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  1. @WanderingAries PM me, and I can talk you through replacing the Wine client with Wine-devel, and we'll see if that exhibits different behavior. If that test doesn't work out, then it might just be something we have to wait for the Wine or XQuartz team to get around to fixing (the Wine-devel test would see if they're already working on it!).
  2. The Launcher Installer includes both a stable version of Wine and an Xquartz installer. I don't think Wine actually even uses Xquartz, but it has a dependency, so it has to be installed anyway. You don't actually have to uninstall Homebrew or Wine-devel unless you want to save disk space. The CoH Launcher has been designed to use its own working folders and settings folder, so they won't interfere with each other. I did that on purpose so if Wine releases an update via Homebrew that causes devastating problems with CoH, the CoH Launcher and Island Rum can completely ignore it. If you do want to remove Wine-devel, I think you just use "brew remove wine-level". The biggest thing I don't know about the M1 Mac process is whether Rosetta 2 will install itself if CoH is the first Intel app launched, or if it will simply fail until another Intel app is launched. If it's the latter, I might have to include some sort of stub app that I know is Intel only to trigger Rosetta 2 install. A lesser issue I'm concerned about is that tiny window issue, because it sounds like Wine doesn't support the native screen resolution of the M1 Macs (switching it to full screen uses a non-native custom resolution). I have a theory I can't test that switching to full screen mode, choosing a reasonable size smaller than the actual display size, clicking Apply, and then using Cmd-Enter might fix it.
  3. @WanderingAries If you're using my Launcher Installer (it looks like you are) it's not really necessary to install Wine or Homebrew anymore - it has a current version of Wine included in the package, which installs to the /Applications/coh/wine folder. I haven't had access to an M1 Mac yet due to severe budget issues, though, so if you tested it with Wine-Devel and found it to work better, I can swap the Wine version included in the installer. I've been meaning to update it anyway so I can finally sign it. And I also heard about the mini-window issue, I don't have any ideas yet but I'll look through the wine default settings and see if something jumps out at me. @Fiery_Deception Move the "coh" folder somewher else and run the Launcher Installer. That might fix whatever permission issues are going on.
  4. It shouldn't ask for a path at all, but if it insists, it's going to be Z:\Applications\coh Some people are having permissions issues where the launcher is unable to access the files it needs. You could try the following: - Select the /Applications/coh folder in the Finder - Press Cmd-I or use the Get Info command from the file menu. - Click the padlock in the bottom corner, and type in your admin password. - Change all 3 access types at the bottom to "Read and Write". - Pull down the widget below it and select "Apply to Enclosed Items".
  5. If anyone is getting this, the correct path is Z:\Applications\coh\Launcher
  6. Anyone who had issues using Method 2: Download it again. It's been replaced with a new installer that will try and set the correct coh folder permissions whether you like it or not! That should put an end to the Launcher being unable to write to its folders.
  7. I'm still not sure why some Mac players are getting permission issues like that, where the CoH folder basically becomes invisible to Windows apps. I'm following a few people with this issue to see if I can find something that works.
  8. I have tested Island Rum for Mac with the new Homecoming Launcher, and have designed two different ways that Mac players can use it. The first has been well tested; the second is in early testing stages, but should work considering that it's far simpler. Method 1 1. If you don't have Island Rum installed yet, download it from https://islandrum.eekstudio.com/ and extract and install it. 2. After Island Rum downloads the Game Client, stop the initial file download by clicking the red X. 3. Open the tree menu and select Manifests, and then add the following: https://islandrum.eekstudio.com/manifest.xml (might be replaced with alternate URL before this is published). 4. Wait for a short download to complete, and then click the Play button. You will be presented with the Homecoming Launcher. 5. Follow the usual instructions for using the Homecoming Launcher. Method 2 1. Download the Mac Installer from https://islandrum.eekstudio.com/mac-installer.zip 2. Extract the Mac Installer and launch it. It might require an administrator password. Wait for it to complete. 3. Launch the Homecoming Launcher by double-clicking the new "Launch CoH" icon inside the Applications folder.
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