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  1. 2 someones. I burned 1.6Billion on 2 ATOs T-T
  2. I have 2 things to add to this. 1.) IIRC Sappers sap is actually interruptable, but not able to verify at the moment.* 2.) Even if it wasn't and certainly they can be burst down before they use it -- they're a minion not a boss afterall, I'd argue if they were a boss they'd be MORE in need of a nerf. 3.) Quantums are substantially neutered now compared to the unresistable damage they used to have since they just do negative energy damage instead of having an unresistable damage type to PB/WS like they used to. *Got on just now, looks like it has a 4s activation time, about 10% longer than a snipe activation, so almost (like 98%) entirely sure it can be interrupted.
  3. Careful, may need to take that down with the new rules about not sharing City Of Heroes videos from Homecoming.
  4. They're playin' you! If you horde them they'll make them cheap, and say they just said that to run up the price and make it more special If you offload them they're gonna leave them where they are, not special enough.
  5. I know this pain. I ordered 2 at that price (was getting the whole set), then wondered why I couldn't buy the next one before I realized what had happened. I took a break for the rest of the night.
  6. They DID say that they wouldn't be discounting them. Now whether that ends up true or not is a different matter entirely.
  7. Disclaimer: at a VERY quick glance It does not appear that they did. Appears that Single Target, AoE, and Chain attacks use the exact same code for their to-hit checks (which makes sense), which is inside a loop with the constraint of "max targets", so that's set to 1 for a ST attack, and >1 for anything else: Some of the comments in this code are great peeks into the minds of the devs at the time feeling like they were dealing with spaghetti.
  8. While that, too, would be great, it wouldn't fix mobs in kill alls that get stuck :l
  9. The whole first set can be knocked out in 2 arcs...fight them all as EBs if you want. Fake Nemesis is the hardest of these kills, and even they aren't hard if you use Heldenjaeger's arc. Wolves/Vampyri first 2 missions of moonfire Mayhem Missions are easy as long as you have access to someone that can get all the mayhem missions. 3.5 hours sounds about right if that is your primary/only focus.
  10. I strongly support putting in an option to purchase this for 10 billion. While we are at it, make ALL the accolades available for a 1 time purchase of 2,000,000,001 influence.
  11. It should be small enough and not need live/updated data from the DB to be performed, basically just a static data and a pivot table. How it ended up actaully being implemented is a different matter entirely. That said from a display standpoint I think in "worst" case scenario -- level 25 uncommon in-rarity conversion -- you're looking at nearly 25 Sets before going into a per-enhancement breakout? That's going to be hard to fit appropriately for most screen sizes unless a scrolling mechanism is intruduced, the text is tiny, or there is a farther breakout (Types > Sets > specific enhancement)
  12. I agree that it is "horseshit" to call SO builds "Average" they are very much _not_ average these days. That said, the state of the game on Live was to have things balanced around SOs....and even worse for damage specifically skills were [IIRC] balanced around DPS, not DPA (ie. Set a skill to Auto, use nothing but that skill for an hour, and skills roughly even out.). So while the DPS of each set is theoretically equal on a per-power basis the actual attack chains can vary wildly based on how cooldowns/cast times line up. Now, To the best of my Knowledge neither homecoming or ANY other private server have made a balance pass on every.single.skill. to fix the balance to assume IOs (2x as effective as SOs at level 50?), none the less sets. The nice thing about Balancing around SOs is they are just as effective at 25 as they are at 50, makes the balancing a lot easier. And you _have_ to do it for all the skills at once, otherwise any skill that got a balance pass for IO/Sets will be super underperforming compared to ones that haven't gotten that same balance pass yet.
  13. Correct. that is my understanding of it, at least. Excuse the pseudo code, I'm @ work and don't have the source on this system to be able to confirm. My understanding of how it works is as folllows: So it wouldn't log the missed check until checking streak breaker (and logging that accordingly if streak breaker forces a hit). Edit: Looks like I was mistaken. "Streak Breaker" Code: Appears to indeed be called before the toHit roll: BUT both are checked at the same time -- so a to-hit roll is still done, but not logged. Also to the original post, there is this lovely comment that confirms what many have already noticed about only misses being logged for some powers:
  14. It happens, but I'm not sure _WHY_ it happens. I think it only happens if a few conditions are met: 1.) The leader is a pure hero, not a vigilante. 2.) the Task force hasn't been started yet. 3.) The person getting booted on Base load is Rogue. But not 100% sure. I had it happen to me a couple times when doing things with a buddy, but I've never had an issue with it outside of that. Ouro arcs are a lot more of a pain with "not trusting someone on your team", and co-op content is sometimes just a bit annoying being able to invite some people before they're in zone, and others not so much depending on team comp.
  15. For the first question, you didn't miss, so streak breaker simply didn't trigger. Had you missed it [probably] would have. AFAIK streak breaker still does a regular to-hit check, then if it would have failed it does a check against streak breaker. For the second one, hard for me to say for sure, based on the content you said you were running I'm going to assume you don't have Genetic Corruption, which might be able to cause it. Also curious if Genetic Corruption shows it's hit rolls in the logs at all, since it does no damage, and if to-hit checks that don't apply damage count towards streak-breaker.
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