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  1. I like the upgrades being manual because you don't have to reapply. This alone makes it infinitely better than your secondary set anyway - it'd be much more fun if I didn't have to spam AM over and over for example. Just once per map/death defeat would be awesome kthx.
  2. I quite enjoyed my bots/ff MM. I took the first power in FF and auto'd that while targeting one of my bots. Then just stand around and wait. I'm not sure whose builds these are, but they're from the forums so,... sorry I didn't take names of the people who compiled them: 1. Cheap bots/ff MM Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Basic Bot Build: Level 50 Technology Mastermind Primary Power Set: Robotics Secondary Power Set: Fo
  3. I used those colours for my cyberpunk character after watching that Muse movie ... The movie is pretty trashy, but quite inspiring for character design. If you're going for that look, I'd put a little of the cyan from the logo on the character - maybe the illuminated strip on the jacket/pants? Also, don't be scared to upgrade that purple to bright pink when doing cyberpunks! Let's go crazy! Don't forget your '80s power shoulders.
  4. That would be a valid complaint, but it doesn't seem clear as to what exactly you are referring.
  5. That;s nice. I think it's a shame they put drone on two powers there. I feel like those would be more appropriate in something that uses a pet, rather than gadgets. It has become more obvious (thanks to the contributions of all the participants in this thread) that there are so many possible Gadgets that a single 5-power pool power power set power power set is rather small. Perhaps it's time for Gadgets to graduate to a full set of it's own?
  6. How feasible would it be to make a PULL power type? Turric suggested in another thread a power akin to the grappling hook from SWTOR. What that power does it to target 1 enemy and pull it to you (not teleport). So my questions are; Would it be possible to do this in CoH? / Does it already exist? Would it be possible to do an AoE pull that brings lots of nearby enemies to you? This might be good for doing some kind of ping-pong effect using Knockback and pull in succession. FUN!
  7. That's so good, I'm going to make it a thread of it's own.
  8. Gender: Huge Shoulder: Left Cyborg Shield ...is upside down 😄 It looks awesome, can we have it as an option? 😉
  9. Let's be honest, this is an UNREALISTIC SUGGESTION. I'm just putting it here because I think it's cool and I'm desperate for Likes or something. The powers would be something like; 1. Jetpack. A Hover clone. 2. Rocket Punch - "borrowed" from SWTOR. An uppercut that leaps high into the air with the follow-through. 3. Wrist Flamethrower. 4. Whistling Birds - Combine /point animation with Bullet Rain from Dual Pistols. 5. Back Rocket - Energy Nova animation with Atomic's nova explosion at target, and ... some rocket thing ... look I don't know how to d
  10. So I've made a costume, then saved it. Now I want to apply it to an old character that has different body scales. Everything is fine, but the costume wants to use the scales from it's save file (as it SHOULD). So I can press the Undo button on the "Scales" bar over on the right side of the screen below "Colors". When I do, the costume goes monochrome.
  11. It's got to be ... He's even got his own theme tune...
  12. I get that, but fear of wipe is plenty. Inconvenience, disruption of flow and a five two minute run back are enough to give players a reason to care. And don't say nobody cares because if that were true, they wouldn't be cobbling together all these complicated, fancypants builds. Heck, they wouldn't be playing at all!
  13. Fear. Fear is the way. Hank nails it on one of his recent videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCh5vto8JFstb9Sma9zV25g FEAR is how you squeeze magic from players. We're the sponge and fear is the juice. We're not afraid of the enemies anymore. Back on live, we were scared to pull huge groups because we would struggle so much with them, but now it's a dose of revenge where the mobs have zero chance. FEAR makes it interesting - makes us strategise. HOW can we make the game interesting? Add a few near-invincible patrolling enemies - that sort of thing.
  14. I'll give this a bump. Did anybody confirm this?
  15. Given that it's all a nemesis plot, the point is moot, right?
  16. Voice comms is my usual response to questions about making things less boring and interacting with other players, though I haven't done much of it in this particular game (which is to my shame because the scope for doing the sort of things I like, such as community events, coordinated costumes or whatnot, is especially high in this game). I think Boss fights especially are criminally boring. Especially really tough end boss. These could be more interesting with the introduction of minion spawns - just things to give the controllers a good time - inconveniences that might topple the
  17. These days, virus checkers seem to have lazy warnings that pop up when you download from a site that's not in some safe list.
  18. Should this REALLY have Enriched Plutonium as the second component? Usually Orange components go last in the list of components, and this one is second, not last. I suspect it's meant to be a white salvage, especially as it's a little, lowbie set.
  19. That's a nice stapler. It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it.
  20. Not so petty, but I REALLY don't like; ANCHORS - the number of times I put this on an enemy only for it to die a microsecond later - just an annoying mechanic. I avoid sets with anchors. BUFFING - repeatedly spamming buffs whenever they're available - it's awful, I think they should be a toggle that applies the buff every cooldown rotation instead. I hate hate hate it. Everybody always asking for Accelerate Metabolism and Speed Boost - I actively avoid the entire powerset because of these powers and the expectations that go along with them.
  21. Even if the developers blow a tonne of their precious time adjusting these arcs so they're perfect, will people like you still skip them because they/you already did them on lots of other characters? Nobody knows. So fixing these is a gamble on the part of the developers. What I'm reading here are words like "needs", when it seems that adjustments to these arcs are very much non-essential.
  22. Well I like those arcs and I do them over and over.
  23. Is it? I think we need more visibility for the obscure tricks players can do like this one!
  24. I really don't see why. There's no "need" to do that, especially when (as we've already established) people grind to level 20 via DFB/DiB in order to get to level 20.
  25. Home Alone. Or... Home Alone Too.
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