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  1. My suggestion for Power Siphon is to make it like Follow Up on Claws... a melee attack that starts off a period where you can build stacks and, if you slot enough recharge, can essentially be permanent. Maybe, set the stacks to 50-75% of their current values with the idea that you'll be playing a mini-game of maintaining stacks pretty much full-time in combat (slightly more involved than even Follow Up since that only builds stacks from itself... this would build stacks from every hit you make). Option two for Power Siphon is make it an auto-power something like Blaster Defiance where once you pick it, each hit automatically adds a stack (with the cyclone effect around you triggering when you reach full stacks as a visual cue that you're at/maintaining full stacks). My personal peeve with the set overall is that it plays like Claws' slower gimped cousin. Both have the same sort of ranged attack, PBAoE and ranged knockback cone... but KM's effects let it work for a lot more concepts (martial arts, magic, repulsor tech, etc.) while claws are... claws. The cast time/recharge on a lot of the attacks could stand some speeding up. For example, Focused Burst takes nearly twice as long to cast and has about a 30% longer recharge time compared to Claws' Focus for about a 20% increase in damage. Burst vs. Spin is similarly gimped and and does even less damage despite being in a higher tier (I know... secondary effects, but the ultimate secondary effect is death... which claws delivers).
  2. Nope... mainly because the whole game lore contradicts the "dead" thing. The lore is that you are equipped with a medi-porter as part of becoming a registered hero/get on the radar of Project Destiny. It's basically a medical monitor and teleporter that will automatically recall you to a hospital if your vitals are too close to death where supertech med bays heal you in pretty short order. Also, comic book lore in general contradicts permanent death for characters... at worst its a time-out/chance for some afterlife R&R until some writer interested in using you again comes up with some plot to bring you back... or, if you're obscure enough, just brings you back with no explanation whatsoever. Some people have died and returned so many times that in-universe its regarded as a joke (its so common for X-Men that when Banshee died his daughter refused to believe it and stated he'd be back sooner or later because that's just how it works for them).
  3. For me, I always take the faster recharging attack of the t1-2 first and will almost always get both just because you can use those as all but a complete attack chain to smash through just about anything on base difficulty regardless of how low you're exemped by a mission/TF. I'm playing for stress relief, not a challenge, just being able to spam 2-3 attacks on mostly minions and LTs with virtually no risk is what I'm looking for after 10 hours at work.
  4. The invention tutorial doesn't even pop up when you get in the level range and isn't even a part of the "Find Contacts" list. If you're a new player you literally have to know its there to even be aware of it. Similarly, the Shooting Stars/Dr. Graves "tutorials" barely touch on the Auction House, you basically run by it and unless you're actually paying attention to Flambeux's blather you could zip right past it too. Frankly, we have an /ah command. I think the proper solution if the Market is intended to be used by everyone is to do what every MMO who's added such a market after launch has done... Add a big shiny button that says "Auction House" on it to UI (basically a free-floating /AH macro) and attach a "Help/Guide" button to the top of the Auction House UI that goes over the parts of the Auction House. In addition, if the intention is that people are going to use merits primarily to buy items to sell on the AH for inf, then in addition to the notice that "You've received your first Merit Reward" that you can just click OK and promptly forget about, how about having it drop a mission into your mission log that tells you to go talk to a Merit Vendor NPC (not the generic terminals, one of the ones in the ugly gold and purple outfits) who will have a bit of dialogue that also includes, "Many things available from merit vendors are quite valuable and can be sold for large amounts of Influence/Infamy/Information using the Auction House. You can access the Auction House by clicking the big gold button that says AH on your screen." Alternately... MERGE the Merit Vendor UI into the Auction House so you open the Auction House UI to spend your merits. Another thing that would be extremely useful to merge into the Auction House UI would be a built in window that displays your enhancements, recipes and salvage instead of needing to open them separately. I can't begin to tell you how much trouble people I've introduced to the game have finding all of the sub-menus and systems that veteran players take for granted. Yes, you can ask for help and we're friendly, but a lot of the people I've brought in are hesitant to ask in general chat (instead they shoot Tells at me) because they expect the community here to be like all the other MMO communities; toxic e-peen jerks who mock or even give bad advice to newbies for the Lolz. Basically, I feel like there is a ton of badly designed UI elements related to rewards (inf, merits and drops) and markets (NPC vendors and the market) that CoH veterans only find acceptable because they're used to them rather than because any new person joining the game would be able to figure them out. We may be extremely tolerant of people running missions and building toons their own way, but a lot of this game's interfaces are their own exercise in "Lern2Play Newb!" Associated side-bar to the above. The Outbreak/Breakout/Precinct 5 Tutorials are just so much better for completely new players to actually figure out the game than the Galaxy City one. There are actual explanations of things while the Galaxy City one just throws you into the deep end with just the barest of "click this now" from a voice over. I would suggest that if you really wanted to improve the accessibility of all these various systems, you should look at updating Outbreak/Breakout/Precinct 5 to include merits and the AH and move the Galaxy City Tutorial to a "know the game, but still want a quick intro scene" line vs. the genuine new player tutorials that give the player the time to actually read through mission dialogues that explain things like enemy threat color coding, inventory tabs and how to rearrange items in your power trays.
