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  1. Eh ... no. More currencies are industry standard. ... and too much freedom is still bad. No more "Free at all costs". Ironic as that might sound as a slogan.
  2. Did greeks have laurel wreaths for being champions? Perhaps the big boss secretly has that medusa hair, that's why they've garnered all this fanatical support? Maybe there's a room of statues somewhere...? I know nothing about the group, as you can see.
  3. I loved it so much, I'm reluctant to play it now. It's level 48, and I don't want it's journey to be over. SO I might remake it on another server!
  4. I agree with the first part but disagree with the second assertion. Players can be encouraged and cajoled into doing many things that they wouldn't do otherwise. Want players to lead? Invent a new item/currency that is only earnt by leading. (mini rant: I thought earning costume parts was a cool concept - I don't know why they got unlocked by default on HC).
  5. Sometimes I feel like, "Team" means, "madly rush through all the missions ASAP". It's not like on early live where people had really terrible builds and not much idea - except for one thing, they STILL don't herd very well/at all, for the most part. I remember Freakshow and Crey missions being about the point in a character's progression where everybody seemed to "get it" and start playing together - you know, complimenting each other. Maybe that's because they have decent powers at that point - maybe it was the players getting used to the game. Maybe I mis-remember it
  6. I concur. It's great! Shame about the cooldown tho.
  7. Shield isn't an Offensive Melee set (yet). Ooh, I'll check them out. Thanks!
  8. Lightning Rod is such a fun power, and I enjoyed playing it so much, that when I was looking to make an alt, I was looking for another powerset that had something similar. ... Nothing! Well... Energy Melee's Energy Transfer has the right name, and the right tier... /shrug Is that subtle enough? I suggest Energy Transfer be made into a teleport AoE like Lightning Rod - I mean ... well ... what is Energy Melee's USP? I'm not seeing anything but pompoms. It's like Star Trek in here! Save me, Kirk!
  9. Sometimes it's best to turn a blind eye.
  10. I wasn't aware that all the temporary powers were customisable, that's a nice touch fricken awesome!
  11. Oh... interesting... So to have whips be ranged instead of melee, and instead of the whip being of a set length, you'd have it be a blast effect instead? Like the whip IS the raycast line (but art it up to look whippy?) - sounds like in interesting notion!
  12. I know I'm not alone in wanting to always have access to a flying surfboard (for example), and perhaps (perhaps) being able to customise it! Why not let the price for that permanence be spending points in a Pool power? I couldn't see it in the search, so if it was posted ages ago, well... just delete this and bump that. 😉 For clarity, what I'm suggesting is a pool (or multiple pools) containing powers that act and look like temporary powers e.g. the St. Louis Slammer etc.
  13. How can anybody think like this. Such twisted logic!
  14. I see your demand more as the question, "Why limits and not options?". Limits mean that more people will be looking for another method of grinding through the first few levels - so there'll be a third Trial that gets added, and that one gets ground instead. The downside is that we, as players, wouldn't be doing the same thing over and over again, but the upside is that we, as players, wouldn't be doing the same thing over and over again until we'd done the DFB and DiB. It's not a bad idea. Limiting options is often good. Too many people have been brainwashed into t
  15. I watched a video by Statesman's Pal Jimmy where he describes one new animation (on a non-Homecoming server) as being made from two animations one on top of the other. Perhaps this could be a thing? Some kind of Cat-o-Tentacles™ perhaps? ™ Not ™.
  16. Being able to increase... (what is it, Perception?) on allies is a thing, isn't it?
  17. I love fleeing mobs - it lends an element of humanity to otherwise robotic NPCs. Fleeing mobs is an almost unique feature of CoH - seeing enemies just charge towards danger the whole time always strikes me as bananas. It doesn't seem natural - most people flee from fights, and it's nice to see that reflected in this simulation. I think we can all get behind Fun as a driving ethos, but my concern is that too much QoL inevitably leads to Easiness which leads to Pointlessness. To clarify, I'm not against progress, I'm against unnecessary changes that remove the game's uniq
  18. Those two points have logic to them: Melee want enemies to be near them, Ranged want enemies to be at range. But that's not how things should work. We need layers of complexity to make games interesting. The question is, SHOULD those players always get what they want?
  19. That's an interesting perspective and I agree with it, but I don't envision the devs doing something unpopular, do you?
  20. I was watching a stream by Statesman's Pal Jimmy where he describes one of the powers on another server as being a combination of existing powers. It didn't seem a "ton" of work, but yes, I understand that work and time don't magically appear from nowhere.... except... ye well let's keep the existentialism to a minimum, eh?
  21. I really like this idea. It's what I believe pool powers *should* be!
  22. Badge: The Once and Future Hero.gender You know what's weird tho? It's the only badge in the list that I can see the name of, all the other badge names are dim when I highlight them and barely legible. See this example, the badge next to it...
  23. Isn't the usual criticism of Knockback that it makes enemies get stuck in walls? Would Knockup do this too? Naiive question: How much of the knockback gets converted to upwards motion? At least with knockdown you know they can't go lower than the floor, so it's always the same amount (probably). It that the same with knockup?
  24. Guns, Guns, Guns. Where are guns (pistol/rifle/beam - there are lots of existing animations to play with)?
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