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  1. The benefit of doing them through Oroboros is that you still gain XP and inf for them, even if you've out-leveled them. My level 47 tank is going back and redoing content he missed and holy moley is there a lot of it. And it's WAY better than grinding radio missions ad nauseum.
  2. I wouldn't mind if the police radio was moved out of the contacts window, and moved into a separate UI element of its own. Something small and unobtrusive, that initially appeared in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Perhaps an icon of a radio. When new missions are available, it vibrates, or some other animation is applied to it. You can click on it, and talk to whomever is offering you the mission. And the kicker is, it's not just detectives that are offering you missions. Any contact, new or old, should be able to reach you through it, and kick off a mission or story arc. It wouldn't replace your contacts list, but augment it.
  3. Any time I see a Reddit thread asking "What was the best game you ever played?"
  4. You're just ASKING for a zone riddled with Carnies. I'd be okay with it, if they were getting stomped on by Undead Clowns (a la Council vs. 5th Column or whatever they call themselves these days).
  5. Do not even mention that...that...WOMAN to me. She is the most useless, infuriating, needlessly arrogant NPC in the game. I'm quite certain she and Fusionette were spawned from the same dirty petri dish.
  6. You know, the one thing that Paragon is missing is Suicide Slums. Super dark, run down, where everyone is dirt-poor, the homeless are everywhere, the gangs freely roam the streets, drugs run rampant, and there's virtually no police presence. If there are cops, they're thoroughly corrupt. Ideally, it would be higher-level than Kings Row.
  7. I'm not sure. But maybe that's the point: The fact that the components you craft with shards are at the top of the list only encourages confusion. I wouldn't know that thread-only options were at the bottom of the list unless someone pointed it out to me. And the ingredients are hidden away behind tooltips. It's all very obfuscated, and not newbie friendly.
  8. I must admit, I'd love to see a scenario where all Incarnate slots could be crafted with threads. It would vastly simplify everything. Even now, I find myself wondering if I need shards to craft T2-T4 components. Replace shards with a commensurate number of threads and that whole issue goes away.
  9. Was PDP not "Neutral Territory" like Pocket D is? One could forgive them if that was the case. Even if they were vile fascists.
  10. That map is an abomination from the deepest layers of hell, but I've gotten used to it. I start at the bottom, and work it in a circular pattern going left, and work my way up through each layer. Of course, I solo most of the time. It takes time, but it works.
  11. Oh, pushy pedestrians are far outclassed by pushy MM pets. Especially in doorways on sewer runs.
  12. I can't believe that no one has mentioned the most insidious group in the game. This foe is everywhere. It fights both villains and heroes. You are powerless to resist it. You can be the most powerful incarnate and you will eventually encounter this foe and it will stop you in your tracks. No hero or villain can overcome the power of the curb. All the power in the universe, and you cannot step over a curb.
  13. I would love to see Boomtown revamped, and more work done on Faultline. I know everyone's gaga about the moon base, but I'd love to see a zone that is like New York City: street after street of skyscrapers. Not like Steel, mind you. I want MASSIVE sky scrapers, and the ceiling raised so we can go incredibly high. Put bridges between a few of them high up off the ground. And fill it with fixed landmarks. Crey headquarters. The broadcast facility for the local news agency. A University where they research magical and mutant phenomena. A Vanguard recruitment office. On and on and on. All potential mission points. That would be cool.
  14. Someone call a scrapper. This thread needs to be put out of its misery.
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