  5. If the "vs." part is a matter of dev focus, I'd definitely agree new content is the way to go. The first and easiest method would be, as someone previously suggested; adding more tip missions. The reason is simple; they're individual elements of repeatable content that don't need to be connected to anything other than the present tip system; i.e. no new contacts, no changes to any zones, only a few paragraphs of text each. That means they can be implemented piecemeal without necessarily needing a whole issue/page to add them. As suggested, they don't even need to offer a moral choice (one could argue that accepting or dismissing the tip would be the moral choice), just be new content. Related to this, I also agree with the idea of decoupling radio mission locations from level and, perhaps with that, expanding the level ranges for certain groups... or at least having logical transitions (ex. running the Midnighter missions at lower levels gets you Lost and specific Rikti bosses while at higher levels they're all Rikti). The second thing I'd like to see in this regard is, especially blue-side, is Zone Revamps and Consolidation. When the snap hit, I ended up trying several alternatives, but the one I really want to mention here is "Vanilla SWTOR." A LOT of the older zones in City of Heroes lack much character and are, by and large, empty. Mission doors are randomly assigned and sometimes don't even have specific zones they have to be in. By contrast; every last corner of each world in the initial 1-50 SWTOR had a purpose related to one of the missions in the game. If there was a mission that required you to hunt 10 of X, by golly there was a specific region of the map where those things spawned in regularly. If the mission called for you to go to a specific generator and repair it, there was a specific generator in a specific part of the map you had to go to. In CoH that sort of design is really only present in the revised Atlas/Mercy intro arcs and, to a lesser extent, parts of Praetoria. What I'd like to see is mission content created or modified to be like that. Lock the missions of the old story arcs to specific doors in the same zone as the contact unless it absolutely needs to be in another zone. Add specific locations for the mobs needed for mission completions to spawn. For example, "Defeat X Carnies" in CoH is a pain in the butt because they only spawn on Peregrine Island at night... and the random number generator is just as likely to drop Malta or Rikti or Nemesis onto a given spawn point. Having a specific section of the map where it ALWAYS spawns Carnies (or Nemesis or Malta or Rikti) would make those missions a LOT smoother. Related to this is the idea of Consolidation. I've suggested this before, but I think the game could benefit from blowing Skyway off the map the same way Galaxy City was (link it to the Admiral Sutter TF) and all of the zone events and contacts there moved to Steel Canyon (and Steel getting a face-lift by replacing many of the buildings with the newer ones from Praetoria... of which there are hundreds to choose from) to make it a more modern and active zone (adding a great monster and Troll raves/Supa-Trolls in addition to the existing fire event). Because seriously, other than ground access to Faultline and Bloody Bay, the Synapse TF and roads to nowhere WHAT is there that actually makes Skyway worth visiting that couldn't be done just as well by adding a Tram in Faultline and dropping Synapse and the Bloody Bay chopper in Steel Canyon (perhaps moving Positron and the bulk of the Posi 1 mission doors to Faultline, where the bulk of the Posi 2 TF also occurs)? Repeat this one zone pair at a time and decide for each just what the purpose of each Zone is other than just filling up space and creating the illusion of choice in advancement (i.e. you can get the contact from Steel who gives you a set of missions or the contact from Skyway who gives you the exact same set of missions... or at least did back in the old days). For example... What is the purpose of Independence Port that can't be accomplished by the docks of Talos Island? Now maybe both DO serve a purpose, but maybe they don't. For me, Talos is a convenient mid-level hub because you've got a trainer, base portal and merit vendor all right next to a Tram, but it has a ton of dead space you only fly past on your way to mission doors. The only reason to hit IP outside of a specific mission is the level 30 Icon mission, the Yin TF, the starting phases of a Terra Volta respec trial and Lusca. The giant Golden Gate-ish bridge is also visually appealing, but there's a whole lot of just dead space there that feels like it needs MORE; like "you could chop the far north and everything south of the Terra Volta entrance off and make villain zones out of them and 90% of Blue players would never notice they were missing" empty. That would be my focus way more than adding new zones; Fill in the existing ones. You could even make a contest out of it by having "Write an Independence Port focused AE story arc and the top X (as judged by the devs) will become new story arcs for the zone."
