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  1. DAAAAAAAAAMN... fun stuff ok point made back to the lab. Thanks alot for the input!
  2. Makes total sense to me here is what I've been playing with though. The thought is trade off of ST damage to have more AOE taunt/damage. I haven't looked at fire epic for melt armor which does seem interesting. I know the overall RES and defense numbers are a bit lower so I'm def going to crib (steal) from your build. I get that this seems like an off the wall idea but so far it's been pretty fun. Thanks for the feedback! build: This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build!
  3. So I've been playing around with the classic inv/ss build and honestly it's awesome. Once IO'd you are unkillable. Even exempting down for tf's BUT... I do find it hard to hold argo without taunt auras. I am relatively new to tanks and I know most PUGs don't wait for herding but I consider myself almost like an emp def back in the day only proactive. All damage must hit me allowing the rest of the team to provide the damage, control, debuff ECT. To this end I was playing with dropping the fly pool and using super speed as travel and whirlwind as early as possible. It's
  4. Ok so I just got my elec/time to 50 and I'm pretty happy with it. Two st holds, aoe and st immob. The animations are pretty fast and of you go stone epic you get even more control. Plus the extra powers on both sets are really nice to buff teams (pbaoe) so you don't have to cycle through every team member each time. Also you get some monkeys and auras with debuffs/buffs. Fun stuff Just another option if you wanted to try out some "newer" power sets.
  5. Illusion has the two of the best pets in the game imo. Phantom army is great opener as it sucks up the alpha strike and acts like your own pocket tank. These cannot be buffed which is why you will see /rad or /ta which debuffs the mobs. Spooky (spectral terror) is also great because it's a aoe hold pet that also debuffs to-hit. You can also do all sort of fun IO slotting. Phantasm is pretty crappy, a bit better with the knock back to knock down IO and he will clone himself to create more decoys. Overall he is kinda meh. I think that other final
  6. A lot of great stuff in here thank you all so much. I've been checking out Shenanigunner's site and it's helped loads. I cant quite get what I want to work so i figured I'd asked the experts here if it was possible. On my fire/kin corruptor, what I ultimately would like is a macro that targets the nearest enemy, follows and cast fulcrum shift. Would this be correct? macro_image "KinectBoost_Fulcrumshift" FC "target_enemy_near$$follow$$powexec_namefulcrumshift" I feel like I'm messing up the spacing or quotation marks or something... Any help would b
  7. Great. Thank you so much I have a lot to think about!
  8. Awesome that's super helpful. Switching to my main I'm not sure how I was logged into my Alt account strange. Has anyone tried teleport with this set? I keep eyeing combat teleporter and fold space and they seem like they would drive pretty well with this match.
  9. you know you bring up a good point I haven't run it on homecomming lol I'll check it out thanks
  10. I know this thread is old but I was linked here from the other kin/sonic thread. Couple of questions. Why mu over power mastery? I kinda like the idea of an oh $h1t power with force of nature. I used to have phase shift for this case but I don't really need invs or grant invs. Do you really run repel all the time? I just hit 50 and have some work to get all the enchantment sets I need/want but I've found that with leadership, concealment, fighting and patron power is a real end hog. My preferred play style is group of 8 follow tank in fc jump back ho
  11. This makes a ton of sense. Ok so fighting pool it is, leadership with maneuvers and tactics, super speed (hasten only) and then perhaps stealth? I like the idea of repel being knockdown instead of knockback which would like soft control... thanks for the feedback I'll work on a build to post later.
  12. I've been playing with this alot recently as i'm new back to the game (played a ton years ago). I absolutely love Kin there is something about the fulcrum shift that speaks to my soul. I really like the idea of damage cap with fc and then -res howl to bring it up to full mayhem. couple of questions full damage cap + -res = more damage right? Does anyone like experimentation pool? I'm eyeing corrosive vial but no one seems to use in builds does it suck? for that reason i don't really like taking fighting pool for the tough and weave as I want to be a team de
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