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  1. I thought this thread was about whether or not Winter effects should be enabled in-game, in Paragon City, where in-universe Winter is still active. Are you saying that is not what we are discussing?
  2. Incorrect. See the PraagonWiki article for Paragon City
  3. But it IS Winter where the game is set (New England, USA).
  4. I could get behind a new energy powerset that lacked knockback, and was adjusted numerically to compensate for it. That way, you don't have to invest in an IO to convert KB to KD, and you can opt-in to KB by making a powerset selection. I dig the energy powerset animations and the concept. I'd just like to see the ability to opt-in to KB from the get-go. But that's my two-cents, and they ain't worth squat.
  5. It depends. Is the Twix right-side up, or up-side down?
  6. Nah. For Will Power, you want something that drains endurance, and drains it hard and irresistibly. Couple that with teleportation. For example, consider my main, Prodigal. He's a WP/SS tank. He can stomp just about anything in the yard. The only time he might get a real challenge going is if you hit him with significant amounts of endurance drain and forced his toggles to drop. Then he's in trouble. Whatever we came up with has to take both primary and secondary abilities we have, but I'm not sure I'd want those abilities auto-selected for us. It'd be too cookie-cutter.
  7. That's interesting. For something that's in the game since launch, I've never heard or read anyone mention it as "strategy" before.
  8. I've observed an interesting phenomena with Vahz, and wonder if anyone else has observed this. Group of Vahz with zombies, and a mortie or reaper. As long as there's a living member in the group, the zombies are active and will attack. I can take out the mortie and/or reaper, then disengage and withdraw, then wait. After a certain amount of time, the zombies go dormant. I can then move back into melee range and they still won't engage. It's as if they need a human to give them orders. Note that this is not true if I am on a tank or toon with an active taunt aura. But it definitely works for blasters and controllers. Has anyone else observed this?
  9. First, it is frustrating. No argument there. Having said that, I'm guilty of not following instructions myself, and I've been around since the game launched. For me, personally, it's due to the fact that I have difficulty dividing my attention between combat and the chat window. It would be super helpful if there was an audio cue when messages came into chat from the team or league, but I'm not aware of any such cue. Then it would be easier to know when to glance down at chat. But for me, personally, it's really difficult to monitor both chat and combat at the same time. YMMV.
  10. I don't remember this mission. That's no indicator of whether or not it was there, mind you. I'm getting old, and a lot of my synapses are failing. But it does remind me of players who somehow hacked the game and made their toons GIGANTIC and modeled them in Atlas on Virtue. That was interesting.
  11. Really! I did not know this. That explains it, then. Thank you!
  12. So I'm a level 50 incarnate. I'm doing radio missions against Council, teaming with my nephew. Difficulty is set to +0/x8. On two separate missions, I encountered a slew of minions and lieutenants that were level 50 and conned blue to me. What on earth would cause that? It's not incarnate content, per se, and I don't think level shifting of any kind would apply here. Can anyone explain this?
  13. Okay, now that one gave me chills. Outstanding!!
  14. I like it, but it needs more bass. It definitely sounds synthesized. Keep working on it! I grant you the TyrantMikey Seal of Approval.
  15. This is a travesty, really. This game needs teleporter beacons to Cimerora, like yesterday.
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