  6. Instead of locking Incarnates to level 50 content, I’d suggest it instead be limited to level 51 content (i.e. content run at level 50 with the difficulty turned to at least +1 for level 51-52 enemies). Maybe it even needs to be higher than that, but the idea is that doing so provides a simple and deliberate toggle to allow or disallow incarnate abilities by the mission leader just setting the difficulty at a certain level. And again, the two things I keep coming back to are; A) You could already build Superman or Thor (selected because they’re basically the strongest of the mainline heroes in their respective universes) before there was ever an Incarnate system. B) The Incarnate system wasn’t added to improve the health of the game... it was added to obviate the 1-50 game with unbalancing abilities in order to promote a monetizeable endgame grind to appease NCSoft. It doesn’t matter how much you might like the Incarnate system; I loved my 80’ electronet arrows and they were nowhere near as disruptive as incarnate powers yet still got nerfed for what the devs believe is the good of the game. For the health of the overall game Incarnate powers really need to be reigned in. One obvious and simple fix would be that the Alpha Slot level shift should be made into an Incarnate Shift (i.e. only functions in incarnate content like the other two). As a fix that still offers something to those who like the Incarnate powers, add a difficulty option to the game for turning on/off Incarnate powers. Turning it on not only allows incarnate powers and level shifts to be used, but adds level shifts to all opponents (I’d base it on difficulty... +1 level shift per +1 difficulty... so at +4 the opponents would also have +4 level shifts applied) and drops special “aspect” opponents into the missions (like quantums, but for Incarnates). In trade... allow incarnate powers to function all the way down to level 1 even when exemplared as long as the difficulty option for incarnates is toggled on. This then opens up ALL the old content for Incarnate Oroboros teams to challenge themselves against.
  7. Check my previous post in this thread... that was my moderate position, but since you're claiming we should all be ignored I figured I'd just drop my real, non-moderated, thoughts on incarnates. To sum up my feelings... Incarnates were bad design (and a poor fit for a game where you could already easily build Superman or Thor as a normal level 50 character; no incarnate powers needed) foisted on Paragon Studios by NCSoft insisting that the game have a Korean MMO-style endgame grindfest they could monetize. It was deliberately unbalanced relative to the 1-50 game for the same reason the BIS raid gear in other MMOs is OP... to get people to view the 1-50 game the same way it is in virtually every other MMO; as the speedbump to the real game where endless grinding for random gear drops is the only way to advance, and then every so often once enough are close enough to the top tier, they drop a new raid and level of gear with all new grinding for the next tier of unbalanced gear to obtain. Rince, repeat, collect paychecks. Frankly, the ONLY reason Incarnate powers are seen as a normal part of the game here is because of the decision to incorporate incarnate XP, threads and emp merits into veteran levels and general content. If it was still behind the usual Incarnate Trial grindfest (or Dark Astoria for a trivial amount of incarnate rewards) it'd be as niche as PVP is. MAYBE people grind for the Alpha, but the rest would be a small amount of diehards too busy working for their t4s on the iTrials to influence the way the level 45-50 game is played (i.e. most people with Judgement would be running iTrials for the xp/threads/components they need to upgrade that and unlock the higher tier powers and not Peregrine Island radio missions). We are free of the need for the monetized grind and, with it, the need for brokenly OP powers that existed only to be monetized. My honest opinion... take the brief outrage lumps and do what's actually good for the long term health of the game by either removing or completely siloing (as PVP is siloed) the Incarnate system*. This will make it infinitely easier to develop new content, particularly stories that need to be level 50 to make sense. * If the system is removed, re-balance the story/mission content for normal level 50s (I've similarly long suggested that the Incarnate Trials be reworked into a story arc/taskforce format handed out at level 45-50... one of the problems with gating major story elements behind massive trials is its can be hard to stop and read the flavor text when everyone's hellbent on getting through the trial ASAP).
