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  1. Did I miss something? This is a fire/em build, not ice/fire.
  2. @Snarky -- take note of Sovera's comment. When people talk about 500-900 dps, they are talking about pylon damage dps. CoH doesn't have any good tools or mods that will effectively calculate DPS. So people do it "the old fashioned way" and hit the pylons in RWZ. And since this has turned into a blaster DPS thread, @Galaxy Brain has this tool: Blaster Primary Comparison: Standard Environment Testing - Blaster - Homecoming
  3. From your numbers, you're looking to get ~ 500% increase in dps. Not a math guy either but here's how I could see it done: Stack debuffs. -res -regen and -def all in some way will effectively increase dps. Use Incarnate powers. Some powers offer up to +40% damage. Other powers will add additional debuffs. Increase recharge rate to up your Build Up power, which does +100% (?) damage increase for 10 seconds. Add IO's which add +% damage. On my blaster, IO's alone does +225% damage without me using any active powers Slot Assault Slot procs like Gaussians and
  4. Came in here to say I've seen this again. This time just while standing around waiting for a TF to start. This was yesterday or day before.
  5. This has disappeared since update this(?) week for me. Will re-post if I notice it comes back.
  6. Doors? I wasn't paying attention as to why Manticore TF adds were discovering me, but maybe doors? Next time I run a Manti (god knows when), I will post here with some more info. I do know when I switched off auras, and switched from "Invisibility" to super speed + sprint (celerity stealth), I was once again "invisible".
  7. I'd +1 the comments that say you should wait a while for your toons to mature to at least L40 before you permanently trash them. Keep in mind a lot of people will run task forces and such with level 50 and/or fully spec'd out characters and ofc your toon at true level and common IO's will look plain jane. Secondly, w.r.t. to Scourge, I play it as a "death blow" mechanic. Most blasters will pop their Tier 9 powers and won't one-shot mobs. Toss an aoe damage dealer and with scourge, the remaining adds should be toast. Lastly, I run a fire/cold corr atm, and apparently ki
  8. Interrupts. A couple of other MMO games I play, this is a great mechanic to add challenge to the gameplay. Specifically, have an AV charge up a power, and you need to have a power that will interrupt it. Kind of like Dr. Aoen and the thorn tree; or Khan with the dimensional ray. But I'd like to see it as maybe a set of P2W or defender/tank powers that interrupts massive damage, holds/immobs, or debuffs from multiple enemy NPCs. And not just applied once in a fight, but the need to apply it multiple times. Missing the interrupt would actuallly need healz.. imagine that. I think I'd
  9. I was running around with Invisibility with my fire blaster healing aura. This kind of sucks -- it's not really explicit in the patch notes that you now have to turn every power off; and that your teammate's group powers can lower your stealth radius. (see: random teammate stealthing the same path as you with leadership toggles on). Anyways.. moving on with a workaround but I'd rather this behaviour is reverted.
  10. Ok thanks. Good to know I'm not the only one.. now 2 of several thousand users... It seems to be a similar issue. I play on windowed version, and I just get the spinning circle with the screen faded out. Like you, it lasts 30-60 seconds.
  11. Has this been resolved? I just ran Manti and even with Invisibility, adds that didnt used to see me now see me. Not sure if this is WAI or not.
  12. I pretty much only play CoH in my spare time, so I'm not sure if it's my PC or the game. After the last patch, I've gotten freezes in the game. It is pretty often with my corr when too many sounds are triggered at once, but now also at random times like when loading or just fighting 1-2 adds on other alts like my blaster. The freeze will last 30-60 seconds, after which everything goes back to normal. The other complication is that I installed a new SSD, so I'm not sure if that affects anything. Note that my CoH folder is *not* on the new SSD which is purely for data.
  13. Olly

    Swappable Builds

    I run two builds on my fire/fire main. One build is optimized for aoe damage, grouping for lower level task forces, and Ouro content. Another is more survivable and aimed at speed run TF's and/or soloing.
  14. My fire/fire has two builds, one with ~235% dmg in Mids and the other with ~30% ranged def and 50% S/L resists. The defensive build relies a bit on incarnates for +defense while the damage build is meant to team at lower levels.
  15. If you clear a path beforehand, you can separate the Countess from Hopkins by running away from Hopkins prior to her arrival. Iirc one of my toons took her on solo at the entrance, then I made my way back to Hopkins.
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