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  1. Yeah it'd pretty much have to or the players of the other ATs other than Defenders, with buffs, would scream bloody murder on the forums. 😝
  2. The new EM isn’t OP compared to other sets that folks have pointed out. I actually find its changes refreshing despite the gimmicks and added aoe (I don’t think it needed either but hey what’s done is done).
  3. Agreed. With that said I strongly disagree. We don't need non-unique names. To me it was one of the worst parts of Champions Online.
  4. Meh, this sounds like opening the door to trouble, when future designers have to think of pre-whatever issue powers versus post whatever issue powers. I don't think we need to make the game more complex for the ones doing the actual design/coding, than it is.
  5. I don't find slows to be fun in PVE or PVP in most games I play.
  6. Pretty much this. This suggestion isn't worth the dev time when you could just do it yourself.
  7. They'll see the suggestion eventually just like every other suggestion. Whether they implement or comment on it time will tell.
  8. Ehhhhhh, arguable. I don't think it needed more AOE or special mechanics. But the change has been made. It's fine for certain sets to be single target (or AOE) specialists.
  9. Yeah not really. It's possible to play a completely ranged blaster if you choose to. That's always been true. For all of my blaster on live and HC they DO NOT close to melee. Ever. And they do just fine. It's really NOT required.
  10. Oh? OH? OH? Guess I have a new alt for live to make. 😄
  11. It's also insanely boring from a gameplay perspective. It's one of the things I distinctly don't like about those other mmos. After playing FFXIV for two months straight I appreciate the freedom more sets have here. 100x much appreciated actually. I guess it depends on what one is looking for in their combat-related gameplay. /shrug. EDIT: To be clear it's one of the reasons I play and played sets like Dual Blades an epic ton less than other sets. Staff fighting interested me cause it was a staff. I pretty much stopped playing it after rushing it to 50 and don't see myself going back. I found it less smooth and more restrictive than other sets I had played.
  12. I've gotten multiple emails about Black Friday deals .. . before Halloween. Yeah retailers need the holidays to start as early as possible this year. (I don't blame them LOL).
  13. Pass. The time of gated content is long gone. I would not mind if they introduced a few story arcs with gated costume pieces but I simply wouldn't bother to play them. I don't in any way think it should be a priority for HC though.
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