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  1. Nerf Regen. But seriously, I like the Sentinel Idea.
  2. Agreed. No mob should be immune to police drones. But yeah fix the pathing so that he doesn't go anywhere near them unless pulled to them by the team.
  3. This is great! I'm JUST starting to learn the basics of coding or I'd offer to help a bit. Good luck kind sir! 😀
  4. Ehhhhh, I think people just want to play COH, have fun and crack some jokes in the forums and in game, in chat. But that's just me. 😝
  5. The intent of suggestions is to suggest a change to the game. People saying they don't like a change or agree that change should be made, or offering alternatives is just fine. The reality is most of these suggestions will never make it into the game.
  6. Interesting, but let's keep this in mind: 1. If it's like the old CRASH of the Tier 9 nukes., no dice. A majority of players use to avoid those on blasters just because of the crash. 2. Powers that are less accessible, available less often, have stipulations to be concerned with can be more powerful. -- sounds interesting, but I'm not sure a lot of players would care at that point.
  7. Agreed with @Nanolathe, the idea here should be to focus on T9 improvements. The sets themselves is best left for a discussion at another time. Making the T9s interesting (AND NOT ANNOYING) to use is a great idea.
  8. /Thread. Seriously every single one of these "to make the game more balanced" suggestions eventually boils down to this. You will never get agreement amount most or even less than half of the community on game difficulty. You will never (unless the game goes legit again) have the resources to do the balance pass that some wish. You will never (unless the game goes legit again) have the resources to do the a separate shard with a different rule set, or higher level difficulty options with changes and rewards that matter. Leaving things mostly as is is the optimal solution for now. People can leave their suggests we can have fun discussing and file them away for if the game ever goes legit again. EDIT: I think the results of the poll indicate the kind of push back the devs of HC would get if they suggested this to the larger gaming pop on these servers.
  9. Then make +Special or +Damage more attractive or give different level 5 or 6 set bonuses for slotting those type of IO sets. There are better suggestions and ideas than reducing defense.
  10. Optimize the zone then do everything else mentioned in this thread.
  11. Damage would have to be VERY high for me to even consider it. So high that it's not even worth discussing.
  12. "Balance as a whole" isn't realistic with the size of the team in existence. That was my early point that this isn't a real mmo. Not real as in having no paid staff that's keeping it running with timely updates. People making these weekly repeated sweeping suggestions need to keep their expectations low. They can make them, but they need to realize they won't occur. Glad you're at least realistic. 😀 EDIT: I won't touch the better comment. We're all entitled to our opinions.
  13. And has been pointed out multiple times in the thread is not needed to get what you want. Many folks have given many alternate, better suggestions.
  14. Seems to be back. I was able to click on the Enhancements page link and go directly there. (The link posted earlier in this thread). EDIT: Also THANKS TO THE COMMUNITY for the MASSIVE effort to get up a HC specific site! Kudos! 😄
  15. Yep. Too many folks are fine with the casual nature of the main game. Also, SOs. Until it's decided that you're doing away with SO-based balance once and for all . . . yeah it's going to have to be optional difficulty settings that are new that folks will actively need to choose.
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