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  1. To add my vote to this... 👎 😁
  2. You get Thanksgiving day off? AND the day after?!? Man, you're lucky. I haven't had a job where I got any Holidays off, unless it happened to fall on a day I normally didn't work. I'm actually not that big a Batman fan. I can, however, be facetious with a straight face. Makes people wonder sometimes. And, it's even easier on the interwebs. 😉
  3. Did you watch the clip that was linked? According to Bruce, it is.
  4. The Gundam Heavyarms had 4 over sized ones at one point. Although, he tended to run out of ammo frequently, if I recall correctly. Even a large-ish mech can carry only so many bullets. Not that that's mattered with some non-anime westerns from a few years (decades) ago.
  5. I have a robotic Bots/Kinetics MM named Agent Buffbot. She doesn't have any direct attacks from the primary. But She can sure buff the bots that she has. (and any other team mates around) Especially once she had gained Fulcrum Shift and Team Teleport. I might have to look into Fold Space to see if it'll be any better. I can see some situations where it'll work better than Team Teleport.
  6. Its possible it could be Pocket D. I haven't really looked at all the accolade powers that I've acquired for that character.
  7. And then Batman's answer is "I'm rich"
  8. I logged on one of my characters yesterday, and got the LRT. The only zone they had the EA for was Echo Atlas Park
  9. I tend to remind people that the devs that are running this game are woefully underpaid volunteers (Who have actual day jobs), when said people are almost demanding wide sweeping changes/additions to the game. Then I, also, would suggest that maybe the said people should spend some time in the shoes of the woefully underpaid volunteers for a bit before making such almost demands. Fortunately, I haven't had to do that very often.
  10. Kind of like Phantom Army for Illusion Controllers, if you have that power customization option set for them.
  11. I actually have am Ill/Sonic Controller. In some ways, the pairing works better than with Force Fields. I mean, you can debuff the enemies Resistance so the PA will actually manage to do more damage. That is something that Force Field can't do. So, there is at least one power that can benefit the un-buffable PA, unlike FF. But, I do like being able to keep multiple bosses flopping in a corner with Repulsion Field, Force Bolt, and Air Superiority. And when a Paragon Protector boss is flopping, they're not Mogging. (or snogging)
  12. Which part, the Illusion or the Sonic? ðŸĪŠ
  13. I have a Nostromo N45(?) Gamepad. Unfortunately, it won't let me turn left any more. Of course, it is about 10 years old...or so. Now I have to relearn how to play Skyrim again...😒
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