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  1. Working on fire/dark now to be able to do it all. Love the theme of it, and fade is just awesome. I feel like dark affinity outshines /rad once iod.
  2. I tend to gravitate to support over straight up damage. I feel like corrupters utility is more of a fun factor for me personally, since I feel like I'm adding something to a group besides damage. Some people swear by blasters, so different strokes for different folks.
  3. I hated when they mixed the ATs for that exact reason. My kited out ss/invul on live was a tank and dps. I remember getting turned down from an ITF pre GR by a group of heroes because they wanted a dps and not a tank. I just lol'd because they were clueless how strong Brutes were at the time, especially since we could easily roll with a full fury bar.
  4. Does disrupt break hide, and is it even worth using on a stalker? I tried googling, but haven't come up with anything.
  5. Yep I used this combo to farm warriors on live when I was bored of my fire/kin. Fun combo.
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