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  1. For the moment I am gonna just use 32-bit while I am at work on this old pc. At home? I'll continue using the 64-bit since everything has ran fine since the update 👍
  2. One thing I accidently "figured out" a little bit ago? I launched it in 32 bit instead of 64 bit.... and it worked!! 😆😆
  3. I use 2 computers to religiously play COH 👌 My pc at home in a "supa computer" and will handle anything and everything and runs the game BEAUTIFULLY 💪 When I go to work I sometimes use my 4-5 year old HP towerless desktop... and the only thing I use this pc anymore for since I rewiped it last spring? Is COH 👍 I did the normal patch update at home earlier and everything is fine. I get to work in the last hour... and I keep getting this message after the update. After re-validating.... same thing. After re-downloading Tequila? Same thing. I'm kinda stumped. Any ideas? D
  4. That is highly unique and detailed... thumbs way up! 👍
  5. Thanks for both responses 👍 Yeah... I just need to shake things up with the character so to speak. I can see what you mean by it seems like it's a "punching bag". At times it feels that way. It's a pretty tough character... but I'm always looking for ways to make it tougher. Plus with the 5 respecs at my disposal... I like a lot of the ideas that ya mentioned. One thing I am gonna tinker with too is that in my Incarnate Abilities... I use Resilient Core Paragon in my Alpha Slot. I am seriously considering slotting Cardiac Core Paragon. I've almost got it created 😜 Another t
  6. Just pondering a few things. I'm kinda "stuck" for the lack of a better term with my Brute. 😕 It's a lev 50 with all kinds of Incarnate Abilities as you can see from one of the screenshots. It's Elec/Elec/Mu.... and I have been capable of doing 99% of anything I've ever wanted to do while solo playing (my work schedule makes teaming a biotch sadly. I make all the influence I want with it (and then some) 👍 Ergo... I have all the Enhancing I think I need and such. I wanna do "more" with it... but I'm having brain farts on what else to do. I wish I could do a respec similar to what
  7. This all sounds VERY exciting 😀 Anything with new base options and costume patterns always gets my thumbs up 👍
  8. Mine was easily... a blessing in disguise. The very first toon I ever made was about a year or so before the first Iron Man movie came out. I made a NRG/NRG Blaster (never played an MMO before mind you too) and I named it.... IRON MONGER ;) Never thought anything of it until I was logging in one day, and I see the name was changed BY THE DEVS because of "trademark issues" etc, etc, etc. I was thinking the name "Iron Monger" wouldn't or wasn't "popular" enough and it could fly under the radar so to speak. Anyways... they gave me a "rename token" and I had to rename it.
  9. Base editing is overall my favorite thing to do while in game. I was wondering also about the tintable aspect. Very cool sir ;D
  10. I am going to use that Echo Galaxy City option to get it. Sounds fun ;)
  11. Of all the things I missed with COX years ago... which was pretty much everything actually ;D I missed Base Editing and AE the most. These two aspects were for me where I could get the MOST creative... and I have sorely missed that these last 6+ years :'( I've dabbled in Base Editing the last 24 hours and with no "prestige factor" to worry about... it's like giving a kid an unlimited toybox now :D Here in the next few days I am gonna start tinkering with AE... and I can't wait :D I remember creating detailed and thrilling arcs and missions where you could blow
  12. This is my first comment on the forums, so I figured I would say something in my favorite area of COH interests... and that is base editing!! Since I have Homecoming downloaded and playing nicely now... I checked out the base editing aspect. Let's just say it is VERY HARD to stop drooling!! Bravo to the Powers That Be that made this possible!!! Bless ya :)
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