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  1. I'd encourage anybody interested in creating a self-styled "Odysseus" to take influence from the ancient myths regarding him as they provide the names of his friends, rivals, enemies, as well as MUCH potential fodder for story arcs. The wiki says of Odysseus, " He is most famous for his nostos, or "homecoming", which took him ten eventful years " It's fate, then? Isn't it? Density! -note- I think it's not just a literal homecoming, it also seems to be meant as a psychological recovery from the horrors of war and a return to normal, civilian life. When Helen is abducted, Mene
  2. I struggle with the notion of headcanon because if we're just going to imagine things, why do we have the game (or any game) at all? Sometimes I wish we could go back to the pods...
  3. Hecatombs are level 50 IOs, so.. you mean a level 50 build. Would I be wrong in suggesting that you meant that Savage Melee is only great when you get to level 50 to be able to trick it out as you did? I only ask because that explains why sometimes people like to just grind their way to 50, skipping all the content (which they can later do SK'd or via Ouro).
  4. From that, it seems to me that the issue is with the abilities system, not mission arcs.
  5. We've got some great power customisation options, and thanks for them ... ... would it perhaps be possible to have a customisation option that included some sparkles, or little magic stars (like the Fairy Dust Aura) please - you know, a visual indicator that a power is MAGICAL? (Ofc, not exclusive to magic characters).
  6. Maybe something linked with Ouroboros would do the trick? But really I have to ask your opinion of the elephant we;re avoiding here... why are people powering through the first 20 levels?
  7. So when you say tricked out, do you mean on level 50+ content? Or do you mean any content using attuned enhancements?
  8. Question #1 Is the change to Full Auto in Beta, which says the cast time will be shorter... does it mean the animation will be shorter? Question #2 This is more of an aesthetic/mechanics question. Why does Assault Rile Powerset have only 3 Rifle powers? There are 4 powers that fire a grenade and 2 powers that fire a flamethower. I realise there's only so much you can do with a gun, but surely there could have been more than just three (and if 4 animations can be recycled for grenades, can't others be replicated for more shooting?)? Perhaps there could be
  9. I agree with that. Let me give you an example; I love Electric Melee, but it starts out pretty crappy and most of the time when I'm downscaling to do Ouro/SK/TF... omg SO MUCH lowbie content.. I have to endure the crappiness again and miss out of the wonders of Lightning Rod! I guess Lightning Rod vs lower level content would be too powerful. So my powers are correct for that level of content. I'm being a bit of a pedant in saying that "Completeness" isn't really a thing. Were I in your shoes, and knowing that the leader was reliant on you and having had your request for lower
  10. Hey there. I thought I'd post this to you. It's a channel that has some sfx on it that you may like (you might have to scroll down a bit).


    1. Solarverse


      I appreciate that, Herotu. Thank you.

  11. No, that's not my point - it's that your build, even though "incomplete", is right for content of any given level, see? So it's really complete *for the content* from level 1.
  12. That's another topic entirely - builds are complete at every level because, well, Ouroboros/SKing. I'm off-topic and I didn't mean to create an argument, I'm just suggesting that CoH levels are a really weird thing.
  13. This is why I'm confused about the idea here. So many sets seem to have very similar/the same playstyle - lots of the early power sets for a given Archetype are different only in terms of animation. So for me, Playstyle means Archetype. Is that right? I was always confused by the Kheldian/VEAT stuff they added, it seems super-complicated and unappealing to me. I know I'm missing out by not exploring these options, but ... I think what I'm asking is - do we want more Archetypes if they're going to be that complicated? That's nothing to do with new Archet
  14. https://juiceboxinteractive.com/blog/color/
  15. Okay that wish has been poo-poo'd. I want my wish back! I wish for Rifle to be an animation customisation - so we can have animations to make Energy Blast (for example) emit from a Rifle. Did you see the beta patch notes?
  16. ... and yet I see posts like this on the forum, which in this case was comparing Ice/Ice Blaster to Ice/Ice Dom... This seems pretty straight forward. What am I not understanding?
  17. Umm... I believe it's the topic of the thread,
  18. That's possible. Does anybody here work in behavioural research or even professional games development? Perhaps we can get some information from you?
  19. As I recall it did when RWZ was new. ... and that's why there are so few teams. People stay in their comfortable corners, away from everybody else.
  20. True enough. That's a decent retort, but I still disagree. What's good about multiple currencies is that you can direct, encourage, cajole the player into specific content/play-styles. In this instance, if you don't want to lead, you get no reward - you don't NEED the reward, it's just some guff. It's interesting that; players see that as a grind to achieve the shiny, whereas the developer sees it as incentive for players to do type of content/play-style.
  21. So be it! That just means I make more electric toons and energy (for me) remains in the bin. :)
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