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  1. This isn't yet a supported Launcher/Device combo. If you have feedback, this thread in Guides might be a better place to get help.
  2. Not going to lie, I'm not a fan of this development. Even if they take a hands-off approach and allow Discord to operate the same (which isn't likely to happen), it's another of many similar deals. One class of user is emboldened and realizes all the gains. Another told to leave and go find a different answer. Today, both have a home there, and I'm grateful for Discord especially in these times for all they've done to keep both happy, the typical eSports enthusiast as well as the smaller independent communities. There's nothing like it out there. There may not be anything like it again.
  3. More reading here:
  4. Just removed a bunch of posts. Please stay on topic and discuss the beta changes directly.
  5. I edit all my posts repeatedly. The next time you feel ashamed, you can tell yourself "well, GM Tahquitz does it too!" 😄
  6. Just checking, are you using multiple computers to play City of Heroes? The game saves window positions on the server from the last session, so if you're playing on a different graphic/monitor setup than your new system, everything will be out of whack each time you hop between systems. You can use the Chat Settings and Windows Settings "Save to File" buttons in the Windows tab on the Options menu. Position the windows how you like them on your new system. Also, choose your tabs and chat channels as well. In chat, type "/optionsave", followed by "/wdwsave". If
  7. Make sure to follow the instructions here: Beta Servers do not get a copy of your characters by default. Use the Beta Account Center to schedule a transfer of a character to the Beta Server. You will only see characters who are at least Level 2 and on your current Global Account. For another Global Account, log out and back into the forums with the correct credentials. Costume files saved on your client will still work on Beta. If you want to transfer a Level 1 character, simply saving their costume in Icon on live and making a new character with the
  8. Use the Support Area and create a new support ticket to request an account deletion.
  9. From Microsoft's website. Choose the same bits you launch from Tequila with: if you use the 64-bit client, install Visual C Runtime for 64-bit. (Vice Versa for 32-bit.)
  10. Easiest possible fix: Windows Update had a patch for Visual C Runtime. Restarting and allowing the updates to finish may resolve it. If not, another possibility is the Visual C Runtime was removed. Homecoming needs the runtime to operate the client.
  11. Thanks, and yes: DisplayPort: Physical Connection, looks like an HDMI plug except one of the sides are squared off and there's 'teeth' that require a button press to uncouple from a monitor. DisplayPort is 4K capable and beyond, and is required for monitors over 60 Hz to realize their full capability. (Thunderbolt, DisplayPort and USB-C are converging together under the USB 4 standard, so even this connector may not be the 'forever' connector that HDMI is trying to be.) DisplayLink: Usually USB-Based, technology to add additional and portable screens to Windows and Ma
  12. DisplayLink is a software-based graphics adapter. It's awesome for what it is and I really like it, but you shouldn't try to run City of Heroes natively on a DisplayLink monitor. Or in your case, on a regular monitor plugged into a DisplayLink Hub, regardless of how -- VGA, HDMI, DP, etc. (And yes, I know by virtue of typing that, someone's going to fire up a Virtual Machine to prove me wrong... 😄 ) The video ports on your laptop are linked to your graphics card/integrated graphics system, and will deliver far better performance. Same goes for any USB based Graphics Adap
  13. This is a rewritten guide, prior comments from the initial version have been moved.
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