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  1. Thanks, ATC; I did look through that old bug report. So it looks like those are the only two methods people know of: your beginchat in front of it, or you change zones. Yours seems like the better option for the foreseeable future. I don't see this kind of thing ever getting on the fix list, especially with how tangled the code is reported to be. Regardless, if that's the best that I can do with it, then that's what'll have to be. If users (of my popmenu) complain, meh! ^.^
  2. I got no damnedable idea which forum makes the most sense for this topic so I'm putting it here. Whenever I make a new toon about the first thing I do is bind a key to my personalized popmenu and then use said popmenu to fix a bunch of stuff in Options and load up a bind file. Now, the problem is this doesn't take effect until I zone the toon. This hasn't bothered me, but I'm now working on a new project and binds from popmenus is an important part of it. Does anyone know how to make it so keybind alterations from a popmenu can be "induced?" without a zone change? It
  3. And it's fixed. What a lovely day! ^.^
  4. Yep, 1549 is easy, and some will miss it. Ah well.
  5. Eh, wouldn't be the first time a joke flew over my head in text format. While I think it was said in a playful way, I think Taboo meant what he said about the possibility that the devs viewed it as "broken" before. I don't think that's the case, but there's been plenty of things that have changed, both live and HC, where the devs went "oh crap, this thing has been broken all this time! fixed!"
  6. Thanks for the clarification. If that were the case, however, I would expect it to be in the patch notes. I'd also question how the hell Sonic Resonance needed a nerf, and this change (if deliberate) is definitely a nerf.
  7. Well, and the stealth issue could be the thing. While I don't think so, I can't see everything going on behind the scenes. If nothing else, I doubt this will get much attention until Stealth is fixed. That's a much more prevalent issue. Fingers crossed on the patch fixing this; either way I'll reply with how the issue stands after I retest once the patch is live.
  8. Unfortunately, I doubt that. Before the patch, Disruption Field was flagged with "Aggro Type: Enemies will not notice this attack" just like almost all confuse powers in the game (among others). Now that flag is gone. I had just checked the Detailed Info screen for Disruption Field less than a week before the patch hit Live to check on this very flag, as I had been nervous about applying Disruption Field on stalkers and scrappers for fear of gaining aggro. My sonic defender has Stealth as well as a Stealth IO in Hover. I watched my Stealth Radius (PvE) as I had a brute jump in
  9. I'm reluctant to bump this but I haven't seen anything on beta/live to indicate if this is new "working as intended" behavior or if this is a legitimately erroneous change in need of reversing. I don't want this to slip through the cracks. If this is an intentional change, I'm mystified by it as it has gotten my sonic defender killed for nothing more than the recipient jumping into a mob.
  10. If this is working as the developers intended, it ought to have been spelled out more clearly in the notes. This version of Stealth does not reliably give the same amount of stealth as Invisibility did. You can only rely on 36 feet of the 55 it gives to be active without something messing it up and making you visible to critters. The out-of-combat defense I'm not personally worried about, but this is not as advertised in the patch notes: "Invisibility and Stealth have been merged together, the best parts of both powers are now available with just Stealth" Invisibility didn't
  11. Prior to the patch today, the Sonic Resonance power Disruption Field was tagged such as to not be noticed by mobs/critters. Now, using Disruption Field is noticed by mobs and I have received agro even if I do nothing more than put Disruption Field on a teammate and otherwise standing still. I'm not 100% certain this is a bug, but if this was an intentional change, I don't see any note of it in the patch notes.
  12. Yeah, I'm having the same problem. After visiting ICON all my powers are bleach white. Even if they are set to Original and the power has colors. Everything's white.
  13. I was having some latency while trying to promote one of my alts, and somehow it seems the latency allowed my high rank character to promote my alt (Alo?) to the same rank as my other character (Yuffie).
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