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  1. Entangling arrow converted to a small aoe Oil slick detonates itself after 2 seconds (Give it a short blinking light animation to show there's a small explosive attached or something) I think these two changes would improve trick arrow a lot
  2. Thanks to the replies I've worked out cloak of darkness only allows you to see spines, stone melee hammers/stone fists, and fire melee swords. I can make it show a floating titan weapon by some sequence of changing costumes but it's not something I can replicate consistently. I think a fire sword will work for what I had in mind. Thanks.
  3. Well this gives me something to follow. thanks!
  4. Does this mean you're working on it right now? 😛
  5. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
  6. Nobody has worked this out? All my dreams... vanished.
  7. Hello all. Currently, using cloak of darkness set to original style allows spines to be visible despite your character model being invisible. It got me thinking if this was possible to do with weapon sets. I jumped on the beta server and tried it out and it wouldn't work for me until suddenly I had a floating titan weapon visible, with no character model. After sheathing the weapon though, I was never able to get it visible again. Perhaps I found a bug which I can't recreate, perhaps this is impossible. Can anybody help me realise my dream of a floating weapon with a ghostly character model holding it?
  8. What solves this problem for me is more challenging end game content. Content that is hard to beat aven for 50+3 characters with ios. I get around it by running hard content with smaller teams of 2-4 which gives me the challenge, and the personal impact on a team I like to have.
  9. I don't know how you can not take burst of speed when it's useful for getting in close for your aoes and can also be used for escape. It's my favorite power in the game.
  10. I love the idea that the devs probably discussed the possiblity of these events happening, then their game got murdered by NCsoft, now it's resurrected and these events are happening again. What a great event! Thanks for running!
  11. This mission is often bugged and you need to reset it when the final room is empty. (but positron never actually appears in the mission anyway)
  12. As somebody who regularly visits acanthi to chill out and sit in a magical tree, I am happy it got recognised in this competition!
  13. You think it's unlikely a player returning from live will have experienced all the content? I mean even if I hadn't what's wrong with saying I enjoyed the new story arcs and would love to see some more? I really don't understand some of the negativity to my post.
  14. Hey, it's just a suggestion. It's my opinion that more content is sorely needed and the recent addition of the rogue/vigilante arcs got me really excited for more. I didn't know this. Building a toolkit to make it easier to add content seems like a good step.
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