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  1. No, this is a private server, not a published title... even if HC could get it to run on steam, Valve would not legally be allowed to accept the product
  2. If they are, they won't be for long
  3. Well, if you intend on RPing with him around here... he might find some of his clients have been "converted" by Doctor Vex 😉
  4. You underestimate the potential of a hero who saves the day for selfish reason
  5. actually, it would get a 10 in clunkiness, those meaning it aces that category... rather then failing it XD
  6. Indeed, it is against the rules to devour the scores 😛
  7. I personally would put defense and resist buffs under ally buffing since most of those buffs are not usable on oneself.
  8. mainly because BA has only 2 resistance powers and 1 defense power... where as it has 4 powers that heal or adsorb in some form.
  9. So, the deal here is, with the help of you all, I would like to score as many power sets as possible based on various aspects. The categories are as followed: Damage Sets (Ranged and Melee) Single Target Damage 1-10 AoE Damage 1-10 Utility 1-10 Defense Sets: Defense 1-10 Healing 1-10 AoE Damage 1-10 Support Sets: Utility 1-10 Healing 1-10 Ally Buffing 1-10 Debuff 1-10 Control Sets: Utility 1-10 AoE Control 1-10 Pet Power 1-10 Blast Sets: Damage 1-10 Utility 1-10 Suitability 1-10 Assault Sets: Single Target Damage 1-10 AoE Damage 1-10 Utility 1-10 Pet Sets: Pet Power 1-10 Petless Damage 1-10 Pet Buffs 1-10 Universal scores: Visual Flair 1-10 Enjoyable 1-10 Difficulty 1-10 For example, Archery would have a 7 in Single Target, a 5 in AoE and a 3 in utility. It has good single target attacks while still having a good number of AoE options... however, it lacks utility since it doesn't have a baked in debuff or mez while only having Stunning Arrow as an option for utility specific moves. I hope you all have fun with this topic :3
  10. Doctor Elanor Vex Once a humble and kind soul, Elanor Vex's life inside Mercy Island was harsh. He was alone, afraid, but smart. He soon learned that his flesh weighed him down. It made him weak and vulnerable. So, driven by madness and adrenaline, Elanor transferred his consciousness to an advance prototype he stole. From that day onward, Command Unit T897-C8 and Elanor Vex became one in the same. With the combination of Elanor's intelligence and T897's machinery, "Doctor Vex" seeks to cleanse all of the Rogue Isles of it's weak flesh and turn into a mechanized paradise. No one, not even the Arachnos, will stop him. All will be converted. All will become perfection. Archtype: Mastermind (Pulse Rifle/Traps) Weapons/Equipment: AR55 Pulse Rifle (A simple, yet effective pulse rifle with a burst and single shot setting) Web Grenades (grenades designed to tangle and contain foes for capture and conversion) T890-A1 (an assault drone, T890-A1 is the first model of it's line.) T890-A2 (The second in the T890 line and a near identical copy of A1) CC88 Atomic Repair Kit (Still in alpha testing, the CC88 Atomic Repair Kit is a specially modified Triage Beacon capable of repairing machine and flesh alike. Vex tends to use them while "converting" others, as the process can be quite messy at times) Note: Though Doctor Vex detests working with those who are not cyberized (and is particularly hateful towards cyborgs) he will work with anyone he has to in order to ensure his survival.
  11. by installing Mids via: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/74-forum/
  12. good thing this is a mod... otherwise, the copyright issues that would come with the HC team adding lightsabers to CoH XD
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