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  1. Hey @MsSmart, I understand what you're saying. I thought of one thing that is doable right away. You could have all your other Chaos United alts wear the Edge of Chaos exploration badge. That way, It tags them in some way that connects them with Chaos United. They aren't officially in the SG as far as the game displays, but they are on the 'edge'. Maybe it's a dumb idea, but I thought I'd toss it out there. 🙂 Maybe you could even talk your CU mates into designating 'Edge of Chaos' as an RP auxiliary team name, for alts in the same circumstance.
  2. Strange, I have run this many times and the serum has always been there. I think it did it last about 2 weeks ago.
  3. Yes, I would LOVE to see Galaxy City brought back in some form. Even just activating the AE in Echo GC would be kinda nice since you could create flashback missions set in Galaxy with a little added immersion. That would be super easy to do I would imagine?
  4. Building on what has been said above: (and you may know some of this, but some people are coming in totally cold, so...) SO's (Single Origin Enhancements are locked into one specific origin type, (Mutant, Magic etc.) DO's have 2 useable types but are weaker than SO's. (TO's: Training Origin-even weaker) Enhancements of these types 'drop' into your inventory while you are playing missions in the game (They can also be purchased from vendors such as the 2 Longbow agents that sit to either side of Ms. Liberty in Atlas Park). Invention Origin (IO's), as stated above, come in two broad
  5. @Trick The Theatre is amazing. What shard is it in?
  6. Ah! Yes, I have the Deflated Ego proc in it, so that must be it. Thank you, ZorkNemesis. Good to have a community to help you. :)
  7. I'm playing a blaster with Devices. I've noticed of late that smoke grenade is now aggro-ing enemies. It has been consistently drawing enemies when I use it, even when I was stealthed and was unnoticed by them. I don't know if this is a bug that crept into the last patch or is a change to the 'enemies will not notice this attack' feature that was part of the power and I just missed that it was changed. Anybody else have this issue?
  8. Yeeeees, I NEED the Goldbricker JP as a Flight Cust. :)
  9. I looked around a little to see if it's come up before, but didn't find anything. Just for flavor, I'd love to be able to actually name the vanity pets sold at P2W, i.e. Spider, Demon etc.
  10. Hey... When are you guys going to end the winter event in Texas? I'm getting bored with it, can we move on to a Nemesis Invasion event?
  11. So many great looks! Big thanks to everyone that voted for One-Eyed Jack and to the GM's!
  12. Fine with the changes. Good job. Appreciate the effort put into it.
  13. @Dreamboat,I had heard that Frozencrantz and Chilldenstern were dead.
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