  8. Then we should also point out that only a statistically insignificant portion of the playerbase is even running Incarnates at a given time (seriously, compare the total number of toons to the number of level 50 toons and also that not every 50 is incarnated and even those that are aren’t universally equipped with t4s or even have all their slots unlocked). Why should we consider what this insignificant minority wants when it’s harming the game experience overall? In this latest issue they nerfed the hell out of Titan Weapons and Tactical Arrow because they felt they were unbalancing everything regardless of how many argued that keeping an 80’ range on a power wouldn’t break the game. If an extra 20’ range on a t1 power is unbalancing enough to get a nerf regardless of user sentiment then WHY THE HECK shouldn’t the single most unbalancing set of mechanics in the game NOT get a serious balance pass and wide array of nerfs? Because you happen to like it and are trying to deflect the sentiments that the incarnate powers need to be looked at by claiming its not actually representative? Nice try, but no. My first choice would be to actually cull the entire incarnate system from the game and retool the Incarnate content that does exist to account for this (remove the level shifts from the opponents for example, since players won’t have them either). At best, keep the Alpha Slot only (sans level shift) as a level 50 capstone.* My second choice would be to limit them exclusively to Incarnate content and level 50 content where an “Incarnate” difficulty toggle has been activated (and which adds level shifts and other boosts to all opponents in the missions). My third choice would be to allow only one Incarnate power to be active at a time (with a 5 minute timer on changing which is active) outside of Incarnate content. But those are my personal preferences. Frankly, I think the best thing that ever happened to City of Heroes was it being shut down before the grindy Endgame system could be fully implemented so that, for the most part, the focus of the game remains on all the content you experience on the climb to 50 rather than solely on a handful of endgame raids and the notion that 1-50 are just the dues you pay to get to the real game (note how many MMOs with that mindset have monetized bypassing the original content precisely because all their focus has been on the endless grind of max level and upping the level cap to start it all over again). My main interest in rebalancing/nerfing Incarnate powers is that their existence makes creating a full range of content nearly impossible for the current small volunteer dev team (one of the reasons I believe their new mission content has been primarily in the 15-35 level range... no incarnates and, pre-level 27 not even much IO-set slotting to speak of). Basically, I think incarnate content takes way too much work (there’s too great a disparity between a fresh 50 and a fully t4’d level 50 to figure out a sweet spot on difficulty) so I’d favor any changes needed to make new mission content in the level 45-50 range easier to develop. * I do think some of the Incarnate powers could be repurposed by rebalancing them and making them into a new Patron Power Pool (the original mission arc you used to unlock the Alpha slot becoming the Patron unlock mission for the Incarnate patron) where the five power picks are retooled Judgement, Interface, Destiny, Lore and Hybrid powers (rescaled to normal ancillary pool values) complete with slotting options.
