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  1. Love the use of the left hand glove on Jewel! I think my vote is for the monstrous head. Thanks VG, that's exactly what I was going for! I think you'd have to delete a few posts yourself if that's the case 🤣 Seriously though, don't be a crabapple about other people's creative endeavors. We all have different tastes and gatekeeping is only going to prevent people from posting their work. Every costume in this thread has value to someone other than the poster and can serve as inspiration for new uses of costume parts and character concepts. There are plenty of posts that get a "eh, not for me" as I scroll through this thread but it's sooooo easy to skip them and find something else that I like instead of sharing my negative thoughts. Hope your eyeballs recover though!
  2. In addition to Brain Blister I want to share two other characters that stories intertwine in an interesting way. First off is The Body! This Bio/Spines tanker has gotten me the most costume compliments out of any character, so he probably fits here more than any of my other characters. He's a max height towering "zombie" that can manipulate his own flesh and bones, an unkillable mindless hunk of meat that is constantly consuming organic materials. I found that the 'Fire & Ice' set makes for some believable decaying flesh. The Body wasn't always so big though. He started off as a wimpy unpopular kid that was the prime target for a serial killer. Kid went missing, was found dead in a ditch, but turned up back in homeroom a week after his own funeral. Creepy stuff. Town turned on him, and he became a bit of a local Frankenstein's monster. Luckily, one of his old bullies (and the initial prime suspect in the murder) had a change of heart and sheltered him in the woods behind his property. There the Body started hunting the fauna and began to grow into the beast he is today. With a deteriorating mind Body can't do much, but he has the intrinsic urge to protect. Eventually he becomes big enough to serve as an organic suit of armor for his childhood tormentor, who is able to think clearly and direct the creatures powers. This pair teams up to clear their names, solve the murder, and put a stop to a dangerous mad scientist responsible for countless deaths. ELSEWHERE! Then there's the Dresden Doorway. A brilliant scientist in his own right, Dresden inherits his estranged father's life's work: ghost busting gauntlets! Even though he's a Dark/Dark Stalker, Dresden is more concerned with science than scrapping with evil doers. Still, he's responsible for protecting dangerous tech from falling into the wrong hands so sometimes he has no option but to throw down. As the living key to the hi-tech doorway between life and death, Dresden is able to absorb souls, and call forth the protection of ethereal allies (like his father) to cloak him from the living. So how/why are these three heroes connected? Well let me introduce their Praetorian counterpart: Mind Body and Soul! This Psi/Bio/Soul Brute is the dangerous mirror world counterpart of all three heroes. Praetorian Brain Blister's mind was untethered from his body in failed mission to the astral plains. With his physical form dead, he's able to mindjack The Body in a last ditch survival effort. Ego bruised and thirsty for power this version of Brain Blister comes to realizes that he can become the master of the three realms: the astral, the physical, and the spiritual. With his new body, he consumes Praetorian Dresden Doorway. As Mind Body and Soul this chimera hones his powers, blind to the fact that he might be giving a perfect weapon to the ancient evils that the Dresden Doorway was responsible for keeping locked away...
