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  1. I am new to game. I was searching for A Defender: Nature / Archery Build, better one that imports into Hero Designer. But seems this is an uncommon combo. Or perhaps I missed it. Does anyone have some help to offer. I learned a lot from a very friendly player today. And have loads more to learn. To get up and running A build to advice would be very helpful. Thank you.
  2. THank you worked perfect. After reading this I noticed in Keybinds.txt MouseChord "+forward_mouse" Gets changed to MouseChord "+forward" So clearly the _mouse part is the trouble. And for those having trouble reading the above post like I did /bind MouseChord "+forward" then /bindsave make sure to do /bindload for new characters left+right mouse held down will still move you forward, but will no longer switch to autorun after 2 seconds.
  3. I play almost every MMO using the Left + Right mouse to control movement of my character. While this works in CoH it however tends to lock into auto run. Quite annoying to say the least as I run into additional enemies I did not intend to encounter yet. IS there a way to stop this from locking into auto run? The only autorun I have set up for keys is R. So this shouldn't happen as far as I know. I even checked the text file with the keyboard settings and there is nothing but R for this function. I really hope this can be fixed.
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