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  1. Yeah that suggestion would be problematic. Since there are different levels of +recharge dependig on the level of IOs. I mean level as in reguar IOs versus, purples, versus attuned. It wouldn't be simple swap. They would have to evaluate ecah of them carefully and make sure they don't intro any major bugs. That doesn't sound simple at all.
  2. To be clear I'm fine with new difficulty options. I am not fine with making the base game harder. I've said this in various other suggestion threads over the past two years. I am fine with a buffs to some support sets that need it. I do not agree that Support classes needs as much extreme help as some in this thread are stating. I am also fine with nerfs where needed. I am not fine with extreme nerfs that make us "need" this or that. 8 random players should continue to be able to form up in any composition to get missions done. Especially radio missions. Needing more support sets in harder high level content is fine. (Radio missions of council are sure as s%$# not high level content lol). A re-balance around IOs isn't happening, we don't currently have the dev manpower for that. And I for one think it's better to spend dev time on new content, power-sets, new tfs, new iTrials, new incarnate powers, new costumes then wasting time on an IO balance that could take years to decades due to the side of the current team. Let's keep our expectations realistic. This isn't paragon studios from live. There I think I have a good summary of my position. Carry on. LOL
  3. For reasons already stated in this thread balancing the game around IOs isn't realistic. Higher level content sure, a full on rebalance of the game around IOs . . . you wouldn't see any new content or anything else till 2060.
  4. The game was never balanced in how it handled ATs. You're looking at it with rose colored glasses. There have been certain points where dominators, controllers and blasters were terrible to play. And the devs had always had to make changes to fix it. There was never this good ol'd days nerva of balance that folks keep referring to. It never existed as COH has never been all that balanced in the majority of it's time.
  5. I want increased difficulty modes. Besides outliers like TW, I don't think there is much nerfing (or buffing, besides the few things I pointed out pages back) is needed. I like the difficulty of the base game where it is.
  6. If they could have the AE missions have doors in different zones like regular missions that would be fun.
  7. I would play the hell out of this mode. As I mentioned, I'm interested in high level play/content, not making the base game more difficult.
  8. Grandville is where I go when I want to feel like I'm playing in a dystopian slightly depressing era. It fits in with Lord Reculse's theme for his organization. With that said I don't visit Grandville often, even after all the fixes to the memory leakage that used to happen there.
  9. Pretty much where I am. I literally nowadays even with power leveling spend at most a week or less in that range. Yes, many folks don't have 50s, but I don't think they spend all that long in that range even if they don't have 50s. With altitis a thing I'd say more spend it in the PRE-30s.
  10. Even if the problem is the vast majority of the game (I don't agree with that at all) there is no way a team this size of unpaid volunteers will be able to tackle even the 30-50 part of the game. It's simply not realistic. Well they could, if we're willing to wait for anything new until a decade or two from now.
  11. Yeah I don't think they're going to be able to tackle the problem IOs bring to level 30+ content. (I actually don't consider that we can steam roll anything from 1-45 a problem). I think they're focus is going to be on the higher level areas. There is only so much dev time we have with such a small team. I don't see a team this size being able to tackle all of the level 1-50 game. It simply isn't realistic.
  12. My 50s with IOs pretty much only do them when I want to relax. When I want to progress (aka get merits for the items that can actually improve my characters---aka I'm playing seriously) I do TFs and iTrials. I don't consider blazing through mission after mission of council as anything serious. Which is a great strength of this game. If I want to have a relaxing time I pop on radio missions for an hour or two. When I want to get serious I bump the difficulty all the way up and get on a high level ts, sf, itrial. I would hope the upcoming changes don't do anything to damage that possibility. When I'm doing raidos I literally couldn't care less what's on the team. Or who I'm playing with. Team leader wants to bring nothing but blasters sure, nothing but support classes sure. Mix of everything in between, sure. Either way I don't care since we can't fail a radio. You CAN fail ACTUAL high level content. EDIT: Even in the last week i've seen folks fail the BAF, which is the easiest of the iTrials. The later iTrials you most certainly can fail spectacularly also. The Underground Trial and the Reactor one (I forget the name--the one with Positron's Praetorian Doppolganger). I consider that and things like the ITF high level content. Not radio missions of council at level 50. LOL.
  13. I think the issue here is that when you exemp down depending on what level your IOs are you lose alot of that power. I think that's why there is such a distinction of what is and isn't high level content.
  14. Honestly I don't know what FF needs, was just pointing out one suggestion made. Yours seems pretty good. lol My FF toons (2) aren't played all that much as I don't like the look of most of the set's powers at all.
  15. I think this was the point I was making. I don't consider a radio mission where 90% (unscientific research number here lol) are player blazing through council, to be high level missions.
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