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  1. This is why I suggested a change to BaseToHit. No amount of [reasonable] accuracy in the world will fix a change to BaseToHit, only tohit, which is basically limited to ONLY being available via a handful of skills. Tactics as mentioned, BuildMomentum, and Focused Accuracy. Accuracy is calculated AFTER a clamp is already applied using BaseToHit. Assuming the formula is: HitChance = Clamp( AccMods × Clamp( BaseHitChance + ToHitMods – DefMods ) ) If you are fighting a mob with 40% defenses and go from go from 75% BaseToHit 65% with +200% accuracy (fully slotted power+100% from skills) that takes you from a 70% chance to hit to a 50% chance to hit. At 20% (what equal level mobs have, based on a quick look in an AE farm, well 18.5%) that same calculation takes you from 110% chance to hit -- clamped to 95% -- to 90%, so maybe it is still too generous, let's drop it down to 63.5% instead of 65%. That same mob you now have an 87% chance to hit, instead of 95% chance, you'll miss nearly 3x as often. Yes, you can compensate for it, but you'd have to go really really heavy into accuracy OR [as I mentioned before] pickup tactics and/or focused accuracy. If you go with a -12.5% debuff to BaseToHit instead of -10% then even having tactics AND focused accuracy [unslotted] wouldn't get you back up to the same levels as prebuff. It's a substantial hit [hehe] to their chancetohit
  2. I'd argue that if it's going to be nerfed [I don't think it should]. Nerf it in a way that makes thematic sense. Currently it does [arguably] excessive damage for the recharge+activation+cone size, I'd argue that this -- thematically -- that makes sense (IT IS A BIG ASS SWORD!) . I won't get into details why I feel it's not excessive, others have covered that quite well in this thread IMO, and I have nothing to add on that front. Decreasing damage doesn't make much sense, and it'd feel pretty bad . IMO increase the range by 10-20% leaving target cap the same† - effectively no change majority of the time - but decrease the BaseHitChance of the powers to 63-65% instead of 75%.This level of BaseToHit is halfway between hardcontrol (hold, stun) AoEs and softcontrol (immob) AoEs. Thematically it makes sense that the big slow moving sword is easy to dodge, make Build Momentum (the skill) give an additional 5% to-hit and remove 5% damage buff from it to line up that it's harder to dodge now. Effectively that'd make it the same as giving the mobs you're fighting +1 level's worth of defense more-or-less at all times [and at some levels it's effectively +2 levels of defense]. This can be overcome by taking Tactics and putting 2 level 50 ToHit IOs in it, but that also increases the endurance drain that already plagues the set, as well as takes up an additional skill+slot (assuming you don't already have tactics). †I say to increase the range because currently it shares range with other skills, and while I don't think it's necessary to increase range I think it will help given the decrease to accuracy, and the issue TW currently has with fleeing mobs due to long animation times...something others in this thread [and my personal belief] have stated as an argument for why it should not be nerfed.
  3. I do have it slotted w/ taunt...5 slot set + 1 taunt . perhaps my issue is also that I'm running Titan weapons and the 2 combined are just unable to hold aggro despite my best attempts due to the slower attack speeds, and I'm not entirely sure how strongly Gauntlet works with PBAoE/Cone powers
  4. Interesting, so 'differently' in this case is just straight worse?
  5. Indeed, perhaps it should be brought inline with Against All Odds, which has a 13.6x longer duration while also being a higher magnitude. That is a really wide discrepancy between those 2 [both debuff based] taunt auras. Looking at other skills (Unyielding, Evolving Armor ) it seems like Willpower is really out of alignment, or was at the time of that webarchive. SR's taunt aura seems to have similarly low duration, but doesn't have the debuff effect to enduce flee. Can we confirm these numbers are accurate for Homecoming and maybe bring them in line, at least for tanks? As is my WP tank is basically an anti-tank. I know on live there was a point when Rise to the Challenge was overly aggressively taunting and was too good compared to other skills, seems at some point it swung hard in the other direction.
