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  1. FIXED: As of the restart on 15 September 2020, I can no longer replicate this bug and the characters that possessed broken emails are now able to use emails normally.
  2. Below is the error command in the chat box one will see when attempting to claim emails: Below is the error prompt one will see when trying to send emails:
  3. This bug causes your in-game email to no longer allow you to send or claim emails on the character it is performed on, seemingly permanently until someone goes in and manually terminates all of the pending transactions. There is a slash command in-game that is intended to let you claim items from your email (/gmailclaim #), where the # is the number associated with the particular email you wish to claim the attachment from. But emails aren't numbered based on the oldest email currently in your emails (so the oldest email I possess isn't my email number 1) but just continues to go up with each email you receive in-game (e.g. my current 60 emails might be 623-683). This becomes a problem because if you use this slash command several times on very old emails that have since been deleted from your email list (say, your email number 1, so /gmailclaim 1) your email will break as the game cannot find the email you are looking for and becomes overloaded with no way to properly terminate the search for the email to claim (I assume this is because by then those emails have been terminated on HC team's end or something of the sort). This results in the user getting a warning stating "There are outstanding pending global email transactions. Please wait a minute and try again." At current, both of the characters (on different accounts) I have tested this on have been unable to send or claim items from email for over 2 months; both getting the same error message when attempted (which I assume will only go away once the pending transactions are terminated manually). Additionally, I have copied one of the bugged characters to beta and the email issue persisted over there, despite not performing the glitch on the beta server. EDIT: After recent updates I am no longer able to replicate this bug. This bug only persisted on the characters it was performed on, and the other characters on the account can continue to use email normally. The support ticket is 16521 and the characters I have that still currently (12 September 2020) have broken emails are Burning Dombloo (Torchbearer, @Bloodom) and Networth (Excelsior, @Dombloo).
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