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  1. And none of this is productive. Let's stop yelling at each other. Carry on.
  2. 1. The browser is rejecting the cookie. Probably for one of the prior reasons I've already typed. 2. You can go to Settings in Chrome and delete saved passwords for homecomingservers.com. Then when you enter the working password, Chrome will prompt to save the correct one. (3 and 4 are probably solved if 1 and 2 are taken care of.) Your browser cache doesn't include cookies: only past webpages and client-side scripts. Cookies do persist after clearing the cache out. The only other reason why it might not accept your credentials: spaces do count. If your forum login is "Eric The Grey", "EricTheGrey" isn't the same username to the forum. (But as you've already seen, email address instead of user name also works.)
  3. The whole industry is spikey. The press hasn't had much love for Intel since Moore's Law fell apart in their face the last 6 years. Intel doesn't like NVidia as they kicked them off of their motherboards via on-board graphics as a whole. (Only way to get NVidia on-board is through a laptop from an OEM, sometimes with a complicated dual-graphics arrangement with Intel right in front.) Linus Torvalds himself flipped NVidia off during a conference before they started working together more. Regardless, NVidia doesn't like Apple, everyone loves AMD right now (but we'll see that change as Ryzen gets more popular and allegiances shift). And ARM is kind of the twice-removed nephew who doesn't really care either way.
  4. Not really "in-universe", but Issue 9 was the Breakthrough Issue where Invention was debuted. http://web.archive.org/web/20121003093925/http://na.cityofheroes.com/en/news/game_updates/issue_9/issue_9_breakthrough_invention.php -- If memory serves well lore-wise, Dr. Aeon was involved in the discovery of Inventions and Invention Origin Enhancements, plot-wise. -- Invention Recipes are 'discovered' while in combat or as a reward for missions and Task Forces. As such, Invention Recipes aren't sold by contacts or vendors, and why IOs aren't able to be sold to vendors in return. (Of course, Merit Reward/Astral & Emp Merits break this rule.)
  5. Saved passwords on a web browser is a different mechanism than "Remember Me". Saved Passwords is 100% your browser remembering username and password fields. If your browser isn't remembering your password on this forum, your user profile might be affected. (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari... etc.: instructions vary, and this isn't really a game client issue, so I can't help past that much. But at least this will get you searching for the right issue elsewhere.) "Remember Me" is our Forum saving a cookie to automatically authorize you when re-opening the browser. You can see the computers set to "Remember Me" and have the ability to force log off any of them in your Account Settings under "Recent Used Devices" at any time while logged in. Some possibilities on why this would stop working: Plug-Ins or Extensions for Privacy may be interfering with the cookie being saved. Your Browser privacy settings for cookie handling may be too strict. Also using a Private Browsing tab (InPrivate, Incognito, etc.) also prevents session cookies from being saved between uses, so closing a Private Tab wipes them out when finished. "Remember Me" never works when Private Browsing. Certain Browser Updates (Chrome and Firefox have done this each once in the last few years) that increase security with user profile handling require a new user profile going forward, invalidating prior cookies, saved passwords and history. This doesn't happen very often. Computers on a domain or part of Mobile Device Management may have a policy rejecting cookies from unknown sites. You're using a new computer user account. Windows separates user profiles with a unique user database and AppData folder for user Registry and Storage Settings on many apps, INCLUDING web browsers. So you're starting from scratch on your browser. Anti-malware or security software may also be a factor. (Norton, ESET, McAfee, etc.) Security software often has browser security settings that also affect the use of cookies. These two features DO NOT intersect. If you set a different password on the forum, and your Saved Passwords are not updated, your browser will keep filling the wrong password. And "Remember Me" cookies do not have your password at all, just a temporary authorization code to bypass login that only works on your computer alone (you'll never see the code, it's in the cookie itself and is transparently sent in the background). It DOES expire if you change your password (the authorization code will be voided) or if you click "Logout" at any time (either on the actual computer involved, or through "Recent Used Devices" in settings on this Forum). You don't have to use both. If you want the browser to remember the password, you don't have to check "Remember Me." And if you have your password well memorized, "Remember Me" is sufficient to save some time from logging in without storing your password in the browser in the first place.
  6. Icon.exe was taken offline by accident on one of the mirrors. This should be a temporary issue, it's back online but will take DNS 24-48 hours to reach everyone. If it still persists after Thursday, let us know but it should clear up earlier.
  7. Your forum account is not the game account. The Account Center has your game username (set once by you, cannot be changed) and password. Enter that password into the client. Beerand92 you have a different issue. If it can't be reached, your network settings need to be checked: is Windows Firewall blocking it? Are you trying to play at school or work? Is your wi-fi working if you're on a laptop?
  8. Per character, Primary and Secondary ATs are permanent choices. A respec lets you reselect powers in the AT combo you've picked without changing the Primary and Secondary ATs, as well as repick Pool Power sets and powers within those pools (Villains, kinda... it's complicated). But if you want to change the Archetype Sets themselves to completely different ones, you need to spin up a new character.
  9. winspooler.drv is a Print Spooler for any print command in Win apps you run on Wine. It should be safe to ignore.
  10. There's a medical saying, "When you hear hoofbeats, you think horses, not zebras." (Unless you live in Africa, then maybe the other way around.) Hard drive failure would cause bigger issues in other applications: files missing across the board, apps not working, Windows booting sometimes and not others. There's too little info to go on to consider hardware failure.
  11. Depends what this is... Login Screen - playerslot.txt might be corrupted or not writeable in your user folder in Tequila (if your forum name is your login name, it would be /liability for example). This is a common error when users see multiple characters in the same slot (move a toon, a new one is in the place you left it.) Costume Creator - Load Costume screen - The costume directory is in your Tequila Directory under /costumes. Any files deleted there will disappear from that list. Doesn't help now, but you can back up costumes you saved in there (*.costume) wherever you want. (Got 10 slots and free tailor tokens? Cycle out seasonal costumes or older ones you don't like using as much anymore but save them as costume files so you can recall them back someday.)
  12. That error can appear when your computer or Tequila cannot reach the server in question. In Tequila's case, you can do the following: Make sure Antivirus apps have the entire directory for Tequila whitelisted. Windows Firewall, make sure Tequila is able to use Private and Public networks. If both of those are good, try entering the manifest address into a web browser. If your computer can connect to the address, you'll see an XML file appear with file listings. If it can't, you'll see a 404 error message. Either the ISP being used isn't allowing the site through (don't play this game at work or school... If they block games you'll get into trouble over us for no good reason), or you may have other Internet issues occurring.
  13. Your client login name is displayed in the Account Center. Once picked at account creation, it cannot be changed. You can also reset your client password at any time.
  14. Just went through and removed several posts. Once more, please don't make or respond to personal attacks on the boards. Carry on.
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