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  1. That would not alleviate this ... If you can solve that problem with populous servers, then I'll be 1000% behind you. Until then, leave me my peace. I get blind invites on Reunion as it is. Granted, not many, and way more people ask me if I'd like to join a team instead of just flinging an invite my way, but, as I said before, blind invites are a pet peeve of mine. They REALLY irritate me, irrationally, for some reason.
  2. I have this on one of my Pretorians. He'll his the key for fly, and say (in local) "Flight mode on", switch costumes to his battle suit with a jetpack, turn fly on, and load the Fly2 bind file. that one will say in local "flight mode off", turn off fly, change back to the costume without the jetpack and load the fly1 bind file. That way the same key will toggle on or off fly and always say the appropriate line for the costume he's changing to. I tend to only use fly when going between missions so the keybind doesn't irritate people (or myself) all that much.
  3. Last time I did that mission I was with a friend playing his MM. I had figured that the insane amount of DE that showed up might have been because the game was counting the pets in with the team size. 6 pets, plus 2 players and we were getting 24 or so DE spawning on us. If you were by yourself and that was happening, then I'm thinking this is a bit worse of a bug that I had first thought.
  4. I had forgotten all about Trapdoor's Bifurcating when I recently ran that arc. My Psychic Melee Brute just stood toe to toe with him in the center of the platform and Psychically slapped him down in a couple of minutes. I wondered why it took longer than I figured it would have... ED didn't really affect me all that much. I was already diversifying my slotting at that point. So, I didn't really see any change. My brother, on the other hand, never respec'd his Kin/Dark Defender and his Transfusion was still 6 slotted with all heals when the game went dark. He was out healing some Empaths with that one...even after ED.
  5. I understand, and respect your position as well. I know that there are folks that like busy crowded servers. It's nice that CoH:H is a place where both peoples can co-exist peacefully. 🙂
  6. Back in the day, before they destroyed Galaxy City, that was my starting point because nearly EVERYone, on what ever server I was on, would congregate around Miss Liberty. Made my poor computer cry. I've gotten a better computer since then. Also, I don't normally like to team up with strangers. Probably a throw back to being raised not to talk to strangers and what not. I do on occasion, though. I just don't really care to get a couple of dozen blind invites every hour. On lower populated servers, I tend to get fewer blind invites. The blind invite is a pet peeve of mine. So, yeah. I'm not really an advocate for all the servers being crowded. I like my low population server.
  7. There are people that don't like over populated or crowded servers. So, I would guess that some people would not think it a great thing.
  8. If there is an Aloha slot, then I want a Ciao slot as well...😁
  9. I could try that out on my PB. She hasn't done a single mission from any of her contacts, just Newspaper missions, tip missions, and other members of the team's missions. Sunstorm does show up as a contact with available missions, and the PB is level 34. So, I might try out the Kheldian contact soon.
  10. I have a tier 4 Alpha and need 1 component for my tier 3 Judgement to make a tier 4 Judgement. And, I haven't had to use any Emp Merits in the process. I've just been lucky with my rewards from the Heather Townsend arc in Dark Astoria.
  11. Doesn't Flurry look a lot like Shadow Maul? Why not just make it a narrow cone like SM, instead of the Single Target power that it is. Problem solved.
  12. I never noticed my Greater Psi Blade doing any AoE damage. I've seen it do increased damage, but not AoE.
  13. My Psychic Melee character has Willpower for a secondary. It has worked well so far. And, she's level 50 with a tier 4 Alpha. Have yet to unlock the next Incarnate slots.
  14. So, how much testing have you done on the Sentinal AT?
  15. I believe that shield is the Vanguard shield. It'll expand an energy barrier to make a larger surface, when deployed. Currently, it looks to be in its collapsed state.
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