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  1. Oh boi I have so many. First things first I think my by far favorites are The Broken Teeth OST in Croatoa as its really eerie and serene, Aeon City for being oddly beautiful, Eastgate Heights, and the Sewer Entrance Music. Beyond that Haven in Cap, the Flop in St. Martial, and Jackpot are all pretty good.
  2. It depends on the level for me and which side I am playing. Most of the incarnate and Goldside enemies hurt though. If I am playing Goldside I absolutely despise fighting the Destroyer and Ghouls. Ghouls because they can easily mez you at a level were most ATs don't have anti-mez, they swarm you in numbers (the Painted Ones have a power that widens up your aggro range), and heal eachother on death. Destroyers also can mez you with Blast Masters and Rocket Girls. On Blueside low levels, the new Skull Soldiers. I don't know what it is about them but they tear my low level characters to shreds generally in the 15-19 level range.
  3. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/5th_Column The 5th Column are described as being literally superpowered nazis that were working for Hitler. Of course they'd be racist considering they are nazis, I am not sure why you are even trying to argue that they aren't. In regards to the black 5th Column traitor NPC it is likely the random NPC generator doing something silly or it's pointing towards the rare Uncle Tom/Uncle Ruckus.
  4. Oh I hate that Ashfall ability as a MM, it wipes out all my pets usually.
  5. I always liked the Talon's Sirens and Banshees powers, so much more pleasant sounding than Sonic.
  6. Decided to come up with a backstory for Unseelie. Heavily inspired by the whole premise of Changeling: The Lost.
  7. Not to mention the Dredges whom hit like trucks (I am sure that they have -res powers up the wazoo), the Talons whom can wipe you if you don't not kill the Sirens immediately, and the Black Knights whom have this extremely annoying taunt mechanic which can really trip you up at times. Honestly the only enemy group in Night Ward that doesn't hurt that much is Spirit Stalkers. First Ward, Awakened already being hard aside, is also pretty hard with the other enemy groups. The Carnival bosses hit extremely hard and the other enemies that follow them are no joke either. The Shephards stack Vengeance on eachother which can easily get you killed depending on your AT, if not it will take you a year to wittle them down. The Resistance gets Mystic Soldiers if you fight them in First Ward and they at that level have this one ability that hits pretty damn hard. The Forlorn if you do fight them also hit like trucks. T.E.S.T is easy to deal with my experiences and the Dregs are just super annoying.
  8. I am not how to help your brute with the psi damage, maybe some pool powers perhaps? With MMs though the general tactic I used go bodyguard, pull her out of the group and have your bets beat solely on her and any seers she pulls out so she doesn't eat them. You have to kill her fast tho because of that confuse you mentioned in your post being especially dangerous to MMs if it catches you at the wrong time. I have survived it a few times but that was because I was healing myself constantly. Subjugators are definitely the most dangerous Awakened mob I'd say for sure since they have unique mechanics and an ultra-rare confuse mez to send at you.
  9. You can argue for both, report and ignore them so they'll hopefully scream into the void until they get banned. I have seen a small few people make a show out of ignoring people but its usually pretty rare and the small few times I have seen it the person being ignored was being a dick or perhaps not articulating themselves well. I have ignored people over political arguments or turned of general chat temporarily simply because politics is pretty much everywhere else. I play countless other games along with this one, am active on other forums and branches of social media and I always see it going bad when someone drudges up political discourse and it happens pretty often these days. I like coming to this game to relax, not to see yet another bunch of people being obnoxious and in some cases arguing in bad faith. On the other hand most MMOs have general/global chats are an absolute hellholes that you want to turn off forever. I have run into assholes in this games General chat (mentioned one occurrence of it earlier on in this thread) but it's been smol beans compared to what I see everywhere else. This isn't to say it should not be reported and ignored though when it does pop up.
  10. Its a subforum were you can post threads advertising that your looking to reconnect with old friends or SGs.
  11. I personally still like the first one more even if its your oldest costume.
  12. I mostly just play the early on arcs on both sides for merits and badges and don't really care otherwise as most of my characters do not fit the heroic or villainous archetype the arcs consider them as. When I first played threw them I completely ignored the tutorial stuff as I just care for the story. I also play through the Graves and Twinshot arcs a lot because they are a just a tad more interesting then the bucket list of meh throwaway arcs at their levels, although City of Villians has way less throwaway arcs at that level with Bocor, Kalinda's old stuff, and so on. To rate the characters in both arcs. I don't really hate Twinshot as a character, she's okay for me really. The kiddo thing doesn't exactly annoy me nor does her personality. I personally do not understand why people hate her so much for that but maybe I am just weird. I did found Flambeaux and Dillo annoying though and Manticore's mysterious role during the Shining Stars Story just didn't work for me because his whole plan for you and the Stars could of easily fallen apart if you think about it for abit. At the very beginning he could of easily got you and the Shining Stars killed with his test in the first arc as I doubt his fake Arachnos were going for just takedowns considering it's Manticore we are talking about. Imagine how badly that would of gone down if Manticore got a team of new heroes killed. In the second and third arc he wouldn't tell you anything about what he was doing which nearly got Twinshot unfairly pegged as the traitor of the team over Proton. I know that's his character and that he's the resident Batman of Paragon but that still annoyed me considering the Shining Stars was supposed to be a team he helped make big, not nearly destroy with his own secrecy. I did like Proton and Gyrm though. Proton before the reveal came off to me as the only sane man while Gyrm was endearing, a bit misguided near the end of the story but its clear he was trying his best. I found Proton being brainwashed by Praetoria making sense Graves on the otherhand, oh boi I didn't like him at all which I think may of the point of his character. I can agree that Graves arc does have more issues, mainly Graves himself being an utter