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  1. Reading and watching Invincible & Resident Alien has inspired me to hit the costume creator to hash out some silly d-listers for myself. First we've got Alien Man! He's "exactly" what it says on the tin! Just a lovable space friend. Demon/Dark MM...that's just a coincidence. Next up is the ideal candidate for any recruiting Slither Societies or Legions of Lizards. For your consideration: SPIT SHOT! (Beam/Poison Corr)
  2. A young Jetspeed was trained and outfitted by The Cruor Cloak (Arch/Ninja Blaster) who is essentially a French Batman. Cruor's partner in crime fighting is Siluet (MA/Ninja Stalker). Siluet is a Turkish ex-superspy.
  3. The leader of my primary super team is the the speedster Jetspeed (DB/SR Scrapper). Loooong stories short, he ends up trading his soul to the devil in order to save his team which sends him down the path of being the only hero in my stable that has a resurrection plot. After he dies he becomes conscripted into the Lucifer's infernal legion under the name Hellspeed (DB/Fire Brute). As Hellspeed he's used to defend Lucifer's claim to to the kingdoms of hell from a powerful outsider (see thread pg. 60). Ultimately Hellspeed is twisted into a pawn for Lucifer's challenger an
  4. Okay this redesign may have gotten away from me. My initial thought was to take the post-apocalyptic raider costume and add in a single signature pink item as part of the piecemealed costume. Originally that was going to be just a cloth mask, but I decided to integrate it into the ratty cape in order to turn it into one giant torn pink scarf. I tried to keep the purple highlights but it didn't really pop with the mutations I started to give him, especially with his bioluminescent head piece. The golden yellow blends with the skin tone the best while still providing some contrast so I went
  5. Got some brigands for today. First we've got a redesign of my misguided scam artist Soul to Keep (DP/Dark Corr). Soul to Keep's inherent power is extreme beginner's luck. Anything new he excels at, but only temporarily. Thanks to a poor understanding of his powers and a gambling addiction StK gets in over his head and murked by the mob. When a Grim Reaper comes to collect they have a customary "Duel with Death" wager. StK naturally lucks out and wins, killing the Reaper. As per Death's law, StK is now on the hook as Junior Reaper himself. In over his head once more, StK is now scam
  6. In the minority, but I actually like this one more. That magic lines pattern is hard to pull off and I think it works with this. Great job!
  7. Guilty as charged. Although tbf I had a Color Blind back on live so I had to get this one a passport before giving him a makeover. The monochromatic contest was actually what inspired me to give him an update.
  8. Here's Colour Blind (NRG/Kin Corr) a super who absorbs colors from the surrounding environment and converts them into energy blasts. Teams hate him for his knockback, citizens hate him for turning the city to grayscale. The painters union loves him though!
  9. Namesake time! Here's Sparrows (Kin/Willpower Brute) a Carebear stare come to life. Sparrows started out as a challenge to make a melee focused Cupid incarnate and evolved into a kid with a heart defect that has seen the best in humanity through his time in the hospital. That bad ticker now literally glows with the power that he draws from the love and compassion in the universe. His energy attacks send out a wave of positivity that can turn the cruelest foe into a caring friend. Brimming with cheesy and lofty idealism, Sparrows aims to reform criminals and tyrants into agents of kindness and
  10. Couldn't even tell! Love the switch to blue smoke and this pose is great.
  11. While checking out the costume files on my laptop for my last post I found this gem I never got around to publishing a hero's license for: Thanks! The lich aesthetic is totally what I'm going for with him!
  12. A while back I put together this costume to test out Savage Melee, and I recently had the epiphany to repurpose the costume for a character concept I've been toying with for even longer but could never find the right pieces for. This is the Void of Dreams (Rad/Temp Blaster) the darkest part of a sleeping mutant's psyche that manifests while they are sleeping. Although the VoD is limited by the sleep schedule of his "host", his temporal abilities have allowed him to gradually slow time down so that he can master the magics of the astral plane. He's now had the equivalent of ce
  13. Here's Vorportal (Grav/Radiation Controller), a kindhearted hero whose name rings fear in the hearts of evil doers. Early in her career a lack of finesse her dimensional bending abilities led to infamy as she would accidentally dismember the limbs of criminals caught by her portals. After taking a few years off to train in solitude she's back in the spotlight to rebrand herself as a gentle and clean paragon of good. Still, she's got a lot work to do to make the tabloids forget about the time she decapitated a megalomaniacal sorcerer at age 16. Bow down to Gear God (NR
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