  9. I'd like to see a general assessment of how feasible adding new Incarnate content actually is given the size of the development team. I feel there's a reason they've been mostly creating new mid-level story content and that reason is that its the most robust part of the game... no Incarnate Powers and a lot of the good IO sets can't even be slotted until level 27. And if the answer is that the likelihood of new Incarnate content is extremely limited then I'd like the devs to consider making the harder choice than just leaving it as is, and, like PVP, consider the incarnate tree complete (as in sufficient to complete all existing incarnate content) and then curtail its effects on other areas of the game; particularly the 45-50 game where you basically can't build mission content now without accounting for all the incarnate powers that be thrown around to trivialize it. If I had my druthers, I'd have Incarnate Powers only function in Incarnate specific content AND level 50 missions/TFs with the difficulty set to at least +1 (putting it on par with the Alpha Slot level shift). Alternately make it a toggle on the difficulty system where you get some sort of bonus rewards if incarnate powers are turned off (and are running content at a level you could normally use them... nothing extra for toggling it on for a Posi for example). Alternately, if I wanted SOME incarnate use outside of those areas I'd want to look at something like only being able to use one incarnate power at a time; say a check box with a five minute timer or similar so if you wanted Judgement, you could have it, but you'd need five minutes before you could swap it and use Lore or Destiny, etc. This wouldn't apply inside Incarnate Content, but would when you're say, running Peregrine Island radio missions against the Council. Another option would be to use the old "Kheldian Detector" tech and add some incarnate tier enemies to each of the level 45+ groups who would spawn on missions where slotted incarnate powers are detected (basically whatever the trigger is that level shifts you down for Apex if you don't have Incarnate powers slotted). For example; The New Praetorians arc involved the Council teaming up with Scott's faction and getting access to several bits of Praetorian tech... so if the Incarnate detection is triggered you start getting Council re-colored IDF units mixed into the Council Forces (I'd honestly like to see that pushed to the level 51+ Council in general... re-colored IDF troops replace the infantry, Orbs replace the hoverbots, WarWorks replace the bots, Nictus Dwarves and Novas replace the Galaxies... phase out the war wolves and vampyri to reflect the defections back to the 5th Column).
  10. How about... "the changes makes it a real pain in the butt to exemplar down so you'll get less people doing it"? If you devote resources, as Captain Powerhouse said was the reason why they made it 60' with the intention that you could slot for range to get it up to 80', then having those resources fail in one of the more common situations; exemping down via teaming or Oroboros to do content is bad design... particularly when you have to eyeball your range and can't rely on having a consistent range to use as a guide. At level 32+ with 2 SO's (+50% range) its 90' vs. your archery attacks' 80', at level 15 its only 71' (+19% range) vs. your archery attacks 80'. So depending on your exemplared level your ENA and Ice Arrow go either 10' further (level 32+) or 10' shorter (level 15) so you can't get used to any one set of ranges. It is VERY disruptive to try and play this way so the solution is obvious... just don't exemplar at all. Those calls for more players to run a Posi? Ignore them. Don't bother doing missions you missed on the way up in Oroboros... run more PI radio missions where exemping isn't an issue. Again... there's a bunch of people on this thread voicing that they have very real problems with this change. We're looking for some type of compromise and ALL you do is shoot down every attempt to find some way to maybe live with the changes without just shelving whole toons out of frustration with "my way or the highway" type responses.
  11. You have SOME more slots, but not nearly all of them. Let's take Posi as the most common thing to exemplar down for... the level cap is 15 which means a scaled down character will have their level 16, 18 and 20 powers and has an exemplar scalar of 0.391. An actual level 15 will have nine primary/secondary/pool powers and a total of 14 extra slots. Those are probably all in attacks so two attacks with six slots, one with 5 slots... slotted with level 15 SOs those powers will have a total enhancement of +200% (+33.3 x 6) in the two, 166.6% in the third and all other powers (health, stamina, combat jumping, etc.) slotted at +33% each (or +25% depending on the enhancement type). The exemplared character can have a total of +78% on any one power (if six-slotted) so even with all three extra powers (16, 18, 20) six-slotted (which they may not be... a lot of movement and utility powers tend to fall in that band) that's only a total of 234% (78% x 3) worth of enhancement bonuses... while their other powers are also cut to at most 78% each and anything single slotted (ex. Stamina) having its enhancement bonus dropped to just +12% or less). And double slotting for range instead of the usual suspects means you're not even going to have the normal six slots worth of bonuses to acc/damage/etc. With the exemplar scaling those two Range SO's Captain Powerhouse mentioned aren't even worth a DO in terms of effect and you'll far short of 80' despite literally a third of the slots in the power being devoted to fixing this range nerf... because exemplar scaling simply can't account for slotting priority (i.e. a level 3 blaster can double slot their ENA with two range SOs and get past 80'... a level 33 blaster can't get to 80' when exemplared down even if they used all six slots for Range SOs). A simple way to fix this is to remove certain enhancement types that are used more to "fix" than to "boost" from the exemplar scaling effects.