  3. I recently redesigned my main Brain Blister, a MC/Emp turned MC/Thermal Controller. Since I started playing back on live those bright Malaise cargo pants were my signature flair in my old SG filled with dark and brooding costumed heroes. After the pattern was taken out of the player character creator, Brain Blister felt like even more of a rarity. When I came back to Homecoming the first thing I did was dig into to the costume files to get these flashy pants back (this was before the Malaise pieces were unlocked for players). But as much as I love this costume, it never got the same amount of compliments as my other characters, so I've recently worked on modernizing the concept, retiring this as BB's Silver Age design. To prevent his mind from slipping into the astral plains, he wears a helmet that helps to anchor him into the physical world - so this is where I started. Next I gave him some armor. Ideally I'd like to use something a little more ornate and djinn-y but my headcanon is that this plate armor is crafted with arcane crystal ball glass. A few asymmetrical ascension aura pieces later and I wound up with this: Not bad, but it still didn't feel good enough to win a costume contest. So I went back to the drawing board and exhausted the ever-living hell out of the bright Malaise pattern. Ultimately as much as I adore the range of colors in the piece, there isn't enough contrast to make them truly pop, so I gave the inversion a shot. I'd been resistant to dropping the white palatte, as offensively bright is part of BB's charm and the inverse coloring treads on being too reminiscent of Malaise. After some tinkering though I ended up with a pretty dope Incarnate-level astral form for Brain Blister: And sure enough, this one was a first place winner of the next costume contest I entered! Proud to finally have a CC win under my main's belt, but it's all for show, playing anything with the Banished Pantheon head auras is impossible 😆
  4. I noticed recently that I never made a patriotic character, so about a month ago I took to the character creator and cooked up Indivisible (how that name was still available escapes me). Fun fact, I learned in the process that that line "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance was added in 1954 to combat Communism. Steve Rogers is one of my all time favorites, so of course I had to make him Super Strength/Shield. I'm incredibly happy with the end result: It's been a rough few weeks so I haven't had time to level him up, but I can't help but think about him. I'm not interested in derailing this thread into politics (this is not the forum to do so), but he was on my mind and I got a ping from this thread so I thought I'd share. I've been feeling real helpless this week and CoH has always been my outlet, so I guess it isn't surprising that I'm wishing a hero like this existed right now. I'm sure I'm not alone, so I hope this paragon of the people passes a little hope/inspiration to those that need it. Together we are indivisible. Annnnnnnd for a palate cleanser here's my wasp themed villain to add to the roster of busy bees in this thread: Tiger Wasp is a Claws/Ninjitsu (tinted yellow for pollen) Scrapper. I made him with classic Batman/Flash rogues in mind so he's more hammy than evil. This 2nd rate thief got his hand stuck in a military prototype based off a wasp's stinger, so he's running with it as his new identity. He's already thought up 4 solidly ok Wasp related catchphrases! Like he'll pounce from the ceiling and scream "waspppp-up"... you know, like in that Budweiser commercial. While you're groaning he'll be making a bee line to the exit. Watch out for that stinger though, it is legitimately very very deadly and responsible for the death of 11 heroes.
  5. Oh thank you! 🙂 Desecration answers to Corpo Seco ("The Dried Corpse"). According to Brazilian urban legend Corpo Seco was a man so cruel that hell would not take him, cursing him to walk the Earth for eternity. My take on Corpo Seco paints him as an immortal serial killer. He's the polite and calculating sort, and has very little interest in the goings-on of the Age of Heroes. Corpo Seco has the mutant power to capture souls, that he then can twist to create dark magic. Over the centuries he has realized that the Devil is nothing more than a coward who refuses him entry into the beyond out of fear of competition. Using his magic Corpo Seco has raised an army of homegrown demons, which he plans to use to enslave Lucifer. Afterwards with his new kingdom of souls, Corpo Seco will show Lucifer the correct way to use his throne: to conquer, torture, and slowly snuff out all life across the cosmos. I wouldn't say his costumes are particularly well crafted, but since I'm sharing, here we go! On live I never really found a power set that fit him. He sat on the shelf as a level 20 Zombie/Storm (tinted green for various soul magics) Mastermind and looked a bit like this: I've tried him out as a Demon/Storm too, but I wanted him to feel more individually powerful so I very recently rolled a version of him as a Warshade and went with a monochrome color scheme: But if you're interested in Desecration, here's one of the souls Corpo Seco specifically raised from imphood bind Seraphim: For chaining Desecration this demon earned the title Angel Bane. Angel Bane is a Titan Weapon/Regen Brute. He draws his regenerative powers from seven other demons who have their life force tethered to his own. They're kinda like regenerating horcruxes, that allow Angel Bane to withstand celestial fire.
  6. While we're talking about Spectrum costumes, here's my new favorite villain to play: Desecration (Fire/Fire/Fire Blaster)! A Seraph bound by infernal chains and magic, Desecration is now a key pawn in a campaign to usurp the throne of hell. The dark influence of Desecration's new master has started to spoil his celestial energy, which I used the pulsing aura of the Fire and Ice leggings to depict. I wish I could get the white to be a closer match but I've been able to handwave the discrepancy as Desecration's energy starting to solidify. By far my favorite part of the costume though is the devilish muzzle used to desecrate the holy figure:
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