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  1. Fire/dark is the most fun I've had taking a controller to 50. It actually makes a decent farmer too. The build I'm working on is a bit costly, but it really can do everything.
  2. Yes it was for the damage buff. The extra tohit was gravy. Surprised no one mentioned that sooner. Im not really sure why you are even complaining about the to hit mechanic of double stacking rage, when it was pretty much a non issue to begin with. Also there is nothing wrong with one set having an advantage over another in niche areas, since that's what makes each set fun.
  3. The MM is the superhero/villian. The henchmen are there fighting because of the MM. Having buffs/debuffs is what makes the henchmen able to stand toe to toe with supers, and not the other way around.
  4. Working on fire/dark now to be able to do it all. Love the theme of it, and fade is just awesome. I feel like dark affinity outshines /rad once iod.
  5. I tend to gravitate to support over straight up damage. I feel like corrupters utility is more of a fun factor for me personally, since I feel like I'm adding something to a group besides damage. Some people swear by blasters, so different strokes for different folks.
  6. I hated when they mixed the ATs for that exact reason. My kited out ss/invul on live was a tank and dps. I remember getting turned down from an ITF pre GR by a group of heroes because they wanted a dps and not a tank. I just lol'd because they were clueless how strong Brutes were at the time, especially since we could easily roll with a full fury bar.
  7. Does disrupt break hide, and is it even worth using on a stalker? I tried googling, but haven't come up with anything.
  8. Yep I used this combo to farm warriors on live when I was bored of my fire/kin. Fun combo.
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