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  1. In general, I tend to agree that any specific AT should not be necessary for average content. Back on live, it was thought, more so than now, that Tanks were sorely needed in most content. As I pointed out earlier, Repeat Offenders disagreed, and then went on to demonstrate why they were correct in their disagreement. I'm sure that a group of 8 Masterminds could do the same thing...if you could find 8 computers that wouldn't break down and cry at the mere though of 48 Mastermind pets plus all the buff and debuff powers being active at the same time. Not to mention any other pets the MM had available to toss out. I know my computer would flip me off, and have a heart attack. And probably burst into flame just out of spite.
  2. Repeat Offenders, on live, were of the opinion that no AT was necessary ( with the possible exception of Defenders when teamed together in groups of 8 ) I tend to agree with them. Just recently, my Widow has been teaming with a Scrapper and a Blaster. Before that, my Controller was teaming with a Blaster and a Defender. No Tank, no Brute.
  3. The problem with your suggestion is that it would leave Dark Miasma, Storm Summoning and Trick Arrow out in the cold for Defenders. Dark and Storm have only a single power (each) that buffs allies, Trick Arrow lacks even that. So, they would have no benefit for being on Defenders. That's not even mentioning the secondary effects of the Blast sets.
  4. The way to convince yourself to make (and play) a Corruptor is easy. Step 1 : Buy a goldfish. Step 2 : create a villain to kidnap the goldfish. Step c : Have said villain threaten to feed the goldfish to their cat if you don't create and play a corruptor.
  5. It could be similar to how Captain Mar-Vell became Captain Marvel. Someone asked him who he was, and he replied "Power, creep!" So, he was forever more called Power Creep.
  6. Hmmm... Now I need to make a corruptor and call him Warren Debuffet. probably have to go with sonic in there somewhere. Or, maybe, a thugs (gangwar)/(debuffing secondary) mastermind
  7. I'm not sure if anyone informed you, but I noticed that Sprint and Hurdle, when moused over, were showing, a couple of the Prestige sprints instead of the basic Sprint and Hurdle. I don't know if anyone else had noticed since I (and possibly they) rarely slot anything into those powers. Hurdle shows Prestige Power Dash and Sprint shows Prestige Power Slide. there also doesn't seem to be powers showing for Prestige Power Dash or Slide either. Could just be that both Sprint and PPS are taking up the same location on the GUI. Anyway, just thought you'd like to know.
  8. Well, Mr. Arcane Salvage #3 has to have a place to store all that salvage...
  9. If I recall correctly, at least early in the live version, each AT had its own version of the different power-sets. A change to the Blaster Dark blast set had no effect on the Defender (or Corruptor) Dark Blast set. Made balancing things much more difficult for the Devs at the time...and probably still makes it difficult for the Devs today.
  10. I do not recall CoH having that functionality. However, if I'm not mistaken, HeroStats did allow you to keep track of things of that nature.
  11. Well, maybe "Don't try thi AHHHH" might work? Then run around on fir all the time...
  12. Looks more like the longbow agent is suffering from a Stun effect... or trying to look innocent.
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