  6. Per title, Teq is able to validate, pull new manifest, but as soon as it gets to the download portion it crashes out. AV/firewall software isn't flagging it. Below are the logs, what they don't show is that it looks like it finishes downloading the file named and then transitions to "Downloading..." with no specific file named, then windows reports "Tequilla has stopped working". Interestingly, it seems to work fine inside a sandbox...obviously that's less than ideal though. I can both download and run in the sandbox. Outside the Sandbox: Inside the Sandbox it works exactly as expected: XML confirming Modification time: Ran it again outside of the sandbox and it crashed again in the exact same place. I've previously updated, but it seems that the changes to folder structure is making ACLs throw a fit, given I've installed in Program Files . I pulled the files out of sandbox and was able to manually set them up, which makes me even more confused as before with the sandbox I figured something else was locking the files from being edited - but no such warnings when moving/overwriting the files. After the manual move of the files though Teq seems to be happy, but figured I'd document the issues in case anyone else encounters them.
  7. I mean....https://forums.homecomingservers.com/status/ Whenever I look seems like on average there's about 2 people map instance...(currently 2329 online players spread across 1080 maps) I get your point and your agrument as a whole, generally agreeing, but those hard numbers aren't doing you any favors when the numbers are easy to look up, and are actually worse than your actual 'bad-scenario' example.
  8. Need additional people to test/confirm, but started having serious issues holding aggro with my WP tank, even if all I do is use the taunt skill. Assumption is that this is due to a 'flee' mechanism being triggered by Rise to the Challenge. Basically It will hold aggro ~ok~ unless I move away from the critter, at which point it will [if I'm solo] flee across the map, or [if I'm in a team] randomly latch onto another team mate to attack. This 'fear'/'flee' reaction seems to overpower even the actual taunt skill. Several other people witnessed it when doing an RSF w/ my tank, and I've tested it some outside of that and seen similar reactions.
  9. You're correct. I also used the highest number possible for Tactics - which only defenders and VEATs get - and combined it with a secondary skill that provides +perception as well, which AFAIK Defenders don't get, nor do any other classes [afaik] that get more than 242 perception from tactics. The classes that actually get a secondary +perception power (brute, Scrapper, blaster) only get 242 perception from Tactics, not 432. In a best-case scenario solo you can see the stalker from ~20' away, assuming the stalker doesn't have any stealth IOs and you went with a power-set that offers +perception. For melee classes this isn't TOO bad since they have several +perception powers (ice armor, dark armor, ninjitsu, super reflexes, and/or the Ancillary Body Mastery), for blasters you're locked to */devices/*. So, in a best case scenario where you specked for it you can still get hit with the following skills without any opportunity to counter : Focus Burst, Impale, Throw Spines, boggle, Lightning Rod, Savage Leap, Serpent's Reach, consume, smoke flash, blinding powder, and Shield charge In the case of Shield Charge + Lightning Rod, those won't break stealth, either, so both could be guaranteed crits. --- Another important note is that the Perception bonus from tactics scales with level, the numbers I'm giving are only true in RV for perception, but the stealth numbers are the same regardless of level. The GOOD news is there is a cap to stealth...and stalkers will hit it if they take the stealth IO, even w/o it they're already really close (at 1111/1143). The Perception cap is just slightly higher at 1153, unless that has been changed you should always at least have a chance to see them if you are one of the above mentioned classes. Brutes, Scrappers, and Tanks [?] I believe should be able to solo hit the Perception cap, with a select few defensive sets, ensuring they can always see stalkers once they're within 10', enough to at least stop assassins strike if they're next to their allies. */Device blasters can see a non-IO'd stalker from 20', most other blasters can not, and non will be able to see an +stealth IO'd stalker. VEATS with 2x tactics have no issues with stalkers - VEATS also have a higher perception cap @ 1260, so they can see stalkers from 100'+ away. All other classes can not bypass hide+invis solo I agree with this. Which is specifically why I brought it up. Even with these changes [in PvE] I feel invis is undertuned. SS + StealthIO gives 65 stealth, Invis alone gives 55. Once the Defense suppression is 100% for invis it seems like a strange choice over stealth - unless you just don't take the stealth IO and/or super speed.
