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  1. A majority of the time when I click on an item in the AH it’s history does not show. Usually I have to bid like 1 inf then click find to get the history. I don’t think it was intended to work like this. Is there a reason why it is this way and if not can it be fixed?
  2. Would it be possible to make ranged cone attacks work like nature affinity heal cone? Right now you have to target some mob in the back and hope they are in range and don’t move. If not in range you have to adjust distance and by that time they have moved. If they move mid-cast your cone follows them while they run off from the fight and you miss all the targets you intended to hit. Why can’t cone attacks just base their aim on the direction I am facing?
  3. I had an issue with my base so opened a ticket. It was not a major issue so there was no rush in solving it. In a short time I was invited to discord to work on the issue. I was in a TF that I guess has a known issue with a boss decoy disappearing preventing the completion of it. The team leader opened a ticket or something to request help. I figured it would take a while for a response and was just resigned to the idea we would have to abandon the TF. In minutes I see this shiny avatar being show up and the TF completes. Thank you GMs for all you do. PS. I want that shiny avatar as a character model! 😃
  4. I code for a living and coding new stuff is where I find the most fun in my job. Maintenance and bug fixing is tedious and boring. These developers are volunteers and we want them to keep having as much fun as they can to keep our game going. Giving feedback and letting the developers decide what they would enjoy doing is the best option.
  5. I understand the limitations put on travel powers and in general agree with them. Fly is so much more versatile than super speed so i feel it should have a negative effect to balance that. What I would like to see is a change to group fly. Every entity (pets or players) should travel at the same speed even if that speed is slightly slower than regular fly. We could then slot it to bring it very close with regular fly (about two enhancements). I would like the ability to have my pets in the air with me rather than running/jumping all over the place argo’ing the mobs along the way. Plus I think it would be cool to see robots flying around. I think this suggestion is a great idea. It’s strikes me funny that I can teleport one human that is a friend but not one that is standing in front of me unless I take a second power. Of course mob teleport resistance should still be considered for successful teleport.
  6. What? There is a way to change KB into KD? How? What IO does this? Do I need a set or is it available in DO or SO enhancements?
  7. I have an ice/storm controller. I like the combo for thematic reasons. When I finally was able to take Tornado I was bummed. I have seen so many times where people lambaste people for using powers with knockback. With that, why would you take Tornado? In a group setting I would never use it unless maybe as a Hail Mary after half the team has died. As is, ice/storm is pitiful at soloing so it is really team dependent in my opinion. I know lightning storm has knockback but it is a single target and not a chaotic group mess. I tried searching for a topic about my question but could not weed through all the posts returned. It’s probably been ask before.
  8. Thank you for the quick replies. This makes sense. I can see how attuned versions would be great and/or having powerful procs at low level. The link was very informative. So it raises another question. When converting an IO can it convert to an attuned version?
  9. So I think I am starting to understand how to use converters to get different IO set pieces I want. My question is, when should I start adding them to my build? I see many low level recipes for an IO set but why would I waste money/converters to slot an IO set at like level 15. I know the set has a bonuses but as you level the individual enhancement percentage increase is going to fall behind quickly and you will need to upgrade. Right now I usually wait till level 47 so I can slot level 50s. The personal issue I have is that the end game for me is pretty much creating and playing alts. I play the level 50 for a while and get bored then move on. I know this is probably subjective and may have been asked before (try using search) but I was wondering am I missing something about using those low level IO sets.
  10. Do you know how long it takes me to do my character’s costume? Now you want to give me the ability to customize my henchmen? Are you trying to send me into convulsion? 😃
  11. I have a bind to move my pets and am very conscious of trying not to block other teammates but even if you don’t block a doorway I feel many melee teammates get annoyed when melee pets (beast MM) block them from a target. I don’t think an MM should have to choose between holding their pets back and contributing to group DPS. I find myself having to make this decision frequently. When you have two or more MMs this issue is even more pronounced. I don’t know how hard the code change would be to have group members be treated the same way as the pet owner. Maybe have some hidden AOE buff added to pets, like Leadership/Assault, that phases friendly targets when they are in close proximity. This is a suggestion forum and a think its a good one to consider but I’m sure the volunteers have many items that they have to prioritize. Again I think asking someone to not contribute is not a good answer. When you are in a fight do you know how long 30 seconds feels like. I know when my power takes only 8 seconds to refresh feels more like 30 seconds. I played during live and it was an irritant back then. What tools are you referring to?
  12. Would there be a way to add powers to the pool based on the actual powersets picked for your character rather than just the arch type? As mentioned before some elemental themed powers are missing. For example, earth/earth dominator has no earth epic option. The options it does have just does don’t go with the theme. Another idea would be to make the powers from each AT‘s current powers available to its counter part. Dominators and controllers have access to combined current option. Same for defenders and corruptors, etc.
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