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  1. I mean... you're not wrong... XD
  2. Yeah, not having aim on AR confuses me too XD
  3. Never did get feedback on this build...
  4. With the introduction of Issue 27 on beta, I've had the change to see what the devs are willing to do for balance of Powersets... and I must say I am surprised by the amount of new powers and reworks they've added. One of the main things that caught me attention was the addition of a cone attack for Energy Melee. This made me think: What would be considered the must haves for a standard powerset to be successful? What would be considered essential? I know that every powerset has their own gimmicks and niches that make each of them unique... but even then there are a set of ability that was standard among most powersets of same category. So, let's get talking. What would you consider essential for a powerset? What do you think isn't? Are their certain powersets you wish had something they lacked? Is there a power that you feel should be changed or replaced for a powerset? here's a list of each powerset type for reference/reminder: Ranged Damage (Blasters/Defenders/Corrupters/Sentinels) Melee Damage (Scrappers/Tankers/Brutes/Stalkers) Control (Controllers/Dominators) Support (Defenders/Corrupters/Masterminds/Controllers) Tank (Scrappers/Tankers/Brutes/Stalkers/Sentinels) Pets (Masterminds) Assault (Dominators) Blast (Blasters)
  5. I attempted to redesign the outfit for my Archery/Atomic Blaster: Rad Recurve (name I got from the person who designed it last time). Was hoping for a power rangers meets iron man look... but I failed miserably lol. I would like some help I'm not good with the costume creator if ya all couldn't tell
  6. He, himself, is a cyborg (sorry that it wasn't clear that cyborg hunter meant he was a cyborg that hunts criminals). As for powers, he uses electrical emitters in his cybernetics along side iridium canisters to create a radiation effect (Radiation Armor/Electrical Melee Tanker). And, yes, I am open to other colors
  7. Trying to make a radioactive cyborg hunter (named Radiated Enforcer). Anyone have ideas on how to alter/improve this design?
  8. Hey, I've been trying out this leveling path for a bit, but I've run into a slight issue... I'm not hitting level 12 by the end of Julius's story line and, thus, can't grab the next contact... any advice on how to fix this issue?
  9. discord accounts are free to make 😛
  10. Well... you see... we don't have a "sandard form" around here. Everyone kind of does their own thing for character lists and description (with most OP/meta gaming stuff being weeded out by the limitation of being in game characters)
  11. No, this is a private server, not a published title... even if HC could get it to run on steam, Valve would not legally be allowed to accept the product
  12. If they are, they won't be for long
  13. Well, if you intend on RPing with him around here... he might find some of his clients have been "converted" by Doctor Vex 😉
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