  10. From a PVP perspective: The changes to encourage taking Invisibility instead of Stealth make it so that it is impossible to see stalkers by yourself, on matter how much you stack +perception, before considering +stealth IOs in travel powers. Hide + Invis gives 1111 stealth, Tactics gives 430 perception (at most), other powers give 300 (targeting drone for example), and rectified reticle gives 100. 1111 - 432 - 300 -100 = 279 stealth left. Stealth itself gives 389 stealth. So, if you fully spec for perception they still have a solid stealth. If they have a travel set +stealth io, that's another 300 stealth, for a total of +579 over maximum possible solo perception. Which is closer to Invis levels than stealth levels. at +579 left, you'd need 2 more characters with tactics to be able to see an invis+hide+stealthIO stalker, assuming you have tactics AND another +perception power in your pools. --- It effects other power sets as well such as dark miasma and storm summoning being able to best all perception modifiers w/o them taking a +stealth io in their powers. This wasn't true before (albeit barely).
  11. I think the availability of the Winters sets at about the same price, and the AT sets at a [generally] much lower price also plays a huge role. Depending on what you're building for (Defense...) then the winter sets offer much better bonuses. Other than my dom I've found my self slotting the winter stuff far more often than purples, or at least having to have a serious decision on design goals for which I'd rather have. If converters didn't exist I suspect ranged Purples would increase in price and Melee Winter sets would rise in price. Since converters exist though they all end up staying roughly even because they can easily be swapped to a more desirable set if prices got too out of wack.
  12. Yes and no. The 45% Def = 5% chance to hit is based on equal level normal mobs. Fighting Red/Purple mobs still has the same soft cap defense (45%), because their TO-HIT did not change, their ACCURACY changed. Defense is not factored into the ACCURACY portion of the hit calculation Mentioned above. ( (Base_ToHit + ToHit_Mods) - Target_Def) * (1 * Attack_Acc_Mod * LvL_Acc_Mods * Rank_Acc_Mod) The bolded portion is where Defense plays in, that portion is clamped at 95% on the high end, and 5% on the low end.† The Underlined Portion is where the Accuracy is factored in. So you can get the hit chance down to 5%, that is then modified by the Enemies Rank (minion, lt, boss, ...) , Level (-4 to +4), and specific Skill's Accuracy. No amount of defense will compensate for accuracy modifiers. Accuracy modifiers for Mobs: So assuming the critter doesn't have any additional +to-Hit, more than 45 Defense will not help you until the mob is 6+ levels higher than you. At which point you need an additional 5 defense per level. † Someone more knowledgable than me would have to weigh in. I'm not sure if the Clamp is applied at the ( tohit - defense ) portion, on the whole formula, or both. This page suggests it is applied to both the whole formula and to the ( ToHit - Defense ) portion. If it was only applied to the whole formula then a +5 Boss would have a 7.3% chance to hit you with the average skill (which I believe most have a base of 75% accuracy?) at 45 def, but you could bump your defense up to 46.4 and get clamped to 5% chance to be hit. or ~46.3 for the more common +4 bosses. or ~46.9 for a +4 AV. This would vary based on where/how the clamp is applied. Either way, over 47 is overkill for most all content, and beyond 45 you'll have pretty noticeable diminishing returns.
  13. Yep, that was the issue I was talking about, people were complaining about it on my discord. I trusted you, given the checksum matched that of what was on github *shrug* and told others the same. SHA1 hash of Hero Designer.exe: 568ea5fba54997d6b400cb27dd154273540fedf1 Glad to hear it! Certs can be obnoxious to deal with...not hard, just annoying.
  14. So, is this the same release [and cadence] that is on the ImaginaryDevelopment github repo? I ask because the site you're linking throws up redflags due to bad and/or not up-to-date certificates. Also your comment above about being when the most up-to-date on git hub is
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