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  1. Well done, what's the name? Bad Habits
  2. This is not my, i see on a website. Asymmetrical Glow Lines/Big Boots Chest Harness Jewel Belt Variations Chest Variations Helms Hairstyles (Female) Hairstyles (Male) Compilation (Megas) New Capes Variations New Picture Capes Non-Segmented Metallics Chest Emblems Energy Bodies Tunics Compilations (Knights & Gods) Compilations (Vixens) Auras 1 - W/Compilations Auras 2 - W/Compilations Auras 3 - W/Compilations Compilations (Avatars
  3. Etherea Pingu Merlin The Mage Baron Samedi Ms Diagnosis Tech Elf
  4. I created a topic with the same subject should have 1 month and nobody commented hahaha I created an Earth / Earth, chose lava and left the color of gold to make a gold manipulator. I chose Water blaster and left Dark with Red / Red to look like blood. I made a sand dominator using earth / earth with crystal and left the color of sand.
  5. Now that the servers have migrated and everything is stable, what are the next steps? Is there even the possibility of modifying the game in this version? What do you expect from the staff now? I hope they understand that one hour people will get tired of just creating alts and doing the same things.
  6. Upload on Imgur, open the picture in a New tab, copy the link and use bbcode link[/.img] without " . "
  7. Since we do not have a blood manipulator, I edited the Water Blast colors for Red and Dark. As we do not have a sand power, I used Earth Control, chose Cristal and chose colors that looked like sand. Ps: I think Storm with sand colors would work, too.
  8. I think it's probably unrealistic to expect new powers and stuff like that, as many resources - programming, art, animation, etc - as they require. And a couple of the suggestions I know aren't possible - the Cryptic and Paragon teams apparently tried for years to get shapeshifting and size alteration working and it was just a no go in the CoX engine, and they said Speed Melee wasn't really viable because they made speed a movement power. As someone who has actually added hundreds of additional powers to another private MMO server (not COH) its really not that difficult, you don
  9. Good lord, I've been trying for days on end to get a satyr-looking character that I'm happy with. I'm legit mad you managed it XD As for my toons... Demons/Thermal MM, Belial. Still surprised I got that name on Everlasting. Shield/Street Justice Tanker, The Lion Rampant. He's fun, if an end-hog. And not quite mine, but my nine year old nephew wanted to play and I wanted to share the game with him... Water/Invul Sentinel, The Slime Fighter. He's a jar of goo in a robot suit. Completely designed by my nephew. I love satyr-looking characters haha
  10. I hope they can do it. I've seen a lot of people talking about the i25 not giving this kind of support for modifications, just the i24 and that's why some are still waiting to open a server with it ... BUT in a post made by the Homecoming staff these days, they said yes, it is possible to modify the game and bring new things.
  11. I know CoX's players are the best at character design, so show off your creations.
  12. Character: Ms Diagnosis Account: chanelno2 Battle cry: Of course I'm a real registered nurse, what a silly question!
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