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  1. siran

    Tankiest Tanks?

    In response to Maximus Primes comment... I think SR is a three trick pony, not a one trick pony * It never suffers from cascading defence loss. Not ever. (well maybe at level 10...) And if you don't think that's a trick consider what it's like being fire tanker facing the Rularuu. Shield on the other hand needs ageless (in my experience) to survive incarnate content * It dodges everything except a tiny tiny tiny part of the game (+100% attacks/auto attacks/pure psi) * It has 90% resists to everything by the time the hit points drop to 1/2../1/3 depending on how you b
  2. I'd just like to say 'thank you Darkir'. I created a dom to a very slight variation of yours and it's the first dom that I've actually enjoyed. I kept making them...trying to get one that feels 'super', but they always felt weak and ineffective. Sure they could control the bad guys, but who needs to control them when you can ignore them even as a blaster and just smash away.. and I seem to need to hit many times as a dom than I do as a scrapper or blaster. (that might be just perception... not sure). Without a nuke (for me) my doms feels so much less powerful than a blaster or even a sentinel
  3. Goobledegook: That is some serious MIDs work there. Far far nicer numbers than I usually get! It's a really sweet build: need to try it.! Hyperstrike: Nice defensive build. Far better numbers than mine. Its not my style: I'd rather toss a dark obliteration than a taunt... I have a couple of tanks with taunt and I usually regret 'wasting' the slot as I could almost always get a power that would let me get the aggro better. All that said I think I will be t trying that out as an alternative build. Having a 'much tougher' second form is great, and I can try taunt out again and see if it's be
  4. I used that export from game, import to mids and ... thanks! really nice to have that I've my current build here. It's not even close to how I will keep it: I want to get dark obliteration or change epic for example.... I just built by having fun and buying things that added to things I wanted I'm just posting it to show where I am at the moment. Summary: Smash lethal resit 72ish (before tanker proc kicks in) Energy / neg 56 Smash/Lethal/melee just over soft cap
  5. Oh wow. That I didn't know! That is frankly fantastic.... I am in a hotel traveling at the moment and the hotel firewall seems to block all games (huh???) But I will post that when I return (If I am not too busy turning my characters into mids imports) The tanker build I had was | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1450;704;1408;HEX;| |78DA65934B4F135114C7EFB453B1432B20055A0181F228CFA1454CD468880255902| |624A80B159B11AE65E2A434D392C8D2
  6. Thank you!. I'm going to put existing build into mids (if only there was an 'export from coh to mids' option... and see how i can improve it with data from that. I was comparing mine with tanker build... but I guess I should lower my expectations a lot! Or play a tanker... After the tanker buffs last year do you know if the ss/fire brute is going to outdamage the fire/ss tanker?
  7. My search-fu is weak... I have a superstr/fire brute that I had a lot of fun leveling. I don't have a mids build, but the stats are '46% melee defence' (and same smash/lethal), capped fire resist, smash/level 77%, energy/neg 56 and not much else defensively. Quite fun to play but quite fragile in anything other than a fire farm (and I don't farm). I had a look on the forums for a superstrength/fire brute. Didn't find much. Does anyone have a few links they could share? Thanks
  8. I am playing a little with this at the moment myself. * dark/electric. Awesome fun against huge mobs. Lightning rod in... stack stuns with lightning clap... only problem is tough single targets. In a group ... that's someone else's problem you just need to keep them attacking you. All that said 'if you are tired of lightning rod you are probably playing the wrong game'. Electric melee is made by that one power * dark/martial arts. Surprising a lot of aoe. dragon tail / dark regen together mean that you are constantly aoe. Opponents melt. Single targets that are hard you kick in the f
  9. That ambush you mention is the one I use to say 'is my tanker OK'. Like you I have a few nightmare stories! If I can be alone in a +3/8 and not sweat then I know the character's OK. Other people of course have +4/8, but that's just too slow for me... (maybe I need more damaging builds...). This character loved it. All the bosses where flopping all the time, stunned all the time, and I don't think I cracked a fingernail... Hard to tell because I spam the dark regen as soon as it is back anyway as a damage/resist debuff/taunt/end recovery Staffs big sticks for dark/ are (as far as
  10. I just noticed that I didn't answer the question on the tanker ATO. It works great in death shroud. Perhaps better than great. Most of the time it is double stacked. I don't need to do anything and it just happens. Perhaps against a single target it would be bad, but it seems to be at least single stacked all the time. I just went through part of maria jenkins today to check how it behaved, and when I was surrounded by bad guys it was always double stacked. When it was just an arch villain left I didn't notice it ever 'not there' but it didn't double stack. I've heard rumours it ca
  11. I am playing with energy melee at the moment as a fire/EM tanker, and for damage it seems great. I'm really enjoying the mix of high single target damage and the burn giving me crowd clearance in that buld. But whirling hands is a small aoe (8'base) with a 30% chance of a magnitude 2 stun that lasts for a base 4seconds. Handclap is 15'r lasts for 6 seconds base (and thus it can be perma) and always stuns. It also places everything on their back for a second or two in which they aren't attacking... (assuming the stun didn't get them) From a damage point of view whirling hands is nice, and it's
  12. Thanks for looking at it and taking the time to reply! I have to admit I don't mind the goons wandering off... they don't tend to last long enough for it to matter! I tend to leap in, dark regen (it's an attack and a great aggro pull + res debuff), then a hand clap/foot stomp, and usually I am teaming and all the minions are down... only a couple of stunned bosses wandering around. Those bosses are usually single targeted anyway... and since I have unpleasantly aggroed them, they come running right back... I find that ST damage is my main goal: AOE is good enough, and
  13. I've been experimenting quite a bit with different Dark/ tankers. I like darkness quite a lot: the heal is fantastic, the resists are great (even if we are vulnerable to energy) and it has a small amount of defence which helps. But as well as that ... perhaps the icing on the cake ... there is the gem of oppressive gloom which stacks with other sources of stunning My dark/ma is great fun, and is perhaps one of the toughest things in the game. Sure it doesn't have much defence debuff resist, but there is so much stunning and healing going on that I just don't miss it (the heal reall
  14. I've heard people say that 'Peace bringers are training wheels'. I have to say I don't agree. I played my Warshade on live for years, and play here as well. It's good, and I enjoy playing it (it's higher veteran level than my PB) But... it needs bodies. It needs opponents. So in this game AOE is easy, groups are easy. The only hard content is archvillians and giant monsters, and Peacebringers (IMHO) are much more satisfying when playing against the hard content. Sure it's possible to 'go into a group of enemies, get buffed and fly back to bash the AV, and I've done that. But Peace
  15. OK we did it. Two of us (both Fortunatas... we wanted those holds). We each died once: I got criticalled by Honore, and my friend blasted by Hamidon. It did take us about three hours though! And maybe half an hour at the end bashing away what felt like forever at Honore. Still we had written this of as 'can't do with just two, so it was very satisfying to finish. Thanks very much for the help
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