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  1. What I actually liked about the proposed Perez Park revamp was that it wouldn't need an Echo version. The idea was that the Circle would raise a chunk of their city into the sky above the park so the ground level would still be the low level hazard zone with a floating island (side bar: there's a map in Scirocco's patron arc that is basically exactly this and roughly a kilometer long so the asset already exists) so far above it that it would either need to be a separate zone accessed by a portal, or otherwise so far up that you'd have to deliberately fly up to it in order to aggro anything.
  2. Honestly, I think the best solution to The Coming Storm that plays to Homecoming's strengths would be to replace it as a singular uber-force and instead make it a pile up of simultaneous threats with the Battalion as the straw that broke the camel's back. In terms of lore, the Rikti fought their dimension's battalion ages ago and their advanced tech was taken from the Battalion. Similarly their mutated appearance was necessitated by having to adapt to world "terraformed" to better suit the Battalion. Ergo, we already HAVE the meshes in game to do a viable Battalion beca
  3. My suggestion for Power Siphon is to make it like Follow Up on Claws... a melee attack that starts off a period where you can build stacks and, if you slot enough recharge, can essentially be permanent. Maybe, set the stacks to 50-75% of their current values with the idea that you'll be playing a mini-game of maintaining stacks pretty much full-time in combat (slightly more involved than even Follow Up since that only builds stacks from itself... this would build stacks from every hit you make). Option two for Power Siphon is make it an auto-power something like Blaster Defiance wh
  4. Nope... mainly because the whole game lore contradicts the "dead" thing. The lore is that you are equipped with a medi-porter as part of becoming a registered hero/get on the radar of Project Destiny. It's basically a medical monitor and teleporter that will automatically recall you to a hospital if your vitals are too close to death where supertech med bays heal you in pretty short order. Also, comic book lore in general contradicts permanent death for characters... at worst its a time-out/chance for some afterlife R&R until some writer interested in using you agai
  5. For me, I always take the faster recharging attack of the t1-2 first and will almost always get both just because you can use those as all but a complete attack chain to smash through just about anything on base difficulty regardless of how low you're exemped by a mission/TF. I'm playing for stress relief, not a challenge, just being able to spam 2-3 attacks on mostly minions and LTs with virtually no risk is what I'm looking for after 10 hours at work.
  6. The invention tutorial doesn't even pop up when you get in the level range and isn't even a part of the "Find Contacts" list. If you're a new player you literally have to know its there to even be aware of it. Similarly, the Shooting Stars/Dr. Graves "tutorials" barely touch on the Auction House, you basically run by it and unless you're actually paying attention to Flambeux's blather you could zip right past it too. Frankly, we have an /ah command. I think the proper solution if the Market is intended to be used by everyone is to do what every MMO who's added such a ma
  7. If the "vs." part is a matter of dev focus, I'd definitely agree new content is the way to go. The first and easiest method would be, as someone previously suggested; adding more tip missions. The reason is simple; they're individual elements of repeatable content that don't need to be connected to anything other than the present tip system; i.e. no new contacts, no changes to any zones, only a few paragraphs of text each. That means they can be implemented piecemeal without necessarily needing a whole issue/page to add them. As suggested, they don't even need to offer
  8. Instead of locking Incarnates to level 50 content, I’d suggest it instead be limited to level 51 content (i.e. content run at level 50 with the difficulty turned to at least +1 for level 51-52 enemies). Maybe it even needs to be higher than that, but the idea is that doing so provides a simple and deliberate toggle to allow or disallow incarnate abilities by the mission leader just setting the difficulty at a certain level. And again, the two things I keep coming back to are; A) You could already build Superman or Thor (selected because they’re basically the strongest o
  9. Check my previous post in this thread... that was my moderate position, but since you're claiming we should all be ignored I figured I'd just drop my real, non-moderated, thoughts on incarnates. To sum up my feelings... Incarnates were bad design (and a poor fit for a game where you could already easily build Superman or Thor as a normal level 50 character; no incarnate powers needed) foisted on Paragon Studios by NCSoft insisting that the game have a Korean MMO-style endgame grindfest they could monetize. It was deliberately unbalanced relative to the 1-50 game for the same reason
  10. Then we should also point out that only a statistically insignificant portion of the playerbase is even running Incarnates at a given time (seriously, compare the total number of toons to the number of level 50 toons and also that not every 50 is incarnated and even those that are aren’t universally equipped with t4s or even have all their slots unlocked). Why should we consider what this insignificant minority wants when it’s harming the game experience overall? In this latest issue they nerfed the hell out of Titan Weapons and Tactical Arrow because they felt they wer
  11. I'd like to see a general assessment of how feasible adding new Incarnate content actually is given the size of the development team. I feel there's a reason they've been mostly creating new mid-level story content and that reason is that its the most robust part of the game... no Incarnate Powers and a lot of the good IO sets can't even be slotted until level 27. And if the answer is that the likelihood of new Incarnate content is extremely limited then I'd like the devs to consider making the harder choice than just leaving it as is, and, like PVP, consider the incarnate tree com
  12. How about... "the changes makes it a real pain in the butt to exemplar down so you'll get less people doing it"? If you devote resources, as Captain Powerhouse said was the reason why they made it 60' with the intention that you could slot for range to get it up to 80', then having those resources fail in one of the more common situations; exemping down via teaming or Oroboros to do content is bad design... particularly when you have to eyeball your range and can't rely on having a consistent range to use as a guide. At level 32+ with 2 SO's (+50% range) its 90' vs. you
  13. You have SOME more slots, but not nearly all of them. Let's take Posi as the most common thing to exemplar down for... the level cap is 15 which means a scaled down character will have their level 16, 18 and 20 powers and has an exemplar scalar of 0.391. An actual level 15 will have nine primary/secondary/pool powers and a total of 14 extra slots. Those are probably all in attacks so two attacks with six slots, one with 5 slots... slotted with level 15 SOs those powers will have a total enhancement of +200% (+33.3 x 6) in the two, 166.6% in the third and all other power
  14. Unless you're exemplaring down... as I mentioned both here and in the thread on Enhancement changes. Exemplaring below 32 starts the inevitable decay of your enhancement performance until two even level SO's net about a DO's worth of effect on a PosiTF. Even 6 slotting for Range (with more than half of it wasted by diminishing returns) won't get you to 80' if you're exemplared. If this is the tact you're taking, may I suggest removing SOME of the enhancement types from the Exemplar scaling... scaling down Acc, Damage and the like makes sense... but Range is SO niche that anyone usi
  15. First, the lack of a range counter makes that trickier than you intimate. Again, the issue is that unless you always open with the shorter range powers, you have to GUESS whether everything is in range or not before you start and if you're wrong... "DERP!" goes the 'not in range' sound effect as soon as you hit that part of your attack chain. Second, you're basically telling a whole group of people "you're playing it wrong" because it doesn't personally affect you... while at least a dozen players in this thread alone have said it will wreck their play experience.
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