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  1. You know, for some reason, I keep forgetting to do this before iTrials. Live and learn, I guess. 🤷‍♂️ No to Accolades and Recovery Serum (along with all temp powers) is grayed out during iTrials. 😡 First, a list of Interface Abilities: Cognitive = Confuse Proc and Psi dmg DoT Degenerative = -Max HP DeBuff and Minor Toxic dmg DoT Diamagnetic = ToHit DeBuff and Regen DeBuff Gravitic = Rch Rate DeBuff, Movement Speed DeBuff and Recovery DeBuff Paralytic = Defense DeBuff and Dmg DeBuff Pree
  2. I've done the respec to @DreadShinobi's build with the Sets so the enhancement slots are all in the right spot. I've decided to go with Void for the Judgement slot (I still can't get over how they misspelled Judgment) and Paralytic for the Interface slot. Lore and Destiny are at 55% and 56% respectively. I just need a Thaumic Resonator and I'll be completely done with Alpha. I took part in my first Dilemma Diabolique iTrial. What a disaster! All those toggles (Tough, Weave, Combat Jumping etc) activated and I kept getting one-shotted! We fail
  3. Another thought that occurs to me is that I should just start playing on Excelsior and restart RB at Level 1, and this time, stay away from Power-Leveling by door-sitting on AE farms. Just get used to the powers as I select them (while leveling up normally) to get a feel for how they all can work together in combat and support. I PL'ed from L16 to L32, L35 to L41, and then L43 to L50. That's a lot of combat experience that I missed out on. Of course, if I do this, I'll have to come up a name for my new SG. My SG on Indom is The Island of Misfit Heroes II. It's an homage to th
  4. iirc, I can transfer toons across servers for free, right? Of course, I'd have to rebuild my SG Base on Excelsior, but that's no biggie. Again, everything's free, right? I've been thinking of transferring RB to Excelsior because trying to find a team for Task Forces on Indom can be very difficult. Also, I currently have Total Core Revamp slotted in my Alpha Slot. Now, in order to get Vigor Core Paragon, I basically have to start over and craft Vigor Boost (again), Vigor Core Boost (again), and then craft Radial Core Revamp in order to be able to craft the Vigor Core
  5. I just took part in my first UG Trial. I hate Spore Infestation! RB kissed the floor a few times just from that but it was worth it. Not only is my Alpha slot unlocked, but Judgement (sp?) and Interface are both 75%. I currently have Vigor Core Boost equipped in my Alpha slot. For the Judgement slot, I was thinking of Void Core Final Judgement. For the Interface slot, I was thinking of Gravitic Core Flawless Interface. Any thoughts on the Judgement and/or the Interface slots?
  6. Oh, it's one of those missions, I see. Like this mission I did where I was someone else who beat the tar out of Back Alley Brawler. I did the 'Echoes' mission but didn't even get 1 iXP. I sit here for 40 minutes mashing buttons and for what? About 36,000 regular XP and about 36,000 Influence,
  7. How do I attune it?
  8. That's cool! I'm not sure how dexterous I am, though. RB recently hit L50 (Whoo-Hoo!) but I haven't done the Respec yet to the 'Sets' Build that @DreadShinobi posted. Is it possible to bind a numpad number (or any key for that matter) to activate all powers in one particular tray with one keystroke? Right now, in power tray 3, I have Maneuvers. Tactics, Combat Jumping, Dark Embrace, and Sprint (complete with a L50 Celerity Stealth IO 😁). I'm doing Crimson's missions now, and those $%%## Sappers are a royal pain in the backside! They keep shutting everyth
  9. Sorry for all of the lame questions, but I just did Provost Marchand (Primal Earth)'s first arc (where you help form the New Praetorians). When do I use Transference? When do I use Fulcrum Shift? Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have 2 L35 IO Accuracy in Transfusion. Why do I keep missing? How should my Power Tray be set up to be the most efficient? I guess what I'm saying is that I could really use a Tutorial on how to properly run this hero. During the arc, I picked up NPC team members. I tried to maintain a balance like @D
  10. OK. This is getting ridiculous! I have 2 L35 IO Accuracy enhs in Transfusion, and it's STILL missing more than it hits. I'm going up against even con or +1 baddies. It's very frustrating! 🤬
  11. Yeah I noticed the picture too . . . I just couldn't find a Tiny Office map that I liked in the CoH or CoV. Heck, I even looked at the Kallisti Wharf Office Map. That Tiny map is HUGE! Glad you enjoyed it! 👍
  12. After some minor tweaking, I have published "Office Building Mayhem". Please be kind. 😆
  13. I might be about ready to (*gasp*) publish my first AE mission. I'll just run through it a couple more times to make sure.
