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  1. Change Storm summoning to FF and you'd meet Agent Knockback.
  2. I was playing on Infinity with the rest of the group I normally played with. Agent Standin was battling Freakshow in one of the Portal Corp missions when the server went down.
  3. Changing your mind-set is one of the hardest things to do...Especially the older you get.
  4. I believe the word you are looking for is logical.
  5. One thing I have noticed, from personal experience, is that bullies, whether they be physical or verbal, are looking for a reaction. I have found, that the best way for me to deal with them is to not give them what they want. I have ignored a lot of people that tried bullying me. They finally gave up unsatisfied because they didn't get what they wanted from me. I try to share this nugget with as many people who are bullied as I can. Unfortunately, many of them don't seem to get it, or don't have much self control...or both.
  6. I usually use T for my taunt keybind. Just like I use H for my healing keybind, and A for my Mastermind's "Minions, go forth and annihilate!" keybind.
  7. I would like to run for Representative of the Liquid State, please. 😁
  8. Remember to feed it occasionally, or it might bite you.
  9. When I was living in California, I worked for an Inventory company. I've heard Christmas music before Halloween... I'm down with Christmas music. I just prefer it to start in the month of December.
  10. I don't think Power Pool customization was around during I23. I am glad that I can color coordinate the pool powers with the rest of the power colors on my characters now.
  11. Alternatively, you could bind that to the battlecry F# key (what is it, F6?)
  12. SCOTS...is that the Secret Cabal Overhauling Tequila Support, or just a bunch of guys form Scotland? 😁
  13. You can absolutely do the same with 8 Defenders as well. And 8 controllers. Never discount the power of Buff/De-Buff sets. Especially when you can stack the benefits x8.
  14. They went to Doc Vahzilok's School of Medical Mayhem. Where sanitary work conditions is optional.
  15. In an itty bitty living space.
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