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  1. I really have been enjoying my Staff/Dark, and I usually find multiple builds for random setups, but I can't for the life of me find a decent Staff/Dark build, and I am REALLY bad at creating my own. Is this a bad set? Or does anyone have a good build for this set up? Thanks in advance!


    Do you utilize all of the attacks? Or just picked them up for the enhancements? From all the research I have seen, almost all just have a few attacks. I love your build!


    Not a big Scrapper so turning to the community to help me out! I decided mixing Katana with Willpower, after searching for test builds I can't seem to find any. Does anyone have any builds that I can take a look at and/or tips about this build or making another?
  4. I finally decided to pull the trigger on a BR/Atomic build and I was hoping to find some sort of build to play around with, but for the life of me I can't find any builds. Does anyone have one that you know of? Or is this a bad combo? Thanks in advance for the help!

    Is EM Broken?

    Ok! Good to know! Yea, I guess I have a lot to learn about Stalkers 🙂 That is a good way of looking at it to avoid frustration!
  6. I for 1 loved how we could ZERG Hami and move on, I do like the fact that you kill him properly now, but maybe make 2 zones 1 for people who want to zerg it and others who want to do the fight. It is hard enough to get merits to support my ALT addiction, but now it is a grind I don't know if I can handle.

    Is EM Broken?

    Yea I see that, I hear people saying not to really open with it anyways... Kinda bummed 😕 Thanks for the help!

    Is EM Broken?

    Just started a EM/Shield Stalker and Am I am experiencing issues with EM? My Jacob's Ladder doesn't hit anyone else but the target even though they are right next to each other, and my "Assassin's Shock" when I click it the first time while hidden it takes the endurance, does the animation but doesn't hit and you have to do it again?
  9. Keeping of our characters on the server. I am so scared of losing my characters.
  10. Genius! Never thought about that! Thanks man!
  11. Question! What is the need for Power Ward? Also what Incarnates did you take?
  12. Won't let me donate, already full?! Can't believe the support of the player base! I love you all! I will attempt to donate next month!
  13. Thanks for this! Really cool to see these stats!
  14. Love what you are doing! Keep up the awesome work! I'd be lying if I say I haven't been in your farms for over 24 hours 😛
  15. Awesome thank you! Never knew about the H menu!
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