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  1. I wonder if they could use the power customization system for this. You can customize the animations for a lot of powers--maybe they could add animation customization for the Sprint power that could let you use the ninja/beast run poses?
  2. Ideally GMs would have a way to flag your character as having already been reviewed and approved, for situations where something isn't a violation but looks enough like one that it might generate multiple reports. EDIT: Never mind, someone addressed this already. Great!
  3. The issue with cosmetic microtransactions in City of Heroes is that cosmetics are a huge deal in this game. They're the main reason to play for many people. Locking new and exciting cosmetic options behind paying real money would have a real negative effect on the game in a way that it doesn't in many other games with microtransaction costumes. I do wonder how far they can go on donations. Homecoming currently has no issue at all reaching donation goals extremely quickly. If those goals were raised because they're now paying people to develop new content, would they still consistently reach those goals? If so, that seems like a great solution, but it might not last forever. But there are some great things funded primarily through services like Patreon, so maybe that could work for running a small MMO passion project like this? --- As for what I want to see, I think everyone pretty much covered it. New costume pieces. New story arcs. New zones to explore. New power sets and archetypes. I'm not too invested in seeing incarnate stuff expanded but I wouldn't mind it.
  4. I think it would be a good idea to publish some guidelines for enforcement, perhaps with examples of what is and isn't acceptable. Even outside of characters who are inspired by a comic book, movie, novel, or game character, there's a huge number of copyrighted characters out in the world that many players might not even be aware of and nothing original under the sun. Having some sort of hard guidance for what is and isn't against the rules would help calm some anxiety about the policy. For example, let's use a character I don't have anymore (I actually already redesigned him to be more original just for my own sake when he started to become my main). Right when Homecoming launched I made a character who was designed to resemble Joker from Persona 5, and named him the Phantom Thief. Would that have been too close? He didn't have the same name, but he was a dark-haired character in a black trenchcoat with red gloves and a name that made clear reference to something from Persona 5--but the term "phantom thief" is also a character archetype in fiction that just happened to be used as a term in Persona 5. That might seem like an intentionally complicated example, but it's one that actually could have happened had I not already redesigned and renamed him. But knowing how the ruling would work in cases like that would probably help clarify how this will be enforced.
  5. This is what I do for my Dual Pistols/Dark Corruptor and it's working out pretty well. Granted I don't solo too much, but I'm doing respectable damage in groups on top of providing that sweet, sweet Dark Miasma support. Procs are great with this set.
  6. Yeah, definitely a newer OS. My home computer can run Pine's 2.22 just fine--it didn't even ask me about .NET 3.5, despite it running Windows 10 and me never explicitly installing it--but trying to run it on my work computer (which also runs Windows 10) seems to require .NET 3.5, and I don't have the admin permissions to install it. For now I'm just using version 2.21, which for some reason works just fine and doesn't ask for .NET 3.5, but that means I sometimes run into builds I can't open/import. It's not a huge deal, since I only really screw around with it on my lunch break, but I was curious why the previous version runs fine but the newer one doesn't.
  7. Is there a way to bypass needing the .NET Framework v3.5 for this? For some reason, I could run the previous version of Pine's (2.21) just fine on my work computer, but 2.22 tells me it requires .NET Framework v3.5, which I can't install given our version of Windows and user permissions. Is there something I'm overlooking that causes this additional requirement?
  8. Yeah, Overwhelming Force is unique, so you can only have one of its KB-to-KD IOs. Sudden Acceleration will help fill that gap, though.
  9. I think the reason I'm all right with it now is because DP has several other AoE attacks--I don't really feel like I'm lacking AoE at all with Empty Clips, Bullet Rain, and Hail of Bullets also available. Piercing Rounds working as a strong single-target attack with some bonus AoE if you're lucky is fine by me, just because I wouldn't really want to trade single-target damage for even more AoE, y'know?
  10. Barring some serious rebalancing, yeah, think of Piercing Rounds as a single-target attack that has some bonus AoE damage depending on how enemies are positioned. Believe me, I would love some DP buffs (I personally think it could use a small damage bump all around, nothing huge but just a little to make up for not having Aim), but Piercing Rounds is strong enough as a single-target attack that I think its inconsistent AoE isn't that big of a deal.
  11. I think there are degrees of "underperforming," and given that, I don't think that number seems too high. You have sets that are "underperforming" in that they're not quite as strong as their competitors but are still strong and feel good to play. But then you also have sets that are noticeably weaker than similar sets in a way that can make them less satisfying to play, and those are the ones that I'd consider in real need of attention. If a power set is weak enough that it's noticeable and might make it less fun or satisfying to play, I think that's worth addressing. I don't have nearly the expertise to determine which sets are just kinda undertuned versus which sets are weak enough to be made less fun, but it's worth discussing, I think.
  12. I think a lot of melee cones should be made larger, actually. They're notoriously hard to actually land because most of them are so short and narrow.
  13. This...I know it's unpopular to say, but I agree...Ideally, no set should be able to solo at that level, and if they can, either the baddies need to be more difficult (better option) or the sets should have powers toned down... I know people are going to say, "why are you telling me how to play", but unfortunately, this is one area where your playstyle and mine overlap and can't be separated. If the game is too easy, it's not fun. If I can solo all the content at +4/x8 and still get that AV at the end...it's not fun. (I'm not quite there though). Personally, I'm fine with the idea of some builds being able to solo +4/x8, but I think it should require a good build and a lot of IO (and probably incarnate) investment to get there. If something is soloing +4/x8 without IO sets or incarnate powers, yeah, it's probably overtuned. Honestly, with incarnates, "difficulty" is a ship that has probably sailed, at least until the team starts to create new content that can challenge people with full-on incarnate setups. That said, I am 100% on the "sometimes, nerfs are justified" side of the fence. I know it's always unpopular to suggest, but a game cannot survive on buffs alone. Sometimes, the health of a game relies on significantly overpowered options being brought back in-line. That should go hand-in-hand with underperforming options being improved, too.
  14. Since balance changes are on the table for Homecoming, I'm wondering what weak/underperforming power sets could use some tweaking. Personally, Dual Pistols would be my #1 pick. Everything about it looks and feels fantastic, but the lack of Aim or a snipe really hurts its damage and I wonder if a damage boost to a couple of its heavier-hitting powers could help make up the difference a bit.
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