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  1. I"m actually glad they are gone. Makes teaming for my khelds much more fun.
  2. I disagree with every suggestion made, including the suggestion to change back the crafting table.
  3. I wouldn't overly obsess about what other folks are doing. Play the game and enjoy yourself.
  4. Yeah no. Not every brute can do that. And for the ones that do, they are built to handle a specific type of damage. You're not telling the full story here. Also balance shouldn't be around farming builds.
  5. Probably a joke referring to super hero costumes and thongs in cheeks that were made popular during the 90s. aka psylocke's costume, aka rob leifeild (and generally IMAGE comics) female characters. I hope. . .
  6. No further changes are needed to brutes. The changes for tanks as is are fine.
  7. Honestly, for things like this I say the cottage rule be damned. (The same rule that Castle outright blunty said he had no issue violating if the need arised). SS needs to be modified.
  8. Balance should NOT be around peak performance time, or "one true IO builds". Plenty of folks DON'T softacap their Brutes, Blasters, Controllers ETC. Or are we saying we'll only look at balance by IOs for Brutes and Tanks only? Aka what farmers do can be taken into consideration but it sure as hell should not be considered the "one true build".
  9. Pretty much better explained than the explanation that I gave earlier in the thread about the level of complexity folks aren't considering. This doesn't even get into what happens at level 50 when you throw Incarnate abilities on top of that. Or are we going to look at IOs for balance but then ignore Incarnate abilities? Also some folks use purples and Attuned, while scale down to appropriate levels. And some don't. They just use set IOs that you lose the function of depending on their level.
  10. Sure, but it should still be able to miss in pvp.
  11. And what of those Brutes who don’t soft cap with IOs? I don’t build my brutes to be tankish nor do I take taunt on them.
  12. I think it would be wiser to spend the time elsewhere, based on the type of team we have now.
  13. Except we're not talking about scrapped together builds. Or are we? That's the problem, what is the balancing point you start and end with, if you start balancing around IOs? And again, using your example, what if it's Brutes that choose damage or recharge as their IO build focus and not defense or resistance? EDIT: And how would the DEVS (again DEVS, NOT PLAYERS) make that determination of what to balance around? Does that new balancing point become the one true way to IO out your build? What if players then find a new balancing point, or the devs release new IOs that move that goal post? Are we prepared to keep playing wackamole with balance based on what the changing IO meta is? EDIT2: If this game were still live, and had a full paid dev team, I might be moved on the argument for us to start considering IOs for balance. As it is now, with a volunteer team, NO. There are too many permutations for those builds (including billion inf builds, 250 million builds, and frankenslotted cheap builds) for us to waste precious dev time playing wackamole with that. I'd prefer if the devs focused on things like more content, actually fixing the bugs that were left over from live, etc etc etc).
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