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  1. Hey Infinitum, long time lurker here. I just wanted to thank you for these builds, I used to play a fire/fire tanker in live and always loved being a tanker. Now I have a Radianite copycat (except for taunt instead of afterburner) and he's amazing. Took part to an Hami raid and it's been awesome. Now working on a toon with your shield/elec build, loving it for now. Thanks again!
  2. First ever post in the forums, sorry for my bad English, not a native speaker at all. I am a retourning player, and after a month or so of struggle, this great community, the forums and mids helped me sorting out all the new info. I like the fact that IOs builds exists and I love spending some time in mids trying to slot different sets etc etc, BUT IMHO balancing the end game only around a bunch of specific overpowered IOs/sets builds would be a terrible idea. In that way people would start playing only the same builds not choosing different powersets, just like in Diablo 3 seasons. But in COH the loot system is totally different, e.g. there is only a version of the LoTG set, while in D3 you can drop tons of different Leoric's Crowns with differents stats attributes. So the end game would be...useless. Once the best build pops out there would be no challenge and no fun since one wouldn't have any way to improve it. I love the way COH is different, and I love the ability to mix and match powersets, pool powers and even incarnates powers creating strange heroes which should be allowed to play through the game and to try endgame content with SOs without feeling useless. I hope somehow this makes sense 😄 See you around in Excelsior, my mains are Magnetom (grav/kin controller) and Cpt. Caesium (rad/rad tanker)
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