters on the islands off PI (With incarnate stuff) Mind/TA - Synergistic in a different way Love Mind mostly.
  14. Yea, I have settled on a perhaps a non-ideal set pairing, but it has caught my interest, so I'm going in!
  15. We are definitely overthinking it, but that's mostly not on my end. Number crunching is half the fun! We also now are in different time zones, so starting this up has gotten a bit delayed.
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