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  1. Also, if you want a nice alternative to Spines/Fire, try Rad/Fire. It farms about as well as s/f, AND solos too.
  2. An easy solo Brute is any primary with \Willpower. Its a pretty simple, straightforward secondary with great health/endurance regen. Just have to watch the alpha spikes. Any primary with minor self-heals, like Dark, work great with it.
  3. My only issue with Rad is 2 of its 4 AoE abilities are PBAOE (Irradiate, Atomic Blast). Still, it may have potential for the theme despite the shorter range. Ice is in a pretty good place right now. It has 3 AOE, but all are ranged. Anyone have experience with an Ice Sent? Anything to watch out for, or builds?
  4. Willpower would be good, just realize its limitations. At the very early levels, before Quick Recovery, it can be a little slower. QR is the main reason to take Willpower in the first place - dat regen. Also, Will doesn't handle alpha strikes as well as other secondaries. Although Sents are more durable than Blasters, they still have vastly lower health pools than, say Brutes. Will on a Brute is great despite the alphas. Will on a Sent is going to be less forgiving. However, Will does make up for it in plenty of other areas. If you want a simple, set-and-forget secondary that will fit your theme, Will can float your boat.
  5. I was aiming for a type of beam thrower. Someone that uses their hands/arms to throw AoE. Although Water's mechanics are great, the theme just didn't fit. Sonic isn't much better. Energy Blast fits the theme perfectly, but unfortunately, it is one of the weakest primaries for Sent.
  6. I could really use some assistance from the Sent community: I'm banging my head against a Rikti pylon trying to figure out what to pair with Will for my new Sent. Here's the goal: create a solo, ranged, AoE, /Will Sent. Water is an obvious first primary, but I simply can't make the theme and animations fit. What other ranged AoE primaries would synergize well with /will here?
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