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  1. Hey, I decided prep a build using mids and was hoping to get some feedback on it (I'm still a newer player and don't know what sets are strong where) (A) Empty (A) Empty (37) Empty (37) Empty (A) Empty (A) Empty (36) Empty (37) Empty
  2. I like it... certainly better than what I came up with XD
  3. He's sort of a modern day gladiator who loves the thrill of battle. he fights crime in hopes that he will one day find a worthy opponent.
  4. I decided to take a stab at designing a costume for a Bio Armor/Battle Axe Tanker, though I'm not 100% sure on it. Anyone want to see if they can build upon my concept? His name is Warrior Grod
  5. We could potentially make a new thread
  6. This is not the thread you are looking for
  7. I love it... but I can agree, the glove and boots change should also be added to shoulders XD
  8. For my next request, rolling up a Dark/Cold Controller with the theme of a woman who has been tainted by the frozen abyss and is constantly fighting to push back the corruption that spreads through her body (whilst also using it to fight crime)
  9. Is there a limit to how many costume requests you can make per week?
  10. Hey, I am working on a Archery/Atomic build and I am looking for help with the costume. The idea I had was a sentai (power rangers for those who aren't familiar with the word), with a brown and/or green color scheme.
  11. People having opinions is perfectly fine. People actively telling you that you're wrong for having a different opinion and demanding you play the game their way? That's usually when I start to have issues with someone. I shall also apologize to everyone for getting a bit too heated in my arguement earlier in this thread.
  12. Does anyone know when the enhancement changes are going live?
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