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  1. Drain Psyche is the single power that allows me to solo AVs and GMs on my Blaster
  2. How does it measure when compared to other Brute primaries?
  3. Does this imply that it isn't?
  4. A number of characters from fighting games have Energy Melee attacks. Terry and Andy Bogard from Fatal Fury, for example.
  5. Farming is just about one of the most tedious activities in the game. There's a reason why so many people run builds and maps that allow them to farm while afk.
  6. Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?
  7. Ah my bad then. I was mislead by you specifically quoting a tar patch comment
  8. As Luminara said, most patch/rain type powers have a built in "avoid" mechanic. It beats me why people decide to ignore the one reply in this thread that is actually accurate.
  9. I've seen META described as "Most Effective Tactics Available" in other games. In CoH, even though most builds can bring *something* to the table, there definitely are builds and power combinations that are much, much more effective than others. However, that only matters if you're running midgame 25 to 40ish Arachnos, Longbow, or Vanguard missions. It's irrelevant at level 50 where you can literally have a Shit Smearing/Shit Slinging Defender be a god through incarnates and temps.
  10. The main problem I see with Super Strength is the crippling -20% def on Rage Crash. That makes it unplayable for me.
  11. What are you lunatics babbling on about with this "cottage rule" madness? Wasn't that thrown right out the window with the Blaster Defiance, Stalker Assassination, Snipes, and Dark Melee changes? Both from HC devs and live devs?
  12. So you're asking for a nerf for a set you've never played. Yeah, no.
  13. I have a somewhat unrelated question about Fire Control. I notice in your builds you did not slot Fire Cages for procs (potentially Trap, Posi, and Anni procs). Why?
  14. GM_Miss and GM_Arcanum both have the patience of a saint. Props to them.
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