dick the entire time. I honestly wished there was a choice to just leave him and Omnicore to Dollface's mercy as I dislike those two characters and it would of fit a lot of my villains more than just insulting him. The other villains were okay beyond Graves and Omnicore. Zephyr was silly and more like a saturday morning cartoon villain which I didn't mind. Crosscut is creepy but he really fits the archetype of a sadistic creepy villain which you don't see often on Redside, barring Mako and contacts, oddly enough so I liked him. Omnicore was even worse than Graves or Flambeaux for me, she'd never shut up even when you beat her down twice and then she still tries to kill you again near the end so you beat her down a third time. Bane Spider Reuben's arc reveals that she still hasn't changed. Dollface was.....ehhhhh? You can tell there was something off about her at first, it was far too telegraphed. I don't really find the dumb blond schtick she had before the reveal was endearing, she only gets interesting and less tropey at the end when you find out she was actually some eldritch horror possessing a young girl's dead body that wanted to possess you too. I really wish they went with another character for her other than the dumb blond stereotype before the reveal. Scirocco's role to me in this story was far more interesting than Manticore's in the Shining Stars story as unlike Manticore he actively helps you during nearly the entire story. I always liked Scirocco's character though so I am probably biased. The other new early on stories like Matthew's and Kuzmin's are better and I think they would of served better for extended tutorials conceptually. I would highly recommend all of Goldside's stuff if you want pretty good early level to mid level stories. You have to deal with Maelstrom though if you run early Praetoria or tip missions. Seriously fuck that guy, he's one of the most dislikeable characters in the game with his whole ''too cool for you kid'' edgy shtick. He's far above Twinshot in that regard. Not to mention his backstory is pretty much about how he killed his best friend because he wanted to impress Daddy Cole.
  13. I have heard that this occurs when mobs get debuffed a bunch but cannot confirm. I do know it occurs extremely often on my demons/elec mastermind whom can make it so the enemies can't even attack me so maybe its specific debuffs like -to hit and -DMG that trigger it? Whatever it is its extremely annoying when an elite boss or AV runs away, especially if they are a flier or its an open map were clearing all the enemies will take a long while so they will likely run into another pod or two of mobs.
  14. Decided to post here again. I am pretty sure people on Everlasting have seen these two characters at some point. This is The Unseelie Courtier, shes my changeling fae villain and one of my oldest characters on Homecoming. She is based off Drow in DnD. I recently remade her as Beasts/Nature MM (she used to be Beasts/Dark before). And this is Unseelie's Praetorian counterpart The Winter Courtier. She is ironically enough more heroic than Unseelie despite being a natural born fae that was forced to use necromancy and dark magic for backstory reasons. She is a Necro/dark MM of course. I tried to make them similar but mirrors to eachother at the same time as they are alternate universe counterparts. I know Croa's arcs kinda implies that the Fae Realm is just a dimension of its own but I am choosing to ignore that because they are really old arcs.
  15. So this will be my first post here I guess, hope I impress. This is my Thugs/Time MM named Dissonant Melody, I was inspired by an Infested Seer and Infested Resistance characters I saw to make this Infested Awakened/horror themed character. Here is the text in Dissonant Melody's bio, albeit expanded upon a bit because screw the in-game word count. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Arachnos Voice Call 6799#: ''Be advised, all operatives must not listen to the chaotic hymn playing over the Seer Network. An anomalous psionic presence has recently appeared in the Rogue Isles after Praetoria was destroyed. Do not listen to her song or you may be subverted. Villian is identified as an unusual Awakened that has been partially converted to Hamidon crystal. Her psychic aura is a strange melody.'' Arachnos Voice Call 6800#: ''The new villain codenamed Dissonant Melody for her unusual psionics has been reported to be controlling local gangs, lower level Arachnos members, and other villains. Do not engage Dissonant Melody, repeat do not engage her. My base is being attacked by her minions, some of which are Arachnos Teams we sent after her. She is mindcontrolling everyone we are sending after her, even the Fortunata Seers! We are holding them back but causalities are high! An explosion sounds in the background ''Shit! There is a breach! Stop them-!'' The rest of the call is just frantic gunfire, mace blasts, psychic blasts, explosions, and screaming. Dissonant Melody will be reclassified as an a A-Class villain and- wait...what is that melody? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So some information on her that I cannot include directly in her bio. Dissonant Melody has two angry hiveminds in her head, the Awakened Hivemind whom are of course angry at everything for the horrors they suffered and Prae Hamidon's own sort of Hivemind. Of course these two controlling forces do not get along and poor Dissonant's actual personality is caught in the middle. If Dissonant herself hears the melody that means one of the hiveminds is about to control her, thusly meaning things are about to get very bad for Arachnos or anyone whom draws her ire (mostly Arachnos though because even her original personality hates how similar the Fortunata seers are to Praetorian Seers). Her psychic powers manifested as a constant psychic song that can control people within a certain distance of her (inspired by how you can hear these odd little songs when you are near Seers and Awakened). The Fortunata Seer Network as a whole can oust her out as can some powerful psychics but if she is on a rampage and small amounts Fortunatas and Banes in the wild get in the way they will be controlled by her much like how other Awakened can control Praetorian Seers. She is somewhat aware of her actions when she is lucid and one of the hiveminds is not attempting to control her to cause chaos. Her original personality is more tired, angry, and extremely shy. Do not mention Mother Mayhem near her. I hope it's good character concept. I thought Thugs/Time mastermind MM would fit her best as Farsight's animation and sound effects could easily be waved as a psychic song and it isn't as hard to play in the early levels for me as Thugs/Cold is despite that power combo probably fitting the concept a little bit better. I wanted to go for a tragic horror villain which the Awakened easily fit the bill of and just went up from there.
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