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  1. Maybe it would make sense to have a "Recommended" villain server?
  2. You lost me here. Sorry, what? No. Here's my experience: I've only ever solo'd red side for obvious reasons, so all I've ever done are missions. But the zones are all extremely similar to one another. There's no way you can refer to them as "Unique". I don't know about enemy variety, but because the zones are so generic I don't really notice much variety in the dockworkers or builders or goldbrickers attacking me. Internally, the offices are much MUCH more interesting (and yes I know it's just a skin-job) than the vanilla game had, but later missions blue-side had
  3. I get the impression that gotham's about darkness, not grittiness. And inside every building? A PARTY!
  4. I would LOVE to see villain side starting zone get a rework. What it needs is PARTY -The joker in the original Batman movie - you know? FUN! Instead, it's the total opposite! Ugh, BORING drudgery. Pffeh! Get the neon ... ON! It needs bright colours, freakshow everywhere and so on. It DESPERATELY needs colour. - take a look at the early missions Hero side. They're all about busting parties. So why aren't villains all about HAVING parties?!
  5. Ooh nice. Hey look at that, Golden titles ... kinda funny tho... the first theme is anything. Will the title be; "Anything Contest Runner-Up"? Seems rather mysterious. I like it.
  6. I thought these were quite popular - I know I always enjoyed seeing what other people had cooked up. 😞 Did they go out of fashioni? 😉
  7. I'm trying Hyperstrike's invuln template for my Inv/Energy. My verdict is that I'm not 100% convinced because I have all the inf I need; I think I might be able to plug the psi hole better by throwing inf at it.
  8. Hey Solarverse, could you kindly tell me where or HOW you found the Robots sounds, please? I can't find them anywhere, I've been looking for hours now. Sadly, Pigg Viewer Pro doesn't seem to have a Search option, and the extract all function doesn't seem to function :/


  9. ... and if he doesn't like cookies he should be shot. Unless he's allergic or diabetic. But yes, I use that modding tool - I even uploaded my teleport sfx mod to it today! :) ... let's see... Ah there are the icons! Thansk for the tip! Now... ... 2 to choose from! ... but I don't even have to restart for this mod. That's great. I'm going to try Lev's for now. Thanks Lev!
  10. Am I the only one who struggles to tell the difference between small and medium blues? I can't recognise which is which at first glance. Often I think I have 3 to merge together but they arent' the same one. Does anybody have a mod for the medium graphics, perhaps?
  11. Yeah! I've got an industrial age steampunk character with these powersets. He's level... 1. So I have no ideas, sorry. 😞
  12. I don't like how so many existing sets offer different powers as you advance, when what I really want is more effectiveness for existing ones. Having hundreds and hundreds of powers is cool, but sometimes I just want to upgrade something I already have instead. So this is super simple(ish): Grenade single target grenade. Explodes under the target. Advanced Grenade requires 1. replaces 1 with a small AoE grenade. Superior Grenade requires 2. replaces 2 with bigger AoE grenade.
  13. Hopkins destroys all my bots in 3 hits. He's purple to my level 31 MM. Difficulty is whatever default is. x0 or something, I don't understand the notation. The story is interesting, but the difficulty is... questionable. Vandal defeated me, but at least he was only red. I'll come back in a few levels.
  14. Diviner Maros, "Steal Scroll of Tielekku" On entering the mission, the popup text is ... not engrish... Text is what means is?!
  15. Must I say it with NO subtlety whatsoever? Okay... I am in a similar quandry as the original poster and would like help with this please. Thus far what I'm going for is this, BIG THANKS to the people who gave me the following advice in /help; 1 Overwhelming Force (Summer BlockBuster) Damage + KD + KB -> KD in Battle Drones. 4 regular procs and 2 ATO procs in Protector Bot for auras. 1 KB -> KD in Assault Bot. I'm considering putting 5 from a purple set in here (Soulbound Allegiance) ... $inf is not a consideration ... should I get the Bui
  16. Freeem indeed, Bob. Thanks GM_Bot, the crushing weight of existence seems 3.14172 times less heavy now!
  17. What I noticed when I was stealing recreating the Celsius costume is the heaters on the back of the boots. The design is super-cool, or hot... well ... it's both, obviously.
  18. I'm getting all manner of weird graphics with the launcher. The black box in this image flickers intermittently, other boxes go black randomly. Importantly, when I mouse over the launch box, it sometimes comes back and I've always been able to launch the game by clicking where it's contents should be - whether visible or not. "Things" happen when I mouse over the window, but... it all seems rather random: ... and then...
  19. I wonder if it would be possible to make a piece that's got the "slippery" physics property, so base creators might make their own racetracks?
  20. This is what I never understood about this game. How many superheroes/villains don't do damage? What are the inspiration for controller? I always thought they got shoe-horned into the game because the CC class was a staple way back in the early days of MMOs. Sorry - I'm off topic >< my bad. Perhaps a topic for another thread.
  21. Anybody else want to help with this please?
  22. I'm stealing both of these and there's nothing you can do about it, muahaha! *With a dramatic flourish, hides lower face behind cloak*
  23. Could they use those 32 bits to store the number as a float instead? That should free up some space, right?
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