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  1. What solves this problem for me is more challenging end game content. Content that is hard to beat aven for 50+3 characters with ios. I get around it by running hard content with smaller teams of 2-4 which gives me the challenge, and the personal impact on a team I like to have.
  2. I don't know how you can not take burst of speed when it's useful for getting in close for your aoes and can also be used for escape. It's my favorite power in the game.
  3. I love the idea that the devs probably discussed the possiblity of these events happening, then their game got murdered by NCsoft, now it's resurrected and these events are happening again. What a great event! Thanks for running!
  4. This mission is often bugged and you need to reset it when the final room is empty. (but positron never actually appears in the mission anyway)
  5. As somebody who regularly visits acanthi to chill out and sit in a magical tree, I am happy it got recognised in this competition!
  6. You think it's unlikely a player returning from live will have experienced all the content? I mean even if I hadn't what's wrong with saying I enjoyed the new story arcs and would love to see some more? I really don't understand some of the negativity to my post.
  7. Hey, it's just a suggestion. It's my opinion that more content is sorely needed and the recent addition of the rogue/vigilante arcs got me really excited for more. I didn't know this. Building a toolkit to make it easier to add content seems like a good step.
  8. Let me reiterate: More content please. The recent story arcs were great. I loved them. Please can we have some more? In my humble opinion, new content should be the focus right now. Returning players have seen it all before. New players will eventually see it all too. Let's have some more content. p.s. More content please.
  9. Well the good news is they did lighten the zone for the event, so it obviously was a legitimate concern.
  10. I really enjoyed throwing a corrupt capitalist out of a window and the cutscene genuinely made me smile. Thanks for this! I'll try the rogue one and get back to you 🙂
  11. This guy made quite a long reddit post about DP/MC https://www.reddit.com/r/Cityofheroes/comments/cr79gs/duel_pistolmartial_arts_blaster_build/ex3p2yl/
  12. It's a sentinel build but elec/elec/elec sentinels can absolutely neuter any size group of enemies with power sink, short circuit, electric fences, lightning field, ball lightning. They can't run away, they can't ever attack.
  13. I created a new account for a gimmick character which was a twin of my main account. I've since got bored of that gimmick and have retired the character on my main account as I didn't like their powersets. I ended up playing the character on the other account to 50 and I wondered if there is any way to move that character to my main account to avoid having to switch accounts?
  14. Yea you can. Here is a video of me trying to do the ITF solo at +4*8 but without using temp powers. I die a lot, but I also do fairly well I think. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/456513924 You can solo with blasters at lower levels/without incarnates too, you just might need to take it more easily than I do in this video (or abuse ranged defense and hover but that's boring :))
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