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  1. This is a Help forum. Hid some posts this morning. Please keep civil in replies, please.
  2. As a follow-up in subsequent testing, I've been getting file not found errors in Lutris myself. The recent versions have a modal window that appears on start saying "Lutris is Launching" with a progress bar and no indication of when it finishes. I got impatient and Force Quit that panel, then Lutris comes up anyway. That's what caused the errors in my case. The app is actually doing something in that process that runs only once after an update. Just close and reopen it, grab a snack, and let it finish. If it still happens then reboot and see if it clears up. DXVK should come with Lutris, so a separate install shouldn't be necessary unless you want to be on the bleeding edge.
  3. Almost. Login to a character normally, in-game, use "Menu", "Chat Handle..." It'll display your global name, and if you have a waiting Global Rename token, the "Rename" button. If you don't have a token, you'll just see OK. Everyone gets one chance from account creation to rename a global (in case your first toon made isn't your desired global name or chat handle.) If the name you want is already taken, the token won't be spent. You'll see an error message and you can try again until it succeeds (or you can try again later when a better muse strikes). If you don't have a token, you can ask for another one by filing a Support Ticket with a GM. (Click the link, then "Create".)
  4. Hold up, pump the brakes. Lighthouse is back? Awesome! I miss that guy! (I'm kidding. Ignore me. 😁 )
  5. As stated below: "No deadlines. [...] we can't promise to make any deadlines you've may have. If you really want your laptop working for City of Heroes before a trip, 48 hours in advance is more reasonable to work with than, let's say, standing at the gate before you fly out of an airport..." (To be fair, the OP was initially posted in Help & Support, but that part of the forum isn't a place to leave notes like these, so here we are.) The rest of the points I hunbly leave for others to discuss.
  6. As in other topics, please try to remain civil in discussion everyone. Breathe. Exhale. Take a few minutes or an hour if you need. And never post angry. 🙂 Carry on.
  7. 1. 2. Homecoming operates five shards across two continents, four in Canada, one in Germany France. Covering 2,000 folks daily with room to expand up, vs. meting out resources so when there's a boom period we're not as likely to deal with queues and full servers.
  8. Personally my only hangup with all of this is I don't want to advocate spending money on additional software to play Homecoming vs. waiting for Wine to have an answer that is no additional cost past hardware (which you'd need to obtain either way, PC or Mac fan.) If someone wants to take the plunge anyway and if "it's my money" is the first thought that comes to mind when I say that, Crossover does work ...as long as players understand that GM & Developer staff can't offer support for it if something goes wrong at this moment. Again, thank you and WanderingAries for sharing your experience in getting it running.
  9. Good morning. Removed some posts. Politics, you all know the deal by now, I hope. Everything else is cool. Carry on. 🙂
  10. Their fate will be clearer when news concerning the Mac Pro is made known. If Apple says that's the end of their line when it's time for the 2019 cheese grater to get a refresh, I can tip my hat to you. (Apps like Final Cut and Logic Pro can certainly still work on their laptops and iMacs, but really shine on bigger hardware.) Regardless, this has nothing to do with City of Heroes, so I'll stop there.
  11. Not going to lie, saw Robert Kinsey and thought to myself, "Damn it Jellico!" (Ronny Cox still one of the best 'foils' to be cast in any series. 😄 )
  12. Yup, Apple said Boot Camp has reached end of life for them. Not only is it not supported on Apple M1 Macs, but once the Intel Macs are discontinued from sales, it's basically no longer supported by Apple in any way. It's not all "boo Apple", it's curiosity for the PC side as well. Microsoft is rumored to be considering the same leap for Surface devices. (Nevermind that Surface Pro X has already been released, but it is running a Qualcomm Snapdragon, MS didn't 'design' the chip when they released it.) Apple is both a peek at what this means as well as a harbinger. Ignoring them or taking your money elsewhere isn't going to make the trend go away. Then again, for being the "Post PC Era", sales were expected before 2020 to continue slumping in favor of mobile devices and tablets to continue replacing home computers. Mobile work has changed that outcome. So if Apple M1 is supposed to be a shot across the bow of the big three to start counting their days (HP, Dell, Lenovo), they're not feeling it yet.
  13. It's interesting how Television has First Season Syndrome, while movies have the opposite - very few sequels meet or exceed the original.
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