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  1. Usually this is a network issue with your ISP or home network. We can't give detailed advice on a fix (millions of combinations) but some generalities: If you're on Wi-Fi: Connect to the router with Ethernet and see if there's a difference. If there is, your Wi-Fi router needs repositioned (tip: higher is better, both router and your Wi-Fi Adapters if possible). Typical "dead zone" materials should be avoided in the path between router and device. Anything with metal or concrete (chimneys, HVAC ducts, 2nd floors, manufactured home walls), shelves full of books, appliances (particularly Microwaves), and where there's a lot of human traffic (hallways are bad) are all examples of places where radio signals have a hard time reaching. Wi-Fi networks usually cap out at 7-10 devices at once with most home equipment. If you know you have more than that on at once, consider turning off what you don't need running at game time. Consider adding extenders or Mesh Networking Equipment. This costs money (some mesh kits have a monthly fee) but can make a difference with Wi-Fi performance. If you're on Ethernet: See if another system has the same hiccups (if applicable.) Try taking the uplink out of the router and plugging your machine directly into it (easier if it's a laptop) and playing the game briefly. If the rubberbanding stops, your router could be the cause of the issue. Either method: Specific to Windows -- Use Task Manager: CTRL+ALT+DEL, click Task Manager, and open the performance tab. Find your network connection (Ethernet or Wi-Fi). The chart will show you everything that is running using the network at once. If it looks like a southwestern desert mesa while City of Heroes isn't running, that could be why it's happening. At that point I'd be checking for apps for network activity and closing what isn't needed. A "mesa" example. Considering a DSL connection of 7Mbps, it's safe to say this system is using almost all of it at the moment. Finding the app or two that's causing the ruckus and terminating them causes the mesa to die down. Now see if the game has rubberbanding issues!
  2. Did some cleanup of posts that were off-topic as well as some Code of Conduct violations. Carry on.
  3. Greycat is right. Check the missions folder in your game client, if there's anything in there, it'll be there. Also: these files are "local only". That means you need to look for them on the computer you actually made the arc on. Those files do not leave that system, even after a publish (or consequently, if you deleted and reinstalled Tequila and all the files, those will be deleted too ...if you didn't back them up.) Remember folks: save often, and back up your client folders if you're into Screenshots, Costumes, Architect Entertainment or Power Customizations. All of those files are saved locally.
  4. I miss Fiddleback. But there's quite a bit in this that needs updating. I'll put this thread in Tupperware for when he returns. ...what? Well, it's called GMFAQ - not GMTEGMFAQ, that sounds horrible. (GM Tahquitz Edits GM Fiddleback Answering Questions.)
  5. Posts were removed to keep this discussion about the OP. All good. Carry on!
  6. You are not violating the Code of Conduct by using /enterbasefrompasscode, and yes, it's not meant for player use. A later update will address that, as well as making Base Teleport... well, not useless in comparison. Keep in mind, certain groups like PvP will have contest rules against it's use, so be careful using it in certain types of play.
  7. As a reminder, please don't reply to a post that is a clear Code of Conduct Violation (such as a personal attack or abusive language.) Any posts quoting the reported post will be removed in turn, regardless of why. That's all, carry on!
  8. To follow up on that fourth unbulleted point, we do not allow account transfers. Your characters will always remain at that login name and password in-game.
  9. When you get mapserver errors, and our status page doesn't say OK on the shard you play on, it's on our end. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/status/ Otherwise, like Marine X said, you'd have to check your connection: use "/netgraph 1" in-game as a helper to see any connection hiccups and lag. (Same command with 0 in place of 1 to turn it off.) Wi-Fi, if you're on a laptop, play closer to the router. If desktop, try a wired connection if you can. If you use Range Extenders or Mesh Networking, move one of the boxes to another outlet and see if the connection improves. ISP: check your ping rates outside. If your connection has frequent drops, you might want to talk to your ISP about a possible service check. A busy house impacts gaming. If others are online streaming HD video or using data-intensive activities, it can impact your gameplay.
  10. Walk now has increased accuracy while the power is activated. 😁
  11. Trains, Energy Melee, what's the connection again? Let's get back on track. 😁
  12. Forums are for discussion of ideas. And nothing's actually been said for a few pages. Nah. I think it's time to move along.
  13. (Rearranges chairs and leaves.)
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