  14. I got my first two procs created and slotted in Irradiate. The L20 Achilles' Heel proc and the L30 Eradication proc. Cost me 100 Reward merits but I'm on my way. RB is still working on L34.
  15. To ensure that I'm understanding what you're saying, while on a Task Force, I should just focus on my Kinetics powers and not worry too much about my Rad Blast powers (other than Irradiate which could be useful in that it's a Debuff AoE). While I'm thinking about it, did they nerf the Posi TF? In the last mission of Posi 1, you face a Shadow version of your team. I remember this being an absolute bear to get through but yesterday, we went through them like a hot knife through butter. We finished Posi 1 in 30 minutes 40 seconds. Our Team Leader then got a bit cocky an
  16. I got RB leveled up to L32 and did the respec. I still have 1 left if I need it. Posi 1 and Posi 2 are in the books. It was a good team if a bit undisciplined. Everybody ran every which way they could instead of staying together as a group so my Transfusion could heal them. Speaking of which: I'm not happy at all with how many times Transfusion missed. It was insane. Maybe it hit 50% of the time. I added one of the 22 unassigned slots to Transfusion for another Accuracy. RB is now L34.
  17. @DreadShinobi, in the 'leveling' build that you posted, I noticed that L49 Power Slot is empty. I was thinking of putting Repel in there, but would like to have that power earlier in the build. Which power would be best to put at L49? I was thinking maybe Aim but am unsure.
  18. At your recommendation, I have installed a Supercollider in my SG Base. I had Worktables but they don't appear to do anything any more. The Empowerment Buffs work fabulously. Thanks for the tip. 👍 Silly me . . . I thought that I could only have one of those. I now have Blackwand, Nemesis Staff, and Sands of Whiff (I mean, Sands of Mu). It does make combat a heck of a lot easier. 😁
  19. Check this out: RB just hit L16 when I was invited to join an AE Farm. All I basically had to do is doorsit. The leader took care of the baddies all by himself. I hit him with a Speed Boost once in a while (like he needed it). After running the mission 4 times, RB is now L32! 🤣 I haven't gone to the trainer yet because it's well past my bedtime. 😴
  20. I checked the Auction House. A L15 Celerity Stealth IO gives the exact same bonuses as a L50. Is that right? If that is the case, then why on Earth (or any other planet, for that matter) would there be a higher level than L15 for this IO? ------ RB keeps kissing the floor. She's being dropped by Minions (not those Minions, mind you!). But when she faced Misery in a Shauna Stockwell mission, RB had no problem beating her. (It wasn't a cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination, but RB was fine in that battle). I must be doing something very wrong. RB i
  21. That's what the problem was. It's now fixed, but Bonebreaker and Sophia (the hostage) aren't even in the same room. I want Bonebreaker to be threatening Sophia ("Give me the combination to the safe or else!"). I guess he could yell it down the hallway or something 😆 I tried that one, but man, those Snakes hit hard! I got through the first mission (barely), and started the second, but the Vahzilok were merciless. 2 minions took me a couple of minutes (not to mention all of my Inspirations) to beat, and they almost dropped me. We were even-conned (both L12) so
  22. I have been running out of End during combat so I re-did the enhs. Thusly: This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Radiant Beauty: Level 49 Mutation Defender Primary Power Set: Kinetics Secondary Power Set: Radiation Blast Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Speed Hero Profile: Level 1: Transfusion -- Acc(A), EndMod(3), EndRdx(5) Level 1: Neutrino Bolt -- Acc(A), Dmg(3), EndRdx(7) Level 2: Siphon Power -- Acc(A) Level 4: Irradiate -- Acc(A), Dmg(5), EndRdx(7) Level 6:
  23. Office Standard - City of Heroes Set - 3 Here's a look at the Rescue Captive screen: As you can see, the Surrounding Enemy Group is set to Skull (1-14) so she is being guarded. It must be the map. Also, I noticed while playing the real game (not AE) that there IS a Skull Boss by the name of Bonebreaker. Is there a way to use him in my AE mission, or just go with what I have; some generic-looking Skull dude with the same name? I looked through your AE missions, @Take One. Do you have any for a solo squishy (L12 Kin/Rad Defender)?
  24. They're mostly Training enh with a few dual enhs that I got from mob drops.
  25. Sorry for the lack of responses but I had a heck of a busy weekend at work (and it's only gonna get worse before it gets better). 🤬 While playing RB, I have noticed that Transfusion seems to miss a lot more than I'd like it to so I will change it the Set to Preventive Medicine like you suggest for the Accuracy bonuses. 👍 So @DreadShinobi's build is for endgame content (45+). It's very cool and I will respec to that build when I hit L50. 😎 What I need is a 'leveling build' (if that's what it's called) so I can be an effective teammate at all levels on my
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