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  1. Ehhhhh, for experienced players sure. But based on everything already discussed, for new players or endgame. No, just no. Great on sents though. EDIT: What's ya'll opinion on MOG? šŸ˜„
  2. Issue here is he didn't have to do that before. He just ran with the drops he found. With that said, NO, I do not agree that they should be brought back.
  3. Great tips for coloring that all! thanks!
  4. Working on a fire/dark character currently. It's fun. šŸ™‚
  5. Masterminds have always been tough for me to keep with it.
  6. Who said anything about TF limitations? I mean a new difficulty options. You'd play it because you'd get more rewards . . . and cause . . . fun? Fun as in you'd see new effects on mobs, something the game is sorely lacking also. EDIT: I thought I saw multiple people already imply they would not play the increased difficulty (even if you added it to the current max difficulty) unless more rewards were given. So I've been assuming any talk of more difficulty would mean they also want it to be more rewarding. I didn't think this was a question at this point. Or did I misread some folks?
  7. I'm . . . actually shocked to see you of all folks post this. I think this sounds like it would lead to even more power creep. /shrug. But sure why not. LOL EDIT: I can imagine this making proc monster builds even EASIER to achieve lol
  8. Hmmm I would not mind a new difficulty where some mobs can get level shifted. Or have some mobs that use Destiny or Judgement themselves. šŸ™‚
  9. Right and the game if it had been completed purposefully lead you to be +3 by the time you left the zone for the next set of incarnate challenges . . . which the devs never go to unfortunately.
  10. You assume many folks would care. I have a version of COH downloaded to every computer I own currently. If NCSoft ever gets crazy, I'll still be able to play COH. If I could list 100 reasons why I stuck with my love of this game in the last decade, it being an mmo would be number 100. Dead last. EDIT: If COH had been released as a single player game, I would still be playing it today, and would find ways to play it in a VM when Windows no longer supported it. One of the servers, I play on I ONLY solo 100% of the time. When I don't want to deal with the nonsense of other folks I'm there playing. I've been actually playing there quite a bit that last few months.
  11. Superman, The X-Men, etc lost all the time in one way or another. So did Daredevil, so did Batman (hell Batman nearly lost everything in 2020 due to the Joker). Not losing doesn't have anything to do with it with my love of heroes. People prefer to play COH as casual, not serious. If they wanted serious difficulty there are plenty of games that have that. Folks like the idea of just joining a team of any 8 and steam rolling stuff. That's always been the case.
  12. As a kid I liked Superman, The X-Men, The Avengers. The Justice League. Guys who had actual superpowered threats. I think the disconnect in this thread is spot on with your post of where people are. What is a superhero to some folks? I'm sure we would get an epic amount of different responses. To me Batman is interesting because of the various psychiotic enemies he faces. Not that he is a gritty street level guy. Daredevil is interesting because of the insanity of the Hand and their ability to bring people back from the dead and the "monster" the worshipped at one point, and his super senses. Not cause he fights in Hell's Kitchen. I like my superheroes fantastical. I don't find comics where they are fighting a bunch of lacky thugs and struggling all that interesting. /shrug.
  13. That's the brilliant thing now. There can be an infinite number of COH.
  14. Yep, if you want to limit DA to 50 only sure. Removing the level shifts in incarnate content. No. Had to make that clear.
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