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  1. Ehhh I doubt they do much to the solo path here for incarnates (aka threads constantly dropped when you hit 50, etc)
  2. I'd say has the lion share because it has a better experience. Many folks DO NOT want the old experience from Live. Various threads and arguments on the suggestion forums about difficulty and old-school versus new school COH experience also bares that out. They prefer the path Homecoming is on: Aka a more streamlined approach to COH that doesn't waste the player's time with time sink nonsense we had from live (which was necessary for a subscription game). On the other hand they also don't want the insane (but admittedly fun for a short period of time) sandbox feeling of Cake, where
  3. Pretty much this. COH being back didn't do anything to fact that most of these "superhero games" haven't had any real progress in nearly a decade.
  4. which is why I’m glad the whole “wait here while the tank groups them up for us” style of gameplay is pretty much dead. Granted if a PUG team is struggling and they choose to do that I won’t argue. I just personally think it’s boring as hell. And I’m glad Homecoming hasn’t bowed down to those who keep asking for Tanks/Brutes to be able to round up more mobs.
  5. it will if you choose to form your own teams to run in hard mode. Or happen to catch a team choosing to run in that mode. Outside of that mode everything will be exactly the same.
  6. Yeah I never install the first version of a new Windows OS. Or any OS really. I usually wait at least 6 months for the beta testers . . . Errrr first adopters 😉 to shake out the bugs first.
  7. If it doesn't have PA on doms, I won't play it as I don't consider a set defining power being missing, being the same set. More power to those who would accept that though. I just would never play it on doms.
  8. Also in general I was really glad to see that the devs are thinking about adding new difficulty OPTIONS instead of taking things away from folks. Which is what I had been advocating for, for months when "difficulty" topics come up.
  9. You won't see hard mode if you run at +0 is my point. For anyone running at +0 all the time hard mode pretty much deosn't exist, no matter the mob type. I think folks will just have to experience it for themselves to understand.
  10. And I would be screaming bloody murder if they did. The base game should stay the SAME for those who want to play the base game. Full stop period.
  11. Actually the +0 teams if they stay at +0 will never see the hard mode. So they won't think anything as the game will continue to be the same for them.
  12. I'd actually like the granite affect to be useable for ANY of the armors. Even when I'm not suing Granite. But it might just be me.
  13. I . . . don't think I've ever seen a judgement miss in the entire time I've been playing on HC, and that includes various mobs, including ITF mobs, even after this bug fix. I'd need a video. No seriously, I have literally never seen judgement miss. I didn't even know it could.
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