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  1. Gnome Boxes is a big clue. Are you running the game in Virtualization? If that is the case, I'd try for Wine over QEMU personally. Virtualized video cards are going to come up fairly short compared to Wine or DirectX.
  2. IPS has a anti-spam feature that uses a service that might have caught that address. They may be able to create another account (usually GMail works best) and try again with that.
  3. That means the launcher program is having issues reaching the Homecoming Server over the network. Possible reasons might include a setting in Windows Firewall blocking the app, using the app in a place with network content filtering in effect (gov't office/schools), or like you stated, the system is offline. Also, antivirus might be interfering -- the software is signed by a Certificate Authority, but several antivirus programs do not recognize 'homebrew' development and declares it a false positive.
  4. And we're back. Again, we're after feedback, not speculation and overt campaigning to bring the prior GM command back. We've already said it's not going to return. Please keep discussion about the current efforts, please. We see the same users arguing repeatedly.
  5. Make a Demorecord of the base, and you can play it back locally as a recording. Won't be able to be imported into the Live/Beta Servers again, but demorecords of bases are useful for artistic and machinima reasons if that's a hobby of yours.
  6. That's a Vidiot Map mod. Someone would have to rework the map pack for the change.
  7. Suggestion noted. But yeah, this is waaay off of discussing things in game.
  8. Removed some posts. Please be civil when responding. If others aren't, report post and ignore them when replying.
  9. Absolutely, if your setup is working, keep using it. This was mostly to close the gap for people who had problems getting a patcher working in Linux to play on Homecoming to try a new approach. Tequila, Island Rum, and etoh, if it works for you, you don't need to tear it apart to keep playing.
  10. The GeForce GT730 just barely tips in favor of not being in the legacy driver branch. You should be able to run Ver. 440 of the driver in "Additional Drivers" in Ubuntu's apps. Just tick the 440 box, and let it process. You should then be able to run the game with a better framerate. Version 450 and newer is the Open Source driver (NVidia started making open source development available) but it still needs work as CoH performs just as choppy as in Nouveau for most GeForce cards. Version 440 should be the most consistent.
  11. I'm working on it, but no ETA. I'm caretaking the event this month so the photos might be posted later on.
  12. There is no Mac Version coded specifically for the platform, hence the ZIP/EXE file. You'd need to install Wine and .NET 4.8 to run it as a Windows app on your Mac. Homebrew is one of the three pieces. More info for Mac users is present on the Mids Reborn Discord in the help channels, located here.
  13. Red light! Posts removed. I'm going to try this one last time. Please do not engage in personal attacks, it's in the Code of Conduct. If someone does, report, ignore and we'll handle it. Argue the thoughts, not the person. And green light!
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