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  1. If you create a macro/bind that activates Base Transporter/Long Range Teleporter while also entering a enterbasefrompasscode command (I use /macro tp "powexecname Base Transporter$$enter_base_from_passcode CODE-####"), and spam it very quickly, you will be teleported to base and the cooldown on the power used to get there will be off cooldown within a second. I have replicated this on several toons across several accounts. This was not the case before the red ring second chance addition, so I believe this has to do with how that is written.
  2. After activating a self-intangibility power and waiting the 30 second allowed phase period (whether you keep the power toggled or not), you will be unable to use the Jump Pack and Steam Jump powers for 120 seconds (i.e. these powers are being shut out by NoPhase for some reason).
  3. Solo Kahn - 12:35 Solo Market Crash - 8:53
  4. Just gonna drop some solo runs that were never recorded here: Solo Apex - 6:48 Solo Posi. pt. 1 - 6:49
  5. I'm almost certain that LRT is only intended to unlock after receiving an accolade for getting all the explorations in a zone. Pocket D has no accolade associated with getting all the explorations, so it will not grant you the LRT power upon getting them all (same would apply if you got the Kallisti Wharf exploration badge). Upon getting LRT granted, you'll unlock any zone by grabbing one exploration within that zone. Edit: ah I'm a few minutes late, but ya lol
  6. If that's the case, then I think Frostbite (1 hour auto) and Winter Ward (1 hour auto) dodged the ban. Also, can prestige costumes be unbanned for amusement purposes. Edit: Upon testing, Winter Ward seems to have no effect in PvP zones but still shows up on the power bar, but Frostbite does still work. Oh also, I'd think that Recovery Serum (4 minute effect duration) that Glacier Peak mentioned would quality for the ban also?
  7. Long Range Teleport only will take you to zones with a supergroup base portal, so unfortunately that is intentional.
  8. On my Fire Manipulation blaster, I'm getting a p-string (P3646061553) in Healing Delivered on every tick of Cauterizing Aura.
  9. Are the fakkolade vendors going to be added into the PvP zones as well? Would be convenient to be able to grab them once you get into zone if you aren't someone who goes to the arena at all. Moreover, it's taking too long for incarnate powers, etc. to lockout upon zoning/reviving—which has potential to lead to some abuse.
  10. Related, I can reliably do this: In theory, I could just enter zone and incan my team every once and a while to benefit from -res to healing. Or alternatively, have a second account logged in specifically for that purpose. Not sure how realistic/easy adding this in would be, but if you could add that thing that happens in arena where you cant activate powers for a little upon zoning in that would probably fix it.
  11. After testing out the new cooldown and activation times of the transportation powers, I'd say I'm mostly satisfied. I had initially hoped for the Supergroup Portal power to have its recharge brought down to 5 minutes (affected by global recharge, a little under a 3 minute recharge w/ perma hasten), but the changes to activation time and cooldown on LRT and Base Transporter now makes rotating between the aforementioned powers and Supergroup Portal have similar enough teleport uptime (and with a higher possible teleport frequency than my proposal). Moreover, the new changes to LRT and Base Transporter—both of which I suspected I wouldn't even put in my tray—are now attractive powers to use; which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. Two changes that I'd like to see: 1. I'm not a fan of LRT dropping you at the supergroup portals in zones (the same spawn location the base teleporters drop you off at), it's redundant and it would be more beneficial (in my opinion) if the spawn locations were in areas that are less accessible through base teleports (e.g. south side of IP, east side of Eden). This change would help cut down on travel time to areas not near base portals, rewarding those who put a little extra thought into which transportation power they activate. I understand this change will be less attractive to those seeking to use LRT as a third base teleporter. 2. Given some of the criticism in this thread so far this may be an unpopular addition, but as someone who doesn't shy away from influence sinks—I would love it if the P2W vendor would sell charges of supergroup base-related Day Job powers (call it Paid Time-Off). I would pay upward of 1 million influence per charge of Base Transporter/Supergroup Portal if I was in a bind and really wanted that additional convenience.
  12. what are you nerds talking about, just be faster than everyone else 5head
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