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  1. I don't have much to gloat about for my own system... and eventually, I'll be in the market to put a replacement to my current one together. But if you have a system you're proud of or recently put together, share! Tell us how the build went and what's unique to your system! I built my system back in 2012 when City of Heroes was still live. I did go cheap on the motherboard and used a spare case in our house, but it's been serving me well to this day. Even with heat damage from running in the High Desert of California and no Air Conditioning, it's still chugging along. I'll update this with better specs later but off the top of my head, this is what I use now. Intel Core i5-2300 3.2 Ghz... added a Corsair sealed-line Water Cooler in place of air cooling after 3 years of use. 16GB RAM HyperX DDR3 240GB SSD (SATA) Samsung, 4TB Platter HDD (Western Digital Blue) ASUS P91 Motherboard EVGA NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Titanium FTW LG Ultrawide 32" Display Not the top of the line, clearly. But shopping for systems is clearly a hobby of mine, so don't be shy!
  2. Reserved. This post is for things specific to club posting only. Nothing to report at the moment.
  3. As an advisory, telling other players to turn the chat filter on does not absolve you when writing messages that violate the Code of Conduct. The conduct guidelines do not change because swear words have punctuation covering them. That's all I got.
  4. Game password? Head to Account Center. Change the password, bam. You're back. Forum password changes require the original password. You can do a password reset on the login page, but your registered email address needs to be active to get the reset email. Also, I would strongly recommend changing your forum username.
  5. The IO has to have a set bonus as well. Sorry about that. Single Stat IO Enhancements not a part of a set won't convert because there's nothing else for them to become.
  6. Only Invention Origin Enhancements work in the converter. Single, Double, Training and special ones (Hami-Os, Titan-Os, and the like) won't work.
  7. Does Windows make a sound when the game starts as if it's trying to notify you? This can be a few things: -- Did you update your graphics drivers lately? If so, go to the Device Manager, find your graphics card, and try to "Roll Back Driver". See if that works. There might be a issue with the new driver that you might need to report to the company. (They prob. won't give a horse's patoot about us, but if Injustice isn't working, they'll definitely have some interested customers asking why.) -- Improper configuration of graphics card settings. Green screens can occur if your card is set to high DPI or refresh if the display doesn't support it. Instead of auto config, try going to your graphics card and find an option to restore defaults from when the driver was first installed, see if that clears it up. -- Hardware Errors. If the system doesn't give a "Blue Screen of Death" and you can get out of the green screen and return to Desktop, check your Application Logs (Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management.) If there are hardware issues, the log will have some entries around the time you tried to launch the game.
  8. I guess? Have fun, and have a happy Fourth of July! 😄
  9. I'm with Seig here. That hasn't been my experience at all. Yes, heat is the enemy, and I have had to replace my Graphics Card... after 5 years of service. I'm three years into my current one, still going strong.
  10. If you have nothing plugged into the integrated graphics port on the desktop, that's fine. (Personally, if a monitor isn't directly connected to a video card, I don't game on it, period.) Users have very little control of what motherboard specifically comes for their computer if it's premade.
  11. Please keep civil when discussing other video games. Not everyone has to be a fan, and that's okay.
  12. What error is it giving you?
  13. It was a temporary issue, all services should be back online.
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