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  1. I think it was pretty good for a comics movie as well, and definitely better than the source material. It was also the best version of Dani's powers, which if they'd done that in the comics they could have spared her 40 years of shifting powers nonsense and eventual de/re-powering. I liked what they did with Cecilia's powers too even if they did make her a villain. 


    Having Sam and Dani's powers kill their parents added a lot as well.


    As to why it was panned, I think the years of hearing about it was probably the main factor. Even though it was much better than I expected it was still unnecessary. Still I'd put it second best after First Class in that batch of X-movies if we don't count Deadpool 1/2.

  2. I haven't gotten a spinning circle or fade. Everything looks the same, I just can't activate anything. My initial thought was that I was being temporarily flagged with the new 'disable all powers' p2w power somehow, but one of the several times it happened I did rubber band. I've not taken that power on anything, so it couldn't be accidentally activating it on my end.

  3. Yes I have. It seems rubberbandy in a way but there's no snap back, just not being able to do anything at all for 30 seconds then fine. Not recommended in a pile of rularuu. I've had it on several different toons and different content and haven't noticed any consistent factors yet.

  4. I'd imagine with all they've been doing with suppression rather than detoggling of late that the Kheld toggles could be made to just be suppressed by form changes. Would probably still leave leadership, fighting, etc to retoggle though.

  5. Assuming you'll be IO'ing it with sets at some point you won't need temperature protection, you'll be capped to fire resists without it. If it's just for fire farming you won't need taunt either. Fly seems pointless if just a farmer too - just go get a jetpack from p2w. Rise of the phoenix isn't needed either. If you're married to all of those drop shadow punch.

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  6. No one 'jacked' the price, the ones relisted for 20 just finally got depleted so those of us who'd listed between 20 and the seeded 25s finally get ours sold.


    As to your question I'm not a big active farmer, if I'm going to do it at all I'll generally do it afk. However as far as actively farming, rad just seems so much more pleasant to me. I don't even mind active farming a few runs on it whereas spines has always annoyed me. Not sure which of my builds is more effective but I know the one I greatly prefer.

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  7. 9 hours ago, Xandharba said:



    What about Mortimer Kall strike force solo ?


    I'd like so much to get the permanent buff 'Flame of Prometheus' (max Hp, regen, dmg) for my low level ATs but I never seen teams doing it.

    It can be done, but I wouldn't try it on most toons. The Posi fight where his imps sneak in to fully heal him can be annoying even with certain team combinations. My ill/rad did it but it was annoying. Like Sovera said you're better off forming a team for it. Be sure to mention it only takes 10-20 minutes and that the badge will convert to a Notice of the Well once incarnates are unlocked. Oh one other tip - if you're the team leader don't use the temp power when it says to on Numina. It's usually only a few hits away from her demise anyway and if you use it you don't get that juicy AV experience.

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