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  1. Yeah no. Tanks are fine now. Some would say WAAAY better than fine now. They don't need ANY further changes. OP please do some reading in the Tank forums to see what we mean.
  2. I'm shocked that this needs to be said. I would think the community would be considerate enough to NOT want any grief put upon the HC team after everything they do for us. This thread has apparently taught me that people are more selfish than I first thought. I mean the team has pretty much asked us not to do it. They don't ask us for much.
  3. I typed up a less polite response then stopped. You're is spot on. I'll just say this to any other edgelords that may appear thinking that NOT infringing on any other IP while playing on HC servers doesn't apply to them: There is a code of conduct you agree to when you start playing on the HC servers. Full stop. Yes, it applies to YOU. Yes You. lol.
  4. Pretty much this. Better to avoid anything that can give the team grief. They are volunteering their time. They are not paid. Let's all appreciate that.
  5. Yeah they can easily shut us down if they wanted to. And the HC staff don't deserve any kind of flack. Sorry but IP infringement is still a no no. Luminara's point are spot on.
  6. This . . .is . . .HUGE! I'm glad for this change. 🙂
  7. Teams, other than the leader, also can't see that mission text.
  8. I disagree that it would be a good change. I like the progression that exists in the game.
  9. The bottom line is if you're wholesale changing a power's core function, you should be very careful in considering that. For example, a suggestion to change Blaze (the Fire blaster power) into a power that only stuns and does no damage. That would be bad. Adding a stun to Blaze while it still doing damage (maybe a little less) would not be bad. (Though if I asked I would rather it keep the full damage and the stun idea be put in the trash, but you get the idea). Note that the above is an EXAMPLE! No one I know of has asked this to be done to Blaze. lol Call it rutebega
  10. As mentioned they can try it in a new co-op zone. I'm open to being proven wrong that it's fun. But based on what the OP described, no it does not sound fun. EDIT: As entertaining as this engagement has been, moving on. 🙂
  11. I wouldn't want the actions of a few to affect the whole zone as I don't think it's good or fun game design. Full stop. Has jack all to do with troling. We all have a different definition of "nice things". I don't particularly think the suggest falls in my definition (or others apparently) for COH. With that said (again) I would not be opposed to them trying the OP's suggestion in a new co-op zone, similar to how they introduced the mothership raid in RWZ years back.
  12. Nope, not necessarily. Other folks have said they're not to keen on the OP's suggestion. A no point did trolling come up. EDIT: Now if you're saying trolling is something to be worried about for such a feature being implemented . . . maybe. With that said as I suggested earlier, maybe try this mechanic in a new co-op zone, just like the Mothership Raid was implemented as part of the launch of RWZ.
  13. Yeah I wasn't talking about trolling. I just don't like MMO mechanics that affect entire zones all that much. (Specifically ones that happen the way the OP is suggesting). i'm not sure where you got that anyone was talking about trolling. I don't think any comment in this thread even mentioned that. LOL
  14. A yup. For the majority of the playerbase and how they play this game as their "relax after a long day of work or school and have a superhero power fantasy of bashing some heads" makes perfect sense. Which is why I keep saying a majority of players DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FARK if the game is easy. They like it that way. Personally if I want to play a challenging game where I still get to group with folks I go play FFXIV Online. Challenging single player game: one of the Souls games. I'm here for the relaxing "super hero power fantasy" aspect. 🙂 When I want to hurt myself with COH mobs
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