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  1. @TrixieKixx - count me in! Character to be determined but definitely something ranged so my wings will flutter in hover 😄 Probably a sentinel but will update it once I decide. Thanks for this great idea!
  2. Awww... I wish there was a way to have more than 8, or make an instanced league TF or something... one thing I thought of is to do a zone event afterwards, like fight some giant monsters together or something.
  3. Oh and my apologies if I didn't catch someone's backstory, I try to be thorough with close-ups and stories, but as usual if I missed anyone PM me a screenshot and I will add it to the post!
  4. I have to say.... today was so much fun and I think the most fun I've had taking pictures. I got some... *ahem* inappropriate close-ups, but I will keep those for my private collection 😄 That pic of us fighting Dr. Vahz makes us look like a bunch of Barbie and Ken dolls! And the post-TF pool party was awesome! Thanks for being so great, everyone, and I look forward to next weekend!
  5. Pics from Positron TF - Shocking Triple Theme (electricity, skittles team, and only tighty whities allowed!) Saturday, 11/7/20.
  6. Save me a spot with Mother Earth Goddess, beast/nature MM
  7. Bride of Faraday: energy/elec brute
  8. To clarify, does "all" electric mean both powersets?
  9. Trick or Treat Costume theme - Mender Silos TF Saturday, 10/31/20 I did not focus on close-ups of individual costumes this time, since it was not a character-themed event. I didn't think of it until after the fact. So my apologies if I missed any cool stories! I got 3 of yours, so please PM me a picture if I missed you and I will add it. Excelsis Deo to the far right.... name not sh
  10. oh WOW that is incredible! Doc Buzzsaw is a meat doctor, right, with all those cool saw attachments. You will have to show me next time I'm online with Coffee Ring. 😄 And congrats on your prize!
  11. @FrauleinMental, oh right, I got both of those drops today and remembered them. So I guess just those 6. Although I was looking at the list of the permanent costume powers that you can win at the events and there were a couple unfamiliar ones that looked pretty cool!
  12. You're welcome, @TrixieKixx! Your costumes are beautiful ♥ And your earth/emp sounds great for the fearful Jade Spider fight!
  13. Today was really fun.. you are all great to spend Saturday afternoons with! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Eventually I will tweak my graphics settings to get better quality pics but I keep forgetting! Looking forward to next weekend's theme of Trick or Treat Costumes. My favorite is Carnie, but that's probably true of most girls. 😄 Knives of Artemis is cute too, and PP is okay, with coralax being my least fave. Am I forgetting any other female ones? My level 35 ice/ice brute did some ToTing today and has some of those ready to whip out. They last 14 days so any you collect this week w
  14. All-VEAT Renault SF Saturday, 10/24/20 We had our scheduled 6 players plus 2 we recruited from the channel. GoldenSky provided the pre-game entertainment with a dancing show, while Evil Goddess treated us to a fashion show. It was a fun time and bonus zombie invasion afterwards.
  15. yay, I'm so glad you like the pics I posted. Thank you! 🙂 And I can relate to not typing much while in combat. I am usually so focused that I miss a lot and usually only have time to throw in an LOL here and there... 😄 But I totally enjoy all the wit of those who can type and fight simultaneously!
  16. "Bird is the Word" Silver Mantis Saturday 10/17/20
  17. You are very welcome! It is something I enjoy a lot about the game is taking pictures, just like in real life. 🙂 You did much more than just "tag along"! 🙂 But I can relate to your feelings. I knew ahead of time this was going to be tough since everything is lvl 54 so I chose someone who had a few set bonuses going already, even though she is a relatively new 50 with only alpha slotted so far. (yesterday unlocked my next 2 slots, so yay!). In the end, though, what's a few deaths? LOL. We are all friends and know that we have different levels of builds at any given time. It would be
  18. Today was International Supers Day - Apex TF and Tin Mage Mark II TF with international patriotic themed characters. I will do 3 separate posts of pictures this time. Post 3 of 3. The Players! Today was so fun with the various role-playing comments. I really loved every character concept, some with backstories, and some just telling the story with their badge title. 🙂 You all are really such a great group of players who make this so fun week after week. ♥
  19. Today was International Supers Day - Apex TF and Tin Mage Mark II TF with international patriotic themed characters. I will do 3 separate posts of pictures this time. Post 2 of 3. Tin Mage Mark II TF Saturday, 10/10/20
  20. Today was International Supers Day - Apex TF and Tin Mage Mark II TF with international patriotic themed characters. I will do 3 separate posts of pictures this time. Post 1 of 3. Apex TF Saturday, 10/10/20 We fought so many War Walkers! This is how Katarzyna spent most of the fight with Battle Maiden! Dead in the blue stuff once again
  21. Meet Katarzyna, a radiation scientist from Poland who studied at the University of Warsaw. Rad/rad brute. 🙂
  22. Hi FRiends! I plan on joining as usual. Sorry again to be out of the loop all week. I've worked 47 hours so far and have 3 more OT to do over the weekend. I did a little ToTing the other night and completed a Dr. Kane, but other than I am neglecting Halloween event! I have not created a patriotic costume yet on any of my 50s, nor have I even chosen a country! But I will be there! With someone/something! 😄
  23. Thank you! Fun as always trying to get good shots. And yes, that is my personal rating system 🙂 for people I know in real life, people I only know in game, and people to avoid in game. I won't tell you how many stars are designated for each category, though! 😂
  24. Pics from Gloomy Boomy - any dark powerset Ice Mistral. Saturday, 10/3/20. My only regret @TygerDarkstorm, is to forget to get a good close up of you! I took them all in the casino while waiting for you before we began. 😞 For @TraumaTrain 😉 I had @TygerDarkstorm send me a selfie to include here afterwards!
  25. Love your pics, Tyger, thank you! I will be posting some shortly. 🙂
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