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  1. awesome. It's been a bit since I played my character with the magic carpet...or the rocket board. Looks like I might have to get back to them again...when I get my current character to 50. (only 5 levels to go)
  2. For some characters, a rocket board, a void skiff, or the magic carpet are the best fit concept wise. I just find it annoying to have to re-toggle everything back on after using any of the above travel powers. If they could switch it to suppress everything rather than de-toggle everything (unless they've done that and I haven't noticed), I'd be happy. That is really my only beef with those powers.
  3. Actually, what I was thinking, was having my magic user say "Drizzle, Drazzle, Druzzle, Drome, time for this one to come home!". And then teleport the target to me. Might have to make a lizard wizard for this one...
  4. I had one friend use it as an Almost TPK button. Would have been a different story, had the team actually been ready and not half afk. But, yeah. Mostly it's a "Help me mister wizard!" button. Which reminds me, I need to make a keybind for my magic themed character with Teleport Other...
  5. Weren't other players "pets" for scrappers in the old days? If that's the case, then Mina only had Mina to blame for all the pets in Mina's missions. ( I keed, I keed 😉)
  6. I didn't get any Bread Pudding. I'm miffed! 😠
  7. I started getting burial junk mail 20 years ago. I guess they think I'm already dead though, since I'm not getting it any more.
  8. I have a Grav/Time Controller that would disagree with you. She has no damage procs in her powers and, granted doesn't defeat x8 mobs as fast as a Blaster, she goes through the fights in near perfect safety. But then, that's what 4 holds (2 of them AoE) and a Singularity can do for you. I also had an Illusion/FF Controller that would disagree with you as well. He was able to tank multiple bosses on teams of 8 back on live before IOs were even a thing. My Illusion/Storm Controller is a force to be reckoned with. (With no damage procs and half the powers using SOs
  9. Back when this thread was started, if I had posted in it (not sure if I have), I would have said "Advertising". A homeless man standing on the corner holding a sign that says "will play WoW for food" would have been more advertisement than CoX got.
  10. apparently, you were having fun. And as you know, time flies when you're having fun. As or me, I am 49.96.
  11. This is close to the thoughts that I keep coming to with topics like this. There are vastly different play styles that are compatible with the current game... just not with each other...on the same team. For instance: you have the min/maxers that will squeeze every ounce of power that they can manage out of a build and make 99% of the content irrelevant for them. (and then they complain that 99% of the game is irrelevant to them) Then you have the very casual player that isn't really concerned with having Phenomenal Cosmic Power. It would be difficul
  12. To be honest, that 0.9% difference will not even be noticeable. 0.9% of 15 Def is negligible at 0.135 defense value.
  13. If I were to use a DnD analogy with the ATs... I would say that the Brute would be analogous to the Barbarian, the Tank would be the Fighter, (could switch the fighter and barbarian here) the Stalker would be the Rogue, and the Scrapper would be the Monk. Monks are great at dishing damage and sometimes messing with an opponent (stunning strike) They aren't the best at wading into a group and surviving while laying the smack down.
  14. You would probably need to make the CoV released ATs Redside start only again as well. But then, I'd only be Redside for as long as it took me to morality mission my way Blueside. I don't play villains because I don't like to play villains. And in SWTOR, I only have 4 Empire characters, and about a dozen (or 2 dozen) Republic characters.
  15. I don't know. That one sounds kinda gassy to me. 😵
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