  12. Unless you're exemplaring down... as I mentioned both here and in the thread on Enhancement changes. Exemplaring below 32 starts the inevitable decay of your enhancement performance until two even level SO's net about a DO's worth of effect on a PosiTF. Even 6 slotting for Range (with more than half of it wasted by diminishing returns) won't get you to 80' if you're exemplared. If this is the tact you're taking, may I suggest removing SOME of the enhancement types from the Exemplar scaling... scaling down Acc, Damage and the like makes sense... but Range is SO niche that anyone using it is almost certainly doing so to address a specific issue in their build to the detriment of the "more useful enhancements" and not being able to slot full sets into their powers. Having that fail (when it worked when you actually WERE level 15 using level 15 SO's) just because you're exemplaring removes a lot of the incentive to exemplar at all... why help that level 15 when you can run a level 35 mission without your range workaround being wrecked by the exemplar mechanics? So there's my counter proposal if this is your hard line... remove RANGE (and perhaps some of the other edge-case enhancements like Interrupt Time) from the Exemplar scaling formulas.
  13. First, the lack of a range counter makes that trickier than you intimate. Again, the issue is that unless you always open with the shorter range powers, you have to GUESS whether everything is in range or not before you start and if you're wrong... "DERP!" goes the 'not in range' sound effect as soon as you hit that part of your attack chain. Second, you're basically telling a whole group of people "you're playing it wrong" because it doesn't personally affect you... while at least a dozen players in this thread alone have said it will wreck their play experience.
  14. As has been addressed previously this... A) makes the disparity in ranges WORSE not better because all those improvements are affecting all the powers based on their base ranges... so now your 80’ foot attacks have a 116’ range or almost 30’ difference instead of 20’. The Issue isn’t so much the range as it is the range differrential that throws off the smooth operation with the set as it’s been used. Frankly, it’d be easier to deal with Archery also being nerfed to 60’ to match ranges than leave them as they are. B) Falls apart as soon as you start exemplaring below about level 27 where those sets can be slotted. Similarly, slotting for range to compensate falls apart when exemplaring because of how the scaling works. At this point a level 7 Tac Arrow player with a level 5 Range SO will outperform the an exemplared 50 with two 50+5 Range IOs slotted. When I brought this up in the Enhancement changes thread I was told to basically stop whining despite the way the scaling works makes even the means to work around the changes (by replacing set IOs with generic range IOs) useless. If you like your range, you can’t exemplar below about level 29 without it starting to degrade immensely, even if at level 15 you had two range SOs in ENA... now you’ll have about a DO worth of range improvement. Basically, nothing has been done to address it, and every attempt to find some way to get the problems addressed is shot down as unimportant. Forgive those of us who were very invested in a particular playstyle having it seriously disrupted being a little salty given that there’s been basically zero feedback from the devs on the issue and dismissive remarks from a relatively few but loud other posters (seriously... take a look at the likes and thanks on the “this is a problem” comments versus the “this is fine” comments... “this is fine” is loud, but aren’t getting nearly the agreement that “this is a problem” are getting.
  15. Accept that other people disagree with this assessment and that how a set feels is a very subjective thing and what isn't a big deal for you might be crippling to others. For example, I literally cannot play using WASD to steer... I grew up on old-time FPS games like Doom and Dark Forces so the W and A not being in perfect alignment makes it horrendously uncomfortable so to this day I steer with the directional arrows. This means every time I need the mouse I have to leave the arrow keys to grab the mouse. That makes any location based power a non-starter (target_location helps, but location AoE's are often smaller than target-based one so it's less effective)... sidebar; this is why I LOVE the new /interact command since I'll no longer need the mouse for doors or glowies. If you REALLY want me to accept a 60' range, I need a range-finder like most newer MMO's have so I can judge a proper starting distance without the need to always open with ENA or risk part of my attack chain getting the "derp" sound from not being in range.
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