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  1. Having a personalized swatch of custom colors, or (something that has the last 10 colors you've picked) would be sooooo awesome!!! The translucency thing though; as I understand it currently the transparency-opacity of any given power/aura has to do with each power's individual FX particles/textures. For some, the darker a color is, the closer it is to 0 0 0 black, the less visible the FX particles will be, for others (let alone Dark versions of powers) this does not hold as true, but the appearance is still affected by the brightness of a given color value. So trying to add a transparency/
  2. Thanks PK! Hey just a heads up the CoH Modder page on your website still lists it as I23 Vidiotmaps under "Mods available in application" if you would like to update that part, too?
  3. Have you checked with other players? It's more that other people don't see it while you do
  4. Yes...it was the best thing I never could have asked for as a returning player; had a string of missions and TFs with a new friend and much higher tier player, while I am a multi-year off/on vet that never really got the hang of the game, but always had *a lot* of fun. Just for context, on old live I mained a Fire/Fire blaster. I tried the Peacebringer thing out but I wasn't nearly dexterous enough with my binds and skills to play that effectively, and she stayed in debt-ville in her 30s. Now with so much abundance of knowledge and documentation of the game, and the amazing guides.
  5. Can you be a bit more specific, where/how did you see this @Joshex?
  6. Hey hulkheavy, I wanted to point this out to you, someone else ran into the same thing earlier in the thread. See below: Hope this helps!
  7. soooo yeah not gonna lie, I instantly had to try to make this. After much side-by-side action, I feel satisfied by my efforts. It's pretty tricky to pull this off without major design tradeoffs or general ugliness. Here's what I came up with!! Could do a few more tweaks seeing it out of the CC now. Changed the chest pattern from malaise to electricity, lightened the pants a shade, darkened a boot color a shade...perfect...but hell if I am redoing those screens lol xD
  8. Hey, I was reading back through some of this and other related threads, but all I can find with regard to "leo's script" (Leandro?) is this, where a few posts down one can find https://corps.ouro-comdev.com/index.php?title=Content_and_Mod_Tools This is currently offline though? Or rather, returns ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Does anyone have more information about this? Thanks
  9. Ahh ok that makes so much more sense. Thank you so much Doc!
  10. heya folx. I have VidiotMaps fully installed with the update, no problems seeing the right textures, however... I have been running the Good Missions Guide by Gulbasaur on a new toon, and just got up to the first Shining Stars arc. I am noticing that on the mission map to "Rescue Manticore!" within the Phalanx's meeting chamber there is an exploration badge marker (1), but I can find no reference whatsoever to this marker. Is this a bug? I've attached a screenshot showing the location.
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