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  1. If I'm not mistaken, the Hybrid powers are all toggles, not clickies. They'll add various effects, but I don't think any of them do direct damage.
  2. My first thought was, "Pay attention double O seven!"
  3. Are you sure she's not Fussionette's mother...and still has stuff to teach her daughter?
  4. The gangs freely roam the streets in Perez Park...and there isn't really any police presence.
  5. You can get the Pocket D teleport power for free by spending 5 hours logged off...in Pocket D. I know, not helpful for those who don't know how to get to Pocket D...
  6. What are we going to do tonight Brain?
  7. Entrances for Pocket D can be found in KR, Talos Island, FF, and I think IP(?). hero side. The only entrance I know Villain side is in Port Oaks.
  8. I haven't used any of my Emp Merits and I have tier 4 Alpha, Tier 3 Judgment and Lore, and tier 1 Interface. Had just got lucky with the Random Incarnate salvage while running the Heather Townsend arc (many times).
  9. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  10. That should work. I have a character that changes into a costume that has wings, says "flight mode", then activates fly. Granted, fly is a toggle and not a clicky. sometimes, they seem to function differently than clickies in keybinds.
  12. Currently, the game supports all of those playstyles. Are you suggesting that they remove some of them? I think the main thing that this game did correctly was that it "catered" to many different play-styles. Which, drew more people to the game than a game focused solely on PvP or large group content. taking away some of those various play-styles will disillusion some of the player-base that preferred those play-styles, and we'd have fewer people playing the game.
  13. I believe the premise before the game was shut down was that all ATs should be able to solo basic mission content. Should they easily solo that content? Probably not. But, they can solo it. Some ATs are designed to by DPM centric. Others are designed for for support. Not all ATs will be able to dish-out or take damage at the same rate. Balancing content for the many varieties of ATs that are available in this game is a nightmare. If you make something easy for the ATs that "struggle" in basic mission content, then you'll trivialize (even more) the same conent for those ATs that already find it easy. Then, you get to RP/thematic characters who are not built for optimal efficiency...
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