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  1. ok this caught my eye and now i am strongly tempted to build up a dark atomic blaster. I rebuilt what you had to modify the defense (at worst during barrier on cd in 5% overcap s/l and 7% undercap e/n vs your 1.5% undercap s/l 7% overcap e and 4% undercap n) and softcap your hitpoints while dramatically upping your dmg and single target holds. You can probably change tactics for assault (or a travel power) and remove the kismet without issue since you have so much -def. Otherwise life drain is fairly optional as i wanted some form of healing and territary ranged nuke. Otherwise sti
  2. @Snarky Rebuild attached based on what i have run with. Your smashing/lethal defense in your base build is quite suicidal and your resistances are a bit concerning. I also recommend you slot to stay at health cap when hoarfrost is up (the big benefit of epic ice). I also boosted your recharge to where it should be to use your skills constantly. Finally i removed your attacks with a bad DPA that you dont have reason to case with good recharge (since you can spam your "good" skills) and added ice sword (an awesome melee attack) i drop your Fly travel power since i dont no
  3. Adelore

    Best Blappers?

    fire/temp/ice all the way for a super sturdy blapper Overall Goal: DMG Output 90-95% of what you could get by dropping any design consideration beyond DMG + Strong Survivability and some Team Support. Gameplay wise you are an AoE monster with strong defenses who focus on melee attacks but with strong ranged options for when that isn’t safe. Cold Mastery Pool: This feels to be a criminally overlooked pool. Fire/Temp has a good few open slots so you have room to invest in an Epic pool. Snow Storm is situationally useful for packs of bosses you are scared of but not c
  4. Fantastic contest and lots of very fun builds. props to Yomo for hosting this
  5. Hello Mia, Unclear based on what you are trying to get done. The main issue with swapping builds is that you need to then build the character two or more times which can get quite expensive and a big bother. Personally i don't use the build swaps for anything more than having a fully unslotted build of "what does this power do?" if the description is unclear and just use 1 build for everything. If i want a dramatically different build i will swap characters as it costs the same to build a second build vs a whole new character. On play areas: Flas
  6. Elia, play what you have fun with on the understanding that some builds are better at fitting optimized roles than the other. As Flat put it energy/energy definitely works and can do fantastic your goal is solid damage (id rate it as A- class aoe dmg among most builds). If your goal is solid dmg and all the soft cc it is a solid and fun choice. As Flat noted it can even be preferably to a dominator or controller in a ton of situations as even in most most TFs at +4x8 with a small team everything is just too much made of paper for them to shine over energy/energys up front heavy kd
  7. Yeah but realize that a better synergized blaster could just up and kill the mobs outright rather than pushing them around and you can build the blaster with enough survivability and kb procs to do your soft cc and live to tell about it. Also note if you are doing kb you can't usefully aoe since everyone is scattered. In truth if you want everyone to scatter you can just not take the incarnate taunt aura I recommended above and let everyone run in circles in fear after your initial burst opener. (Especially with fire blast since the burst and dots really spook npcs)
  8. I don't have one and when I took a look at mids to make one All I can confirm is that I really, really hate the set combo. Knockback is just really bad in teams and debatable in solo play so you need to install force feedback and knockback to knockdown in most of your powers that does get you win recharge to use your big nukes more but at the cost of much less dmg output. I am sure someone could make it work but not something I can build or recommend noting options. (Again tons of knockdown on a single char can be good and there are ways to make knockback useful in edge cases but not something
  9. happy to help Elia, check the build again, im recommending Barrier in that slot. While, i cant stop you from using ageless instead i have 2 concerns: 1) Your defense will be much lower than cap making you take twice the damage you should be 2) You simply dont need it as you already have enough recharge and the + endurance is only really useful when soloing an AV (who will definitely murder you if you don't have barrier) Recovery serum is a thing and 1 use per soloed AV (or when a super stunner or sapper gets you) is all you need.
  10. Hey guys. i took a pass at adapting what i already had and definitly works. check the below. the two can deff use play testing but your optimizing and tinkering shouldnt change it too much. My design goals are 90-95% of the theoretical maximum dmg of the set and tons of survivability and soft cc. Intention is to use barrier and hoarfrost on cd for the 120 sec buffs. This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Magic Blaster Primary Power Set: Ice Blast Secondary Power Set: Ice
  11. Here is a first pass to get you started. Recharge and survivability is a little lower than id like but with using barrier on cd and hoarfrost +hybrid melee whenever you are considering something dangerous (like jumping into a pack of mobs with goal of aoeing them down) you are overcapped capped on all defenses and half the hp and resistance to walk off bursts that will kill most blasters. Alternate is dropping the ice epic for fire to get the knockdown puddle resistance shield and self rez on the understanding that if you let anything dangerous attack you that self rez will need u
  12. Married to fire/fire? I can make a pass at it but something like fire/temp would give you superior single target, and dramatically better survivability at the cost of less substained aoe (you still have enough burst aoe to make any enemy group squishier than a pack of +4 Elite Bosses instantly dead but while temporal would need to stop for 4-5 sec to execute one or 2 of the remaining EBs the fire/fire would keep aoeing them down) The survivability difference is that fire/temp (with the massive absorb that refreshes every few sec for free) could much more safely get away with aoeing down the pa
  13. Yomo for epic/patron pools you have 3 options if you are not trying to do something weird: Mace: 1 point investment for fantastic +Defense power Ice: 3 point investment for fantastic + defense power and a heal that can give you 100% uptime on cap blaster hp (~1850 hp) Fire: 3 point investment for a fantastic knockdown puddle a decent + resist power and a self rez with a short cd which you will need as you will die horribly if the mobs get a chance to fight back with your non-cap defense low health and moderate resist Shread fire plant can be fun
  14. Hello Yomo, Ill submit the blaster I fell in love with and outperforms anything else I tried. Ill address your comments I don’t cover in the writeup -- Close Fighting: this plays best of both worlds. If you can put up your taunt aura, step into melee and delete things, or do limited aoe and excellent single target dps at range (mostly due to back off to boss mechanics or punishing a runner) With combat jump its easy to change from melee to not -- Body Type: Your call based on costume taste. I run it as a female body type. -- Debuffs:
  15. Hello Drop, Survivability colored by what you want to do with the character. Generally in order to not just explode you want 45% s/l and respectable other defenses resistance is good but it doesn't start hitting a really good feedback loop until you start adding more past 50% (as long as you have the hp to survive the occasional hit that makes it through your def). You can arguably get that with the most any build with enough team support in task forces but from my gameplay I like to plan for no support and treat any i get as a bonus. I have 3 scenarios to recommend you
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