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  1. CP has already said that when Scrappers get SS, they either won't get Rage as is, or they won't get Rage at all.
  2. They've already said they have no intention of doing more powers like that, and that if they could, they'd get rid of the Sentinel one as well.
  3. Amusing thing is I dont even HAVE a fire/ sent - just an elec/elec one ( who really needs more time spent on him, lv18 isn't high enough to get a good idea of what he does)
  4. Fixed on latest beta server trial patch, apparently. Now to wait for it to hit live...
  5. Check the latest beta server test patch..
  6. Shadowfane


    Old Unionite here, mains were Midnight Star (dark/elec) blueside and Wynter (ice/ice) redside, although I kept mostly to the first SG I joined, so I doubt anyone remembers me! 😛 currently on reunion as @Shadowfane with either Third Law or Abyssal Star. It's good